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  2. Fuel prices in Cairns is around the $1.57 & that's just for unleaded. If you fill up at a PUMA you will receive a 4c off if you are a RACQ member. No need for those 4c off shopping dockets, the starting price is $1.55 so you get it for $1.51. But the funny thing was the station down the road was selling for a low $1.49 but you had to line up and the line was down the street. I would highly recommend downloading the app this will help you guys get the best deal. God knows we all need a helping hand. Cheers
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  4. Front End Suspension rattle

    That’s a lot of work.
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  6. Hi folks! I have a Toyota Avensis ultima 2004, I need to have my engine mounts changed but I try to google it but I couldn't find, onle to corolla one that looks pretty similar, anyone know if they are the same? Or where can I buy it in Sydney? . Also someone have idea how much cost a new gear box? Or if is indicated to buy a second hand one? Thanks everyone!
  7. 2012 kluger tow bar wiring

    back left of the car under rear floor.
  8. Well said Ash, I too attempt to anticipate the nut bags out there in a high horse-powered lethal weapon, noticed thought they usually have a letter P on them.. our dash cam is always on in case.. KAA
  9. What sort of tyres (245/55/19) for Kluger these days?

    What I would recommend is to only buy known quality brand tyres. My personal preference is for tyres with characteristics of a shorter braking distance, good/excellent wet weather performance and longevity. I regularly look at tyre reviews on the internet and recently saw a USA video where used tyres [possibly Michelin, maybe Perelli] having a shorter braking distance than a new tyre from a competing brand [e.g. GoodYear]. This URL may be a starting point for your own internet searches.
  10. Hi Rex, I have an 08 Hiace KDH221R, 3L, 1KD engine. As Toyota don't tend to change anything unless they need too I assume your oil filter like mine is behind the exhaust manifold, I find it easiest to locate and change from under the left side of the van, behind the wheel. The filter is angled vertically and horizontally towards the front of the engine. Greg
  11. Fuel consumption TOO HIGH what do I do?

    Very surprised you can't get 400km out of it. Fuel consumption is about right on the money similar to mine if yours is also the AWD model, thing with this engine bring rev happy but lacks torque on pure highway speed I always get below 10L/100km (based on the onboard readings) but I have good tyres and pumped it to 40 psi. I've also drove my Kluger in various terrain too including bogging it after snow melt!!!
  12. Hi, i currently have a Camry Sportivo 2010, which has been a great and faultless car. I also looked at the Subaru Liberty Premium but I felt the Subaru dealerships were very arrogant in there selling technique. I’m just glad I checked out the new Camry, more so the SX. I have purchased the SX in steel blonde, with tinted windows and Toyota genuine dash cam which should get delivered around the 29th July. Do you own a current model?
  13. 04 Camry 4CYL, high idle on cold start

    High idle on cold start is normal. Older vehicles used to have a manual choke, Modern vehicles have an automatic choke or equivalent functionality. After the vehicle has warmed up, the idle should drop down to normal approx. 750-800 RPM for a 4cylinder. Just started my Aurion [initial start for today], 1500 rpm with outside temperature 18C and after a minute or so dropped down to 1200 rpm. Fully expect after a few minutes of driving idle will be around 700 rpm.
  14. Questions hilux 2017 workmate

    Hi John, I drive one for work 2017 model. I guess it is like having a day time running light. Now all cars by law, you cannot switch it off. Cheers Noel
  15. 1995 Rim Colour

    Cheers mate. I build 1/72 model aircraft & airbrush them (a man can't have enough hobbies ), so 1/1 size Hilux wheels are a snap when it comes to painting.....apart from having to lift the buggers on and off the saw benches. Geez I was sore! BTW, this is how to mask off the tyres while spraying the rims.
  16. Outer Window Weather Seals

