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  2. I have a 98 camry csi v6 auto. Low km good condition and drives quiet and smooth. To go back 20 years I was always a commodore / falcon buyer. Never considered the camry v6. Having matured, i have taken a likening to the camry v6 for its known reliability. Geez it drives well for a 20 year old car. My question remains would this camry outrun a similar 1998 AU model falcon i6 auto or a 1998 VT commodore v6? Why did i ignore these cars so long?
  3. Who is waiting on there new Camry SX 2018

    I ordered the updated tech change SL in the new red a month ago with an expected wait time of 4 to 6 months! 😢
  4. Yesterday
  5. WTB 40 series Aurion air box

    I've already done that, I never intended it as a long term repair and I was going to try and replace the airbox lid at some stage
  6. Rough Idle - Lack of Power

    You are the source of the problem. This is what happens when you do not perform routine maintenance. Suggest that you do the recommended routine maintenance. Have a good read of your owner's manual about what is recommended to be done at the 80,000km service interval and the next one. There is nothing rip-off/totally unnecessary in that list in my opinion. It is more a case of determining what is overdue for routine and should be done for preventative maintenance purposes.
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  8. I've got 2 but they're probably not what you're after as all the clips are broken. New ones are $100 each from Toyota (they are still available)
  9. There is different wiring and all sorts.... its not plug and play
  10. Aurion performance mod.

    Might make sense to check the under carriage of a toyota kluger.. that big body would need the extra torque especially awd model... i wonder if the merge pipe is squished like aurion??
  11. Wheel fitment 19x9.5 et35 on XV40

    this is 19x9.5 et42 245/35 tyres on coilovers sat flush to guards yours would stick out 7mm more
  12. Transmission U660e

    Ok, the problem is with the reverse gear, there is something not holding it together or not switching/shifting as it should. When I am at the traffic lights, and I shift from P and R several times then to Drive, car accelerates as normal. The problem somewhere in the gear box, or transmission valve body. So nothing to do with foot brake as I've thought before. If I go to the mechanic I can supply him with 8L of PENRITE LV Automatic Transmission Fluid, I think that would be enough if he decides to do a complete flush.
  13. Buy

    Your question is too open ended; not specific enough. Presumably you are considering buying another vehicle but what are your specific needs e.g. family/commuter vehicle etc.
  14. Trd cai pod filter

    There's a few, if you search Sportivo they will come up. I'm not sure if many people have kept them due to the fitment issues.
  15. Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

  16. So a special little milestone today. Exactly 3 years ago today, I purchased the Sportivo. I bought it with 144, 9xx kilometers and it now sits on over 214 000 kilometers. It's been great owning this great little car, all the ups and downs which has been an awesome learning experience. The car has never once let me down, even if it had problems it still soldiered on! It's now done it's first road trip with zero issues, except some minor scrubbing. Here's a little throwback from the early days till, until now I'll put the mod list as it sits today Engine & Management: - Injen Intake (Modified by Ed) - Ported Throttle Body - CES Ported Headers - 100 Cell High Flow Cat, 2.5" piping, 2 resonators, single tip varex muffler - Greddy V-Manage piggy back featuring VVT and lower lift tune Drive train & Gearbox: - Rebuilt gearbox featuring new synchros for 2nd-4th, new bearings and seals - Exedy Heavy Duty Clutch - Speed Source Extended Pushrod - Speed Source Solid Shifter Base Bushings Exterior: - Advan RG2 in Hyper Black - 16x7 +41 - JDM Runx Tail lights with custom harness. - LED license plate lights - Black housing head lights - Custom painted brake calipers - HIC Weathershields - Stubby Antenna Handling: - Michelin Pilot Sport 4 - 205/50 - BC BR Gold Coilovers - 6kg front, 4kg rear - White Front Upper Strut Bar - White 22mm Rear Torsion Bar Interior: - Mitsubishi Evolution 8 MR Recaro's mounted on Bride RO type rails - Hydro dipped interior trims. - Center console light mod I.C.E - Clarion VX440 Double Din Headunit - Focal 6.5" Speakers in all doors - Clarion 12" Subwoofer - Option Audio Mono Amp Other: - Energy Suspension Engine Mount inserts - Coolant bypass mod (For throttle body) - Some stickers I'd like to thank everyone that has helped and supported me over the build process. I never thought I'd meet so many mad people and learn so much over this ownership. Looking forward to the future years ahead. Stay tuned!
  17. Hey Smith, Did you find any services yet? Let me share my experience. 4 months ago I used service from ABCM car removal. They carried out my car by giving a handsome amount in return. I just called them and they did the rest. You could get ideas if you visit their site Hope, they can solve your issue. Have a great day!
  18. 07 Camry Melting Dash

    I have this exact same problem, I have had a dash mat the whole life of the car, there is something sticky like glue on it.
  19. Hi, I just bought a 2014 Yaris Accent and wondering where to find the Australian version of the owner's manual online as a digital document (eg: PDF). Anyone know a place? I came across this but it doesn't mention about the reversing camera which mine has, so I was thinking perhaps it was just the Australia version? perhaps it was installed as an accessory? I don't know. :S
  20. Sydney mechanic for a hiace 1985 campervan?

    Thank you so much my friend.
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  22. Hello Hello

    Welcome to the forum Bru KAA
  23. BRZ specs

  24. Rugged X Hilux idling high

    Thanks guys and no, the aircon isnt on. Just wondered if this was normal never having own a lux before but I'll get it checked out.
  25. Bought a 98 camry csi v6

    Drive with very much the same goals. Learnt the hard way over the years to be patient and more considerate of other drivers. You can hope that Karma will sort out the incompetent morons, preferably with only themselves involved.
  26. What happened before the lights came on?
  27. Lift not engaging properly

    The exhaust shouldn't stop lift from engaging. I've seen quite a few owners revert from a modified system back to a standard one without any issues engaging lift. Are there any loose wires and are all plugs connected?
  28. Eco drive indicator

    When you press the accelerator lightly, the bar will come to in the eco range and the green eco indicator will appear in the instrument display. While you step hard on the accelerator, the indicator will disappear and the bar will stretch beyond the eco zone and start flashing. Hope that this will help you to solve your issue.
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