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  2. Ndeb

    DPF’s & Hilux

    Hi there welcome, Normally cars that were built around 2009 onwards are fitted with DPF. But you can check underneath if it has one. Normally it is after the catalytic converter, there you see it. Good luck Noel
  3. phil19

    Spark Plug for RAV4 2010

    Just wanted to update this thread ... I finally changed the spark plug SK20R11 (90919-01237) at 118tkm. It was very easy with a spark wench. The old plugs were not too bad, inside it was clean. Just on the other note: I also changed the coolant, cleaned the throttle body and air sensor, changed engine air filter and cabin filter and of course oil and filter changed as well. I also washed the engine bay. My rav4 2010 run like a dream now. :)


    That's exactly what I thought , changed many Ford and Holden over the years and never have I dealt with uni,s so tight in the flange, Told him I will remove and separate the two shafts and mark them so they go back together in the same spot, he said no worries but it will be the same price.
  5. Zr6boi

    Any perth aurion drivers

    Live near whitfords and work in forrestfield I got a perth aurions page on facebook should join have around 200 members
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  7. nswnotill

    Rear suspension leaking?

    I recently had my local mechanic replace all four struts on my 2008 model- parts + labour all up $1500. (aftermarket parts). One rear unit was leaking. The car has done 220K and this is the first major suspension job. It now requires a wheel alignment.
  8. edgrad


    Hi. I have recently become a Camry owner and am looking to fix a few things with my car. Hopefully there are knowledgeable people here.
  9. tassiedingo

    1965 Crown ute build log.

    If possible please delete. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  10. tassiedingo

    1965 Crown ute build log.

    Been looking for one of these for a while, and I finally found one close enough to go and get. The guy I bought it off was about 70, and had lived on the same farm all his life. His dad bought the car brand new in 1965. (I actually found his parents marriage certificate I the glove box, dated 1940). Planning to do a full restoration and put a 1UZ with a T56 behind it in the car. (Plus a lot more...) Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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  12. Old n Slow

    3L black smoke under load (94 LN106 2.8D)

    Thanks G - Will give that a go this week 👍
  13. ZZT86

    Recommended Engine Oil, 2004 Camry 2.4L

    How wide spread is/was the problem with oil consumption on the 2AZ-FE ? It's actually disappointing to see, I can distinctly remember 5S-FE motors in Celica's (Camry motor without the balancer shafts) was notorious for burning oil, the harder you drove it the more it used :/ The 2ZZ-GE engine was the total opposite.
  14. Hi there, had my SV 21 wagon since 1994. Gota say ive had many life experiences in it and have kept it fully maintained and serviced up. The reliability of this car has been amazing and i can honestly say it's never failed me except once when my alternator packed it in. The body has had the cancer cut out and replaced by myself but considering I'm no panel beater it's OK. I've used it as a tug for my jayco flight pop top mainly and it did the job brilliantly. Rebuilt the motor 10 K ago but circumstances dictate I need to let it go. Spent 4500 buks on motor and new radiator . The cars drives like new as suspension has been rebuilt to tow this van. Anyway, the car is worth nothing but the motor radiator auto trans cooler and suspension is Micky mouse. Have all the receipts and can provide contact with the Company who rebuilt this motor. Was totally rebuilt 2 years ago and now has only 10 K on it. I live OS AND return to Perth to every 4 months to travel and go camping. If anyone is interested in this motor you are welcome to come drive it have it checked out and make an offer. If not it will be cut up for Fire fighting road rescue training. I'm not that worried about it as I have had my money out of it 50 times over. Just feeling out to see if any interest at all. Will be back in Perth March 1st next year. Car is sitting outside me house at the moment so drive by Ok.
  15. Aurion ZR6

    Front Passenger Leak in '08 Aurion

    Update, still leaking, but I found the cause, I remembered I had the Sunroof, repaired, and guess what the tube had fallen off on driver side. Bloody Toyota dealership, I could kick them up their b*m. No more leaks.
  16. Metal_Head

    Passenger Electric Seat - Need Help Wiring

    yeah been meaning to have a closer look, but it seems a bit of mucking around to remove the seat plastic
  17. campbeam