    Went to toyota, overnight $52 each.. Job done. MATT
  17. Hey guys. I have an unknown aftermarket head unit i am trying to put into my rollie, but when i go to plug in the harness for it (not fully just touching the pins) it starts to click two or three times a second. I've looked into the issue but cannot find anyone describing the same thing. If you can imagine a dvd drive trying to suck in a disc and it gets stuck, clicking over and over. That is what this sounds like. I'm trying to plug it in and getting this ticking without the key in the ignition The wires all match and are done correctly just as they were with the Sony stereo from the previous owner My ground is not relocated I cannot figure out what it is, other than the fact i haven't plugged it in fully. Theory is that the cd drive is just resetting or the noise just happens when it gets power again but i have no clue. SO before i get charged a $60 call-out fee to get someone to come look at it- what do you guys think? If you guys need photos let me know.
  18. I've got the 2018 4 cylinder Camry and as this is my first Camry I don't know what the previous versions of the Camry are like to drive. I do know I've admired the looks of Camrys over the years. I just know I've seen video reviews that say the current Camry is based on a new architecture and that there are some improvements in driving it, including the way it handles corners. Is there really a noticeable difference compared to the previous version?
  19. Questions hilux 2017 workmate

    I’m pretty sure the one in the picture is the headlights / park lights , they work every time you start the car even in daylight , my work Ute has the same light and that’s what it is
  20. Toyota Camry Touring 2011

    This YouTube video will give you an idea of what to be looking for. Admittedly it is a US model Camry but it could be relevant.
  21. Nudge bar

    G’day, new to the forum but not new to Toyota, we have 2, my wife has a CH-R Koba and I have a Kluger. My previous car was a Rav SX6 with a factory nudge bar, being in Qld country it was worthwhile radiator protection. My current car is a Kluger GXL AWD but I don’t have a nudge bar on it as I’m not impressed with the factory option. My question is this, the Hilux and Fortuner have a bar which I would be much happier with both in looks and structure, is it possible to fit one of these to a 2017 Kluger? Thanks.

    try these for more info =–present)[toyota]%26Model%3D[landcruiser])%26YearRange%3Drange[2007..]) interestingly the 200 is the top of the line Toyota SUV as opposed to a true 4X4 - IE: it has semi floating rear axle & a lot of SUV specs & is in the 4Runner / Surf / Prado LandCrusier line-up from Toyota Japan whereas the 70 series follows on from the original 15/25/35/40 etc. there are good & bad points to this depending what you are looking for. rgds G.
  23. Hi Everybody, I need to replace the top ball joints (both sides) of my son’s newly purchased ‘99 HiAce. I’d like to locate download links for both parts and workshop manuals to help me understand the job ahead of me. I normally work on hydraulic Citroens so this mechanical suspension is new to me. So any pointers would be helpful. Cheers Dave Rogers
  24. Hi all, Parting out my ZRE152 hatch 1. C-One front strut bar $120 2. Rear spoiler with fibreglass moulded on C-One wing tips (Black)- bit of chip on one of the inside edges, other than that it is in good condition $180 3. TRD axleback $150 4. BC Racing coilovers- I bought them used but never installed them $400 5. Levin side skirts (Black- Pair) $200 6. SSR Type F wheels 17x8 +35 with RE003 tyres with good tread - Gutter rash on wheels. $1300 Prices are negotiable, please throw me offers! PM me or comment or text x0413593989x- will get to you as soon as I can. Can send photos and will upload to this post when I can. Local pick up preferred in Cabramatta 2166 area. But can ship interstate if buyer can help organise shipping. Cheers, Andy
  25. Vic. 1995 Camry $40,000 first to see will buy

    I am happy to read your comment because that is exactly what it is. It shows I have not misrepresented it. I thought, before it is driven to Simsmetal, I'd offer this up to enthusiests as there are a number of bits that are worth stripping i.e. alternator, radiator, tail lights, etc. If no one wants it, Simsmetal it is.
  26. Hello From Perth

    Glad you found us..Welcome to the forum KAA
  27. Hilux won’t rev

    Limiter bash gets the gash 🤘
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  29. How to check the pressure of the spare wheel

    Good idea that you want to check the tyre pressure of the spare wheel. Unpleasantly surprised that the tyre pressure of the spare for my vehicle [not a Prado] was only 18 psi Fairly sure that I would have put 36 psi in that tyre within last 6 months. Lesson learnt is to check tyre pressure before loading the boot for my next interstate trip.
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