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  2. Has anyone had their solar ventilation not work (and service guys tell you it does). I've own the car for 6 years with no issues but solar ventilation died (around the same time as a bingle) I think the Toyota dealer I current use doesn't know enough about this form of ventilation. Any suggestions apart from from finding another service centre?
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  4. Hey everyone I am in need of some help my solara 3.0 1mz-fe I replaced my Timing belt and I double checked the timing and I know I have the car in time right!!!! Well I started the car and it fired right up and ran for 5 sec then die. Well I know I have a check engine light on but I dont have no way of getting it scan. But what it's doing is everytime I reset the ecu it. Will start up for a min then die because it throws a code then it loses sparks... Then it will just turn over wont get no spark. I read where if a senior goes bad that the ecu tells the Initer not to let the car get spark! But I am still lost need help if anybody would know anything that could me please and thank you....
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  6. I use this: But you can't go wrong with Toyota SLLC.
  7. Y2c, How do you customise it to put the windows up? When I queried Toyota Australia, they told me double pressing the remote would deadlock the doors. I told them it didn't and when they tried it themselves, they found I was right. They then told me that on Australian C-HR's, the "double-press" does nothing.
  8. James Fryer

    Prado problems

    Hi all, I just recently purchased a 2003 toyota prado grande, & I have some issues that I'm hoping you can assist: Problem 1- with the orange light flashing on dash (diagram below)... /--/ X x--x *How can I fix this issue so this orange light stops flashing on dash? *And the original stereo/sat nav headunit (Toyota Headunit 18002): Problem 1- the stereo will not accept "tilt" & "open" function. I have recently changed over to a new car battery. Can anyone please explain (may have deactivated these functions when I changed car battery?), or know how to get these functions to work? Problem 2- I wish to know if this headunit is compatible with a reserve camera function? (I checked back of unit, & found 3 empty slots, from left to right- a white slot, blue slot, grey slot). *Please feel free to msg me, & thank you in advance for your help. Regards, James.
  9. Hahaha yes just got their email this morning hahah. I'll have to pop in and get some 😉
  10. Hi I'm trying to find a rolling shell for a project I'm looking for an A60 preferably but I'm also considering A40's only hatchbacks! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  12. Was wondering if anyone has added extra seats to a 76series land cruiser. Is it possible? And who would I contact? Thanks 🙂
  13. Hi Have a look at the Philips H 11 bulbs , these are good. I had them on my 2010 Aurion Prodige, I still have a new set with me. Regards JP
  14. Thanks Robert, I have to test the fusible link by the looks, then the relay, all else is good with fuses.
  15. Hi everyone, I've got a sudden urge to hunt down my old Toyota Corona coupe. It had rego SSV191, I think it was a 1972, was a British type green colour with white stripe on it. I had it in South Aust, last time I saw it was a couple years ago, still in Adelaide. EzyReg says it's unregistered atm, but figured someone who loves Toyota's may know it???
  16. Checking for a mate who has been having troubles sourcing a from diff local. He has a LN167r 01 3ltr and we were wondering if a front diff from a LN106r would match?
  17. Hi I just picked up a new 2018 Kluger with the factory nudge bar. I want to mount a pair of lightforce Genesis 210's but where I was going to put them on the bottom bar seems too narrow to mount the lights. Are there any brackets that I can mount on the nudge bar then mount the driving lights to?
  18. I have a 2004 Landcruiser 4.2TD 5 speed auto. I had the two crank batteries replaced yesterday ... since then on startup it starts revving at about 1100. I put it into drive and it drops down to about 700. I drove it home and pulled into the car port and put it in neutral and it started to idle at the right speed. This morning when it was started it back up to 1100 again ... is this something to do with disconnecting the batteries? Cheer Alby
  19. Haven't receive the cable yet. Damn long shipping times. I have noticed another thing though. In the morning i did drive with no abs light and got on the highway. Drove for 20kms straight, no abs light. Took the exit, boom, abs light on. It's definitely a bad sensor in one of the wheels.
  20. How do you know it's the flywheel/ring-gear and not just an issue with the starter motor?
  21. 106.1 is almost certainly for the 6-stud PCD
  22. Good luck getting any support from Toyota Australia on this ... I had this problem on my 2012 KXR some time ago at appx 70,000km. Got the standard fob off from dealers re warranty fix. Looking around I found there are 3 solutions to the problem... ... 1. Replace the intermediate shaft. 2. Remove and re grease the shaft. 3. Just replace the 2 shaft clamp bolts (cost about $6 for 2 from dealer). Thinking it is best to start with the cheapest solution I replaced the clamp bolts and it worked. I got the tip on doing that from another forum somewhere and it had worked for them. The bolts may become a bit loose or the serrations near the head may wear... I don't know, but it worked for me and saved wasting a lot of hard earned $. Done over 20,000km since and no knocking. The part no shown below may not be the current one ? Dealer parts dept will know.
  23. Hi all, I have recently had a canopy made for my hilux and optioned for a central locking style lock to wire into the hilux factory wiring. My question is... has anyone done this on my model car (2014 toyota hilux kun26r) and know whick wires i'm splicing into. A quick google search would indicate the wires are around the drivers side footwell. any feedback welcomed. Thanks.
  24. Hi guys. just bought a 95 Toyota hiace super custom 3L turbo diesel .when I start up it start straight away with the coil light on but then when I drive it cuts out sometimes but the accessory lights stay on and then when I try to start it again the coil light doesn’t turn on and I can’t start it. when the car is on the road it drives perfect. hoping someone can help cheers.
  25. After fixing the front bumper and replaced a new bonnet by smash repair the monitor/screen doesnt work and asking to insert sd card program which is necessary. What's your advices.
  26. LiamJ


    Hey guys ive recently bought myself a 2011 SR KUN26R couple of things I’m curious about- there is a strange ticking noise from behind the gauge cluster at about 110Km/h also a knock from right front suspension, mainly at low speed over bumps, was thinking a shagged bushing but it sounds like metal hitting metal at times, have the ute booked in for an inspection so should have an answer on this one shortly Overall stoked to have my dream ute, can’t wait to start tidying her up 😆
  27. Thanks for the information Ashley ,cheers
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  29. Hi guys new to group and am going on a 4000km trip soon towing camper trailer and will be adding an oil cooler. my question is which cooler to buy for the easiest fitment. i have a 2009 hilux 4.0 petrol ggn25r with the a750f transmission there are a million on the market and becoming confused. many thanks danny
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