    Blowing white smoke

    Now close to 205,000 km. I bought my 2006 Aurion at 166,000 km, blowing white smoke on start up so I got it a very good price. Service history was quite suspect especially as it was being done by a Ford dealership as per some servicing agreement. Supercheap have a 3 day deal on Shell Helix Ultra engine oil 5W-40 5 litre for $29.89 [limit of 2] so very tempted even though I could wait for the next tempting deal.
  18. Hi all, I have a 2015 GX 1VD-FTV MY13 Landcruiser. Did some new cable work running cables under dash and unplugged stereo power and plugged back in. Have changed stereo power to 2nd battery and ignition bypass to allow stereo usage with ignition off. FYI I am an Electrician. Have also replaced main battery. My problem is both OEM keys do not operate central unlocking /locking anymore. Used to work. Security light still flashes near stereo. Key opening door still works and car starts and drives ok. In battery loss, could both keys have been deregistered? How do I reconnect keys to central locking? Thanks Geoff
  19. Squalled

    Lift not engaging properly this may help with diagnosis. I've never had to diagnose one before so it would be to check elsewhere online in case. You don't have any check engine lights or anything right? Also how's you O2 sensor?
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  21. Leon Hardirrit Waffes sold !
  22. andyverri

    Stout Owners

    Hi All I thought i would say hello from Canberra, this use to be my daily drive about 10yrs ago, though has been off the road since then. Would love to get hold of a tub. I think this is 1969 RK43.
  23. Squalled

    Strange Grinding Noise

    Hey mate, welcome to the forums. Mine actually does something quite similar what you've mentioned. I've had a gearbox rebuild earlier last year and it has still remained after the rebuild. My gearbox was completely inspected at the time and everything else appeared in working order. I've never had gearbox issues other than destroyed synchro's but I believe it may be the diff making the noise. I've been in a few other Sportivo's and have noticed the same sound. I believe it's more than likely a normal diff sound. You mainly have worry if you hear a solid clunk and feel it too meaning the diff is likely damaged and needs replacing. As for the engine mounts, you'd likely feel a large amount of engine movement if they were damaged, it's worth a look to check they are done up tight though. The stock mounts in my opinion are rubbish and after about 20000 kms they will start showing excessive movement. Hope this helps.
  24. ZZT86


    Yeah Toyota have done quite a few recalls of late, even last decade. The GS also got recalled several times from memory. Still, I would rather a Toyota or Lexus car than any other for the $$. Series II cars seem to fare better than their first attempt so they should be the desirable ones on peoples shopping lists.
  25. Sorry to tell you but Toyota releases new map updates about every two years, & the dates for the map on those updates are usually almost a year old then! Or at least this has been the case for SD Card based units. I have had Toyota sat/navs since 2012 & this has been my experience since then. I currently have a 2016 Corolla Hybrid with a unit with microSD card & the maps were 2014 (the latest at the time) when I got it. I'm hoping there will be a new release next month (Dec 2018) & will update then, hopefully via a friend who works for a Toyota dealer as the SD cards are $250-$300 each retail. Don't be tempted to buy a non-Toyota card as the units are encoded & only genuine cards will work, regardless of what a third party supplier will tell you. I tried the cheap option online & got dudded & couldn't get my money back even though I pursued the supplier who turned out to be overseas based. You'll have to live with this knowledge or swap your unit for a more customer focused brand. This issue is about the only complaint I have with my car after 2+ years of ownership.
  26. Trd aurion #617

    Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

    One kit is for the already intercooler lotus as an upgrade, the other is a non intercooler 1320 upgrade, still looking into heat exchanger, there’s still a fair bit of room in front of the radiator, need to get the dimensions for the min requirement of the unit to perform its task, the kit uses the stock na lower intake manifold, so I need to find out the height difference between the two ani folds are
  27. GC_AUS

    KZN185 Steering Bush Kit

    Hi Eloise / Clinton, A bit shy on details there so you might need to look a bit further IE: year etc. You could also try these which may be of use - specifically for Surf models - choose model & you will get to a parts diagram rgds G. Seems that link above doesn't help much try this =
  28. Jakelil

    '95 Camry external mirrors vibrating

    Yea I have the same issue. Only fix is to get new mirrors. At the age of the car I would rather get new ones then used ones cause used will probably be the same. And you know that it will last
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