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  2. I am just guessing but it sounds like fuel pump issue. If it is displaying a check engine light, then a good starting point is to use an OBD scanner to identify the error code.
  3. Looks like you are upping the protection for the family in these "interesting" times. For those that are interested in buying this cabin filter - Pre-filter with anti-bacterial agent for protection against mould and diseases - Activated carbon barrier to neutralise pollution and odours - Electrostatically charged filter media that filters out dust, pollutants & dirt down to 2.5 microns - Lasting cabin filtration
  4. I am always researching and updating my reference material. Currently got Michelin Primacy 4 [New Generation 2018/9] on my short list but not expecting to be replacing tyres anytime in the near future. Getting back on track with this thread, I am keen to find out how well your latest tool purchase performs in removing the housing. I might even be tempted to buy one even though I have manage without so far.
  5. Only way to maintain reliabilty is plenty of maintenance and regular checking under the bonnet particularly when you have an older vehicle. Oil is cheap when an engine failure or major repairs can mean scrapping your vehicle.
  6. There are generally a few reasons engines burn oil. wrong oil for the purpose. worn engine damaged cylinders or rings faulty PCV valve. cheap quality oil but when assessing the cause, all must be considered Most manufacturers look toward low viscosity oil for the cars to Get better mileage, flow easier in low temperatures and because its standard across a large number of environments. But if you look at your book, you will see that there are different oils for different temps, and unless you are running in the negative temp range, 10w or 15w will suit most situations. At the other end of the scale, when you get up around the 40c deg range, as we get in Australia, the 30 weights are working at their limit, especially cheaper quality oils. 40 weights fare better in these hot environments. I use 10w or 15w oils in my petrol and diesel engines, I don't get as much oil in my catch can on my diesel as i did when I was using 5 weight oils. This would indicate, to me, that 10w is not turning to vapor as much as the 5w, and any oil that turns to vapors is going straight through the PCV valve through the engine and out the exhaust. And all engines use at least some oil, it lubricates the rings into the cylinder, its a part of the process and without it, your engine would seize pretty quick. But most drivers, and especially those who do short trips or who never get their cars up to a good high temperate (such as highway driving) would not notice this loss, as the oil is being replaced by the un-burnt fuel, water and other crap from the combustion process and it appears that the oil level never changes. In some diesels you have to watch this carefully because the oil level actually rises. How much is too much to loose? How long is a piece of string? If you have smoke coming out the back of your car, can smell burning oil, have oily plugs or have a film of oil on the tailgate. I suggest you have a problem. However if you have to add a bit of oil between oil changes, and you have none of the above, its just how it is. I have been told Rolls Royce cars burn a fair bit of oil, and that its deliberate, to increase the longevity of the engine, but never having owned one, I cannot deny or confirm. If you are concerned, try 10w or 15w, if it solves the problem, happy days, if not dig deeper. Cheers
  7. I use diesel when doing the engine flush. I did go to AutoBarn on Sunday and got their special of $9.99 for Castrol 20W-50 [limit of 2 per customer] Now that oil I could use as a flushing oil or in the 4 stroke mower. Will add that to the list of things to do at home this Easter.
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  9. As an update, I did previously clean and re-gap the spark plugs. MAF sensor and spark plugs have now been delivered; air filters have yet to be received. MAF sensor got fitted Saturday morning and Yaris was back to normal. After a test drive and further driving this morning, decided not necessary to replace spark plugs until say Xmas.
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  11. I have had the same Galaxy S6 for the last five years 🤣
  12. You can buy these pretty cheaply online, they come in bags of 10
  13. For the toyota aurion prodigy , these are the instructions , there are 5 wires in the 3rd (longer) wire harness with in total of 8 connected wires Blue with white stripe : is the wire from the reverse light (since the factory camera need 6v the use of a voltage regulator is needed) so connect this wire to input positive of the regulator red : this is the display signal for the middle of the rca black 1 : there are two black wires ( one for the shield of the rca , (rca outer ) black 2: this is for the camera 6v positive input from regulator white : camera 6v negative input from regulator (to get negative 12v power for the regulator , just earth the negative wire to the chassy of the car)
  14. Explains why the Police appear to target the younger drivers to re-educate them into driving sensibly to stay alive. Took the experience of 2 accidents in a row for me to adopt a defensive driving attitude. Aggressive driving of which tailgating is a sign will eventually result in a smashed up vehicle. Quite happy to get out of their way so they can rush off for their destiny with KARMA. After they come to grief, I just keep driving safely to my destination.
  15. It turns out there are not many with the solar ventilation installed, I have one and the dealer I use does not know much about it either
  16. Hiro

    Hiro's AE102

    Pads have arrived, just waiting on the braided lines now Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk
  17. Mine was Immobilizer (1997) got a secondhand one and local locksmith cut 2 new keys and programed it was around $200 + $80 for immobilizer
  18. They shouldn't charge for this as I understand it. You just need to provide your VIN and the code for it will pop up. Shame on them if they take $60 for a couple of key strokes.. Sheesh !
  19. Here's the info you need. Looks like the 2GR-FE is fine. You may just need to swap over some external components specific to the Lexus but the core engine will be fine.
  20. This is always the million dollar question for vintage cars. Although it wasn't a popular car in it's time here, it certainly is becoming quite rare now. Too many variables to be able to put a definitive mark on it. There's one on gumtree for 30k but I think he's dreaming. Have a chat to Shannons and see if there are any historical sales and see what comes up. As for parts, I'd agree that there wouldn't be much Oz stock around, but there's still the Jap market.
  21. Wow. What a hideous thing. I was going to say an 83 celica too when I saw the boot lines. And the XY GT replica shaker on the bonnet 😁
  22. Having your own tools is very convenient, especially an OBD scanner. Waiting on others can be painful and having one on tap gives you instant gratification and peace of mind.
  23. Just did a quick internet search. Not sure if it is in the following URL but you could potentially have a blocked drainage pipe. Water in the footwell is a sign of this. This makes sense because after the A/C has been running and you park the vehicle, there usually is a pool of water under the vehicle
  24. Hi my dad has a 80 series landcruiser there a clunking noise every time he drive out the driver way series
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  26. Selling Great Steel wheels 4 of. Suits Toyota Hilux Sr 17" stock. comes with Wheel nuts and Center Caps Great condition no gutter damage at all Comes with tyres. 2xRear tyres need to be replaced very soon front have about 5000kms left pickup sutherland shire 2232
  27. Cheers mate I'm thinking it was faulty in the first place did get it for a swap for a ve sv6 sportswagon and he was very keen
  28. Could you post a photo of the sensor. I am facing a similar problem with my Estima 2003 2.4 v4. Thanks and regards Neil
  29. it works a treat and it only takes seconds to do. Boggy sand is no match for the Prado now, well any off-road or unsealed road driving is as good as it should be now.
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