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  2. To which, I would reply "Peace on Earth to Men of Goodwill". Something to consider as we are busy enjoying driving our Aurions, obeying the road rules and going safely about our journey. Unfortunately, not too much driving this weekend being in lockdown.
  3. Haha Ash, we must be telepathic. I watched this same video yesterday morning. Stumpo got a royal roasting Cadogan style.
  4. You would be correct. They don't form part of the actual exhaust. They are purely cosmetic and if you do happen to look underneath, you will see the tailpipe centrally mounted just inside this vent. The tailpipe doesn't make contact with it.
  5. My honest opinion is that I've never ever considered anything other than a Toyota for everyday use vehicles. Even if I was given a non Toyota car for free, I'd sell it then buy a Toyota
  6. Did you ever figure this DSS1 issue out?
  7. Today
  8. Noticed a few Mark3 Avalon Grandes for sale recently - oh if I only had plenty $$$ & space. Then again if I had $$ & space I'd get an R32GTR in pristine condition & a lovely Lexus LS for a daily or sweet 5 series Bimma. I also wouldn't mind a Porsche Boxster but now I'm getting carried away into dreamland 😐
  9. You might need to look to the Asian markets online.
  10. Poor 1MZ appears to have been mistreated - looks like a cappuccino machine 😐 Looks like too much condensation/fuel dilution accumulated from too many shorts trips on a cold engine.
  11. As I've said many times before, Hyundai/Kia have a long way to go in the engineering department, their engines are ordinary, rough & inefficient. My 1.55 tonne 3.5L V6 Aurion is almost as efficient as a current day 4pot Cerato that weighs 200kg less with far less power & torque, not to mention engine smoothness. My old 1.8L Celica was also far smoother & far better engineered 20 years ago. I love Speedkar's videos, so knowedgeable, detailed & well explained - it's a great heads up / reminder to all would be Hyundai/Kia owners. The the main reason why I have been a Toyota owner since 92, which is most of my driving life, Toyotas are generally bombproof.
  12. I couldn't see any way of manually adjusting height, so i tried the dpdt switches again, but this time instead of piggybacking into the circuit, i cut the motor plugs away from the factory loom....... And bingo, it all works, and i can adjust downwards without wires melting. Obviously a replacement seat switch is needed, but this will do in the meantime Thanks to the following page i was able to understand how to wire the switches up to the reverse polarity motors https://www.vegoilguy.co.uk/reverse_polarity_switching.php
  13. Another Repco weekend sale ending Sunday 1st August includes 30% off transmission fluid and other specialty fluids. Price is $36.40 for 4 litres of Penrite ATF LV.
  14. I have a 79 series and it auto locks the car after a period of time when i get out and once it locked me out as i left the key on the seat. How do I turn of this feature
  15. Nothing really exciting. With lockdown going on at the moment, I decided to get on top of some minor things that have been happening for a while. I ordered a new OEM style replacement indicator stalk as my original began having problems some time ago now where especially at night my high beams would turn on when I indicate. After searching online comparing I found a cheap enough replacement that appeared to have no bad reviews at all. Today I finally got around to replacing it. Out with the old and in with the new. After a lot of fiddling around with the trim I was able to remove the old one and replace it with the new one. Before putting it all back together I confirmed that all lights and switches are functional and found I have a dead parker I need to replace so I may end up replacing both with some LEDs now. The trim was put back on and another minor item ticked off the list. I have found some sites to get brand new guard liners from so I may end up ordering a new drivers side liner since I've not had one there for most of my ownership but I'll look into each site further to try get the right one the first time. Stay tuned.
  16. Yesterday
  17. I've just bought the 2021 Kluger Grande Hybrid, and it's still missing, even though it's been in the US Highlander and many other Toyota models for years. My guess is it's just disabled, and can be re-enabled by the service department using onboard diagnostics (OBD). I'll certainly be asking, and will be really annoyed if there's a charge to turn it back on. Here's a screenshot of a Toyota (Camry 2017?) that has it: and here's the 2017 YouTube video where I found it:
  18. Our new 2021 Kluger Hybrid Grande was delivered three days ago. Due to Sydney's lockdown we've had little opportunity to drive it other than essential trips for groceries.  Already we love the quiet, refined ride and have noticed the amazing fuel economy compared with our previous Kluger. We can't wait to get it out of Sydney on a long trip.

    We researched the car thoroughly before buying, and knew many of the features available in the US versions (Highlander) had been dropped or turned off. Here's a list of things that went missing in the translation from Highlander to Kluger:

    1. 12.3" infotainment screen
    2. Digital rear-view mirror
    3. Wireless phone charging
    4. 4-way lumber support
    5. Adjustable thigh support
    6. Second row captains chairs
    7. Ventilated 2nd-row seats
    8. Remote start
    9. Tyre pressure monitor 
    10. Curve-adaptive headlights
    11. Auto door locking/unlocking based on speed or gear position (P/D)
    12. Reverse Autonomous Emergency Braking
    13. Latest Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+

    The Palisade Highlander was the other car on our short list. We test-drove both for more than an hour, and found the Hyundai superior in many ways, particularly interior room, and the lane centering assist was noticeably better than the Kluger. In the end we stayed with the devil we knew; we've had Klugers since 2004.

    We bought through John Cadogan's broker service (autoexpert.com.au/) and saved on both delivery time and cost. 

    This will probably be our last car as we approach the "departure lounge" of our lives. I'm already tracking mobility scooters. Fully electric of course! 😄


  19. Nah, it's actually Habibi's famous line from Fat Pizza.
  20. I am hoping that someone may be able to help me I wish to install a sandwich plate between the oil cooler and the oil filter there are a company that makes one but they are very thick to accommodate the length of the threaded fitting the filter screws on to .My thought was to make a shorter fitting so a standard sandwich plate would fit (I have access to lathe etc) but I need to know how the fitting attaches to the oil cooler housing (I am rather hoping it is threaded in) and I cant find a picture or diagram of how it is attached .If anyone could shed some light on the situation I would be most appreciative.
  21. my guess is water in fuel or cracked head
  22. Hi Guys, I'm not an expert but I would appreciate some help, I own a Toyota Yaris 2012 Hatchback 4 Door with a radio unit and I have lost the SD Card and can't seem to update the radio which now only displays 'insert SD Card'. Anyone who has the files please email at caglayan1998@icloud.com or if you could allow me to take the card for a day to take it to Toyota Car services to install the SD card/Copy Card and I will return it to you. I will pay to borrow the card, please help! Im located in Melbourne CBD.
  23. Hey guys, I've had a bad squeak in my lux for a couple of years getting progressively worse and I finally found where the damn thing is coming from. The body of the car is rusted out around the body lift spacer and it's actually punching through the passenger seat floor slightly. I don't have the skills or equipment to fix this so does anyone know who generally deals with this kind of thing? bit lost on where to start searching.
  24. Just came across this YouTube video. I did like how he explained the oil analysis and the significance of each item. After looking at the colour of the used oil, it looks too used for my liking from a DIY perspective.
  25. Last week
  26. A win win for sure mate well done, KAA
  27. Good luck with retaining factory camera, another member here bought the correct harness and still couldn't make it work. Much easier to just bite the bullet & spend 50 bucks on aftermarket cam & run wiring through the car.
  28. It depends on the stereo I suppose. Someone put a Pioneer one in mine which isn't original. I suppose it's hit & miss whether it works or not, best to try one out before you buy it. Am using an el-Cheapo Nokia that cost me €140 but havn't bothered to try pairing it yet
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