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  2. Do the front tyres rub the inners when fully locked ?
  3. I've had a nice, clean Hiace Commuter offered to me from a friend with a business, at a good price, which I'd like to use ferrying the family around and carring other stuff. The van has been complianced as an 11 seater as it had a chairlift, since removed. Having rung around a few insurance companies, nobody seems to offer even 3rd party property insurance on this. Any suggestions on any companies likely to offer me a policy? The vehicle is a perfect choice for our lifestyle - I just hope insurance isn't the deal breaker.
  4. There are a few recent posts about STEDI products for upgrading the T10 parking and reversing lights plus LED light bars. Not sure if the member also upgraded their headlight bulbs. My Aurion has projector type low beam headlights and I have fitted these LED bulbs from a China supplier. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/H11-4-Sides-LED-Headlight-Low-Beam-Globe-Bulb-for-Toyota-RAV4-06-18-Aurion-06-12/324163761700 They perform the same as high performance halogen bulbs, put out a nice white light and are long lasting [50,000 hours]. I have had these fitted for many months and so impress
  5. Good to hear, the rear sway bar on it's own really does make a difference, I drove a 50 series recently that was completely stock.. yeah nah, full boat. New shocks also do make a difference if you're using like 5+ year old ones, upgrading to new ones with same stiffness still gives a noticeable improvement over worn ones
  6. I won't discourage you from replacing the head unit. If this suits you then by all means go for it. I understand what you mean with the phone holder, which is why I have mine mounted to the right lower corner on the windscreen. Your view is unobstructed, and always in your periphery so you don't really need to look across and down like you would with the head unit. Your eyesight is always up as if you glance at your gauge cluster. I've never had an issue and will continue to use Google Maps. The latest incarnation of google maps always gives you the fastest routes and with live traffic updates
  7. I have a 2007 prado that has a cracked dash also, I just thought it was the sun. Doing some research as I’d like to replace it and come across this conversation, to realise it’s obviously a manufacturing issue. 😟 Toyota won’t want a bar of this, it would be nice if they took responsibility for it, to think of the money they sell them for even the secondhand ones they would do so.
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  9. I totally agree. Once you start fiddling with too many things, you can induce more issues going forward. Sometimes the long way around is better and the challenge is more fun I reckon.
  10. Tony Prodigy


    Short answer, I would say yes, but you have to consider offset and clearance for lock to lock turning. The wider you go, it may rub the inners when steering full lock. Toyota design their wheel tyre combos for a reason and deviating from this can cause issues. It may be possible to go one up in size but Kluger wheel/tyre assemblies are quite hefty being 245/65/R17 and so not sure if this will work. Something to keep in mind. Hopefully someone here who has attempted this here can chime in, but that's my 2 cents worth.
  11. That's good value. So is the discount coupon on top of the already discounted price then ? So it will be $53.10 for the jack ? I wish they could could a proper deal on the 3T variant or even an aluminium jack. I don't need another back breaker of a jack.
  12. Latest Repco catalogue has Castrol Magnatec 10W-40 5Litre for $22 [1/2 Price]. Because their website is currently unavailable, there was this notice " Here's a 10% off* coupon, use 10OFF at checkout, expires in 24 hours. " Expect that that will only apply for online orders today, Thursday 4th March 2021.
  13. Will Toyota yaris gearbox internals fit in a Toyota echo gearbox case?
  14. What exactly are you say "Yes" to. A more detailed specific reply will be helpful. Personally I am terrible at misinterpreting statements unless they are very specific.
  15. Hi Tony, Yes, I thought the same. I will give it a try. Much apricated again.
  16. A quick update - the bulbs are fine, both elements are as they should be - it would appear then that it is due to the error alone that the brake lights are not coming on at all. If anyone can confirm this to be what they have experienced also then that would be good to know. Thanks. Mario.
  17. These cars forward, both Celica & Supra, were awesome cars. This Supra will look amazing when finished, and bloody rare. @Jay Tassie gunna shove some E85 in that tank ?
  18. Last week
  19. As far as I know, it should be a plug and play affair for these.
  20. Hi...just looking for advice or opinions... we have a 2006 FTE 100 series with 260km on the clock. We need a ute. We are tossing up buying a 2021 hilux or getting a chop done or the cruiser and keeping it.... we're unsure whether or not getting rid of the cruiser is a good idea or not. It is an awesome car which has never given us any trouble and we love it. It has all the add ons already, and we'd have to factor in extra cost of adding these to the hilux ( winch, snorkel, bull bar, long range tank, diff locks, uhf etc). What do you all reckon? Sell and buy hilux or keep and chop? Cheers
  21. Well I took my original stereo out and fitted the new stereo since the stereo shop had a 2 month wait to fit it. The new stereo went in easily, radio works great, steering wheel controls work, still figuring out the GPS but I am told if I hook my cellphone up to one of the USB cables that came with the stereo I can get Google maps to work? For a cheap stereo $174 Kiwi (about $120 US) it performs very well. Still haven't figured out the backing camera, the old stereo had one and this new one is able to activate it too once i figure it out.
  22. I guess your right, it was very warm/humid & I had just popped into the car without it cooling down. The leather is definitely not perforated/ventilated like the Lexus cars. Alcantara would certainly fix this problem though. I might investigate the cost to cover the face (not bolsters) of the front seats, although I suspect it won't be cheap. Yeah the wheels will be far easier to clean that's for sure. I used one of them cheap conical polishing attachments on a cordless drill which worked a treat 😉 using the medium pad first then finishing with the soft with the appropriate polish.
  23. I have since downloaded a diagram from Toyota Aurion Workshop Manual 2006 - 2012 XV40 Free Factory Service Manual (allcarmanuals.com) Fingers crossed.
  24. Definitely option B here. My thoughts immediately went to installing a piece of rope or strap that you could grab onto and be able to yank the lid down. Do it safely of course.
  25. Hopefully you have already seen this YouTube video by Tha Car Nut. He says that he is a Toyota Master Technician and located in Chicago USA.. He gives some very good afvice and well worth your time to view most of his videos.
  26. You can get lifting spacers go between the spring an the axel probably get them online ,ebay
  27. Thanks for suggesting. 8 weeks delivery time ex-Japan. Will continue to search.
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