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  2. That is a strange one Peter. All I can think is that the power consumption drawn by the device is interfering with the lock circuit. It may have an excess current draw which is in turn affecting how the central locking functions. Have you any other phones you can try and see if this happens with others or does it only happen with the Note 10 ?
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  4. Heads up that if anyone is looking for coils then Repco has Goss coils on clearance. Ridiculously low price it $13 each. Retail usually about $87 to $130. Not in stock everywhere. I managed to get 3 of 5 in stock from a store in WA. 1 year warranty m Goss has been around for close to 70 years. They are/were a major source for OE parts.
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  6. Wanting to know how change a headlight assembly on a 2005 Estima, do I have to take the front bumper off to do it or not?
  7. Had anyone experienced this problem with a Camry XV30 Australian model? The vehicle is a 2005 model with 2AZ-FE 2.4l engine currently with a mileage of 300100km. The vehicle has been running very sluggish recently, very much like it’s on a limp mode with the engine operation kind of being limited to 3500rpm. From times to times, I will feel ABS pulsation or noise coming from the left front wheel. There are no faults being reported on ECU but when we tried to connect to ABS module we are getting no communication. Currently there’s no ABS light on the dashboard. We tried 2 others
  8. Mine same problem with the same picture on the screen. Any solution for it please? thanks in advance.
  9. Hi all, Reopening a very old thread, as I have to replace my SADS couplings. However, I have some questions about the actual couplings to buy . . . My TCR10 is a 2000 model, but the sleeves in the SADS couplings measure 12mm O/D. CARSRUS listing says 12mm for 5/90 - 7/94, and 14mm for 9/94 - 1/00 .... My question is, can the 14mm couplings be used in place of the 12mm, or vice verse ?(possibly someone has used the wrong couplers on mine in the past ?) Or is the PCD or bolt spacing different ? Also, what is the difference between the diesel and petrol model couplers ? (as the diesel ones a
  10. How is the 2021 Hilux overall any problems.
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  12. No worries. Did you have to remove the glove box lid or did you have to reach right under there ? Can you upload a few photos so others may find this thread helpful.
  13. Hey Ive tried to do research on a muffer delete on a 2001 Corolla levin (hatchback) but no vids or info i can find. If anyone has done a muffler delete on that car plz let me know asap because i want my car to look sportier and loud The reason why im asking because i dont know how it sounds like, if anyone has done i let me know thanks
  14. What are the best shock absorbers for a Toyota aurion sportivo trd 2008 model
  15. Hi all I'm new to this so not sure if I'm in the right place, but.... I recently bought a 1992 Hiace Commuter to convert into a campervan. When investigating problem with the car horn i went to check the fuses - but no cover and therefore no idea what fuses are what. Can any help out?
  16. Hey, I’m in rural Wa and I’m looking for a spare wheel carrier that will fit on my 2006 105series wagon using the original bumper, any recommendations?
  17. That is a little surprising to hear, but I guess it's always possible for issues to occur with so much tech crammed into these cars nowadays. Not what you'd expect from an expensive car though. I guess they may still have some teething problems. I'd be curious to hear what the issue was. Maybe there was moisture ingress into a plug somewhere ?? Give it few days to dry and I bet it will all work ok.
  18. So ive manages to replace the dizzy o-ring... Thanks to you guys for the help!!! I've got a couple more queries if thats okay. NOT SURE IF THIS IS THE RIGHT PLACE TO ASK. * Rocker cover gasket is next... With the Permatex RTV Silicone Gasket Maker - do I just cover the whole gasket outline with the silicone? www.permatex.com/products/gasketing/ultra-series-gasket-makers/permatex-ultra-black-maximum-oil-resistance-rtv-silicone-gasket-maker-4/ The last mechanic advised the following also needs done... Any opinions on whether I should do it myself or get a mechanic to do it
  19. Looks like lithium iron phosphate batteries have great potential for use in standard EV with a range of 250-300 miles and to lower the cost for these vehicles. Still a case of potential being turned into reality for a lower priced EV to hasten the adoption rate of EVs. Something else to watch for in the next year or so.
  20. Can say there's a noticeable improvement how it drives. Goes to show how much a bottleneck can hold back & negate other exhaust mods. Regarding drone, well my definition of drone is vibration in the cabin at certain rpms/load. This car has a boomy sound now, but nothing extreme. With the rear section done, and rezzie deleted, I would bet theres nearly a 10kw increase over stock, it honestly feels so much more lively at full throttle, and is so much more effortless at medium throttle around town.
  21. I think it was around 2k for the motor, a few hundred for struts and the rest on labour. If I didn't have warranty, I wouldn't have bothered. I checked the receipt and it didn't show the cost of just the motor. https://parts.toyota.com/p/Toyota_2009_Highlander/Tailgate-Pull-Down-Motor/69353984/8500709005.html shows it as 1500usd which is about 1900aud..
  22. Recently just purchased a 1989 Toyota Camry Wagon. Looks as though I need to replace swaybar for road worthy. There's a few on ebay, are the swaybars for sedans the same used on the wagons? Any info is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  23. Another Repco weekend sale ending Sunday 9th May which includes 30% off transmission fluid and also coolant.
  24. Welcome to the forum Chris, yes they are fun little beasts, my niece has one and loves it, KAA
  25. I’ve had a few problems with the turbo boosting. It’s had a new turbo installed 18 months ago and has been fine. I stopped driving it for a while and when I started to drive it again I noticed when I’m in the higher gears doing 80kmh-100kmh the turbo wouldn’t boost. I had a new battery installed and this issue went away and the turbo was working fine. It’s now recently gone back to not boosting when I’m in 4th or 5th gear. Seems like maybe something electrical. Maps sensor maybe? Just not sure why the change of battery would if fixed the issue in the first place. cheers,
  26. I just replaced air filter with fresh new one, and took off the airbox snorkel and replaced with pvc pipe turn and it seems a bit more responsive and sounds better too.
  27. Hi, I'm working on a TV Commercial filming in Perth on the 16th of May 2021 and we're looking for a Blue Toyota Rukus to hire for the day of filming. The car would be parked in a street and the actors would get out of it. If you have one and are interested, please email me on lou.brady@gmail.com. Thanks Louise
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