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  2. Hello from Sweden

    Welcome to the forum Erik KAA
  3. TRD Body kit fitted to a ZR6 ?

    Yeah. It's been done before.
  4. Hi, i am a new member here. We own a toyota hiace from 1985 that has been converted by TRAKKA into a pop-top campervan in 1985. Everything is still original and she runs beautifully and without any flaws. Want to look after her well. So far two out of two local mechanics were a disappointment. Any recommendations near Sydney Newtown or inner west for proper care and servicing for our oldie? Thanks. Martijn
  5. Just to let you all know, the MS65 specific manuals were recently sold.
  6. Save 10-20% fuel

    Scangague! Pretty accurate on immediate and trip / tank fuel use out of the box but you can also adjust it when you fill up so Its super accurate
  7. Last week
  8. 2005 Corolla Sportivo

    Welcome to the forum KAA
  9. Identify pin sensor behind steering wheel

    Many Thanks Hiro!
  10. Airconditioner Compressor Cutting Out

    I don't understand how a condenser gets blocked if it's a sealed system. Condenser tubing is around 3/8" in diameter so it would take a hell of a lot of gunky stuff to block that ! Gunk inside a refrigeration system just doesn't form on it's own without the help of human intervention, I can assure you. My only guess would be that the car has had front end damage repaired at some point and some sloppy panel shop guy left the system open and exposed to atmosphere. Not only does Air-moisture then enter, the potential for other contaminants too. I would have replaced the filter/drier and then a deep vacuum would be absolutely necessary prior to re charging. If a system isn't properly vacuumed then the moisture will ice up at the TX valve ( severely choking off the evaporator) causing the liquid refrigerant to back up in the high side. That would be an explanation for the high side pressures being so high.
  11. Aurion Engine Mounts differences?

    So if you specify TRD engine mounts you get charged twice the amount or thereabouts even though all Aurions have the same mount ? I seriously can't expect the TRD to have anything flash over a stock car. The engine has more power sure, but not enough to tear engine mounts..
  12. Best headlights for 2004 Hilux?

    Thank you all, I appreciate your help! I'll research your links and hints soon. 👍
  13. If you have never had the seats done then you may be able to get it done under warranty at a dealer as we did a few of these for a little while. If not your symptom does seem like the seats leaking but Techstream won't show you anything about the mechanical leak. Easy way to tell is If you drain the oil and there is evidence of carbon on your oil pickup. Should be done at every valve clearance inspection (every 40k service)
  14. Alrighty another update. So after a bit of hiatus from some cosmetic modifications, within the last weekend something new, well kind of for me, was finally installed. Here's a hint... So after my mate Alec gave an idea of how to get my headlights off the car, I tried it and it worked! Big shout out to him again for giving me the idea. With the passenger light out, the drivers side was actually able to come out with ease thankfully. It took me 3 hours all up because I was essentially pulling the harness out of the headlight and putting it back through the new lights, made harder especially with the seemingly stuck plug. Sat like this most of the morning while I sat patiently pulling it apart. So now I finally have them in, they do need a really good restoration which I plan getting done professionally as soon as I find someone to do it. Now here's the new look. Looks a lot more aggressive. Although it was a pain to do, I'm glad I was finally able to get them installed. I gave them a quick clean up with some car wash and RainX polish which got rid of some of the yellowness of the lights. Here's the latest shot as of this evening. Haven't had a chance to wash her recently. And as of recently, the valve cover has begun to leak again so another trip to the workshop is in order. With the V-Manage issues, the jolting at low RPM has dramatically reduced in the last 2-3 weeks. It's since only happened twice in the past few weeks so seems to be the ECU learning still but a re-tune may be happening later this year. Other than that, I'll be keeping the updates coming.
  15. My sincere apologies for the seemingly lazy question, I have tried searching but I'm having a royal brainfade in picking the right terms and can't find any. Just after a pic that shows the HU plugs, facing the pin opening. Thanks
  16. Toyota aurion oem reverse camera

    no, get an auto electrician to do it... cheap enough.
  17. South Africa Vs Japan Build

    Check the VIN on the placard in the engine bay. First three letter AHT denotes SA built, JTD denotes Japanese built. The Corolla Sportivo of that era all came from SA, for the record. I'm aware that the majority of the parts came from Japan regardless of where the vehicle was assembled, however the seams and gaps are known to be more consistent on Japanese built vehicles.
  18. I ended up taking it to a Toyota dealer, and they fixed it for me for free. Sounds like it was the black knob in the photo. They said it was a bit hard to get to. He said needed the right tools. I think he said he had to use a ratchet spanner and hit it or something..!
  19. I cant seem to find the aux or connect bta in this car i need help. when i try to connect bta it says record name and when i speak it keeps saying pardon?
  20. Car Seat Covers

    You're replying to a thread which is almost 14 years old, started by a person who hasn't visited these forums in 9 years. Please check dates before you post in the future...
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  22. Central Locking Issues

    They will likely all be on the same relay and fuse.
  23. Tapping Sound

    Yeah, that's just the stepper motor for turbo ticking. Don't be alarmed. Replace it if your want, but they are $400+. There is a bit more info on the forums about it.
  24. Kluger brakes fitted to Aurion sx6

    If that helps, on the stock calipers I'm running for ~2000Km now RDA7686 rotors with Bendix General CT DB2243 pads, decent braking, zero noise and virtually no dust.
  25. Hi all, We've just picked up our new ZR Corolla hatch and I am trying to find the correct dimensions I need to fit an extra switch in one of the blanked holes on the right of the steering column. I've bashed my way through the owners manual for no result and google isn't of much help either. Anybody happen to know where I might find the sizing? I'll shoot off an email to Toyota as well and see if they can help. Cheers,
  26. hilux auto engagement

    Hi there, Has the transmission been serviced at all? I mean replacing the fluid and strainer. Regards Noel
  27. High beams do not work

    Hello everyone, Im new to this forum and hope someone can help me figure our my problem: All of sudden my high beams don't turn on. I checked the voltage between bulb plugs : 0v so it is not the bulb. I also checked the fuses and they are ok. Low beams do work. Does anyone have the wiring diagram for my car model ? This is Toyota Avalon 2002 Also can I ask for the dimmer switch pins diagram to test if it is ok ? Otherwise, is there any place in Sydney I can try a dimmer switch before buying it? Thanks for reading this
  28. Wiring loom issues towbar

    cant work out why i have power going into ecu unit but nothing to plug. Anyone have installation guide or photos 2006 flat gooseneck toyota genuine bar . Doing my head in. Piggy back plugs are fine earth is fine .. there are other plugs off ecu nit plugged in to light as plug doesnt fit same size. Any help would be great.
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