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  2. I recently bought a 2005 Corolla hatch ZZE112R, and I was only given a single key, no remote. The questions are: 1) Did all these models have remote locking capability? Or was it in some cases an optional extra? 2) How can I tell if my model had it, and a previous owner had lost the remote fob? 3) If it didn't come with remote, how can I retrofit a remote module? Is it difficult/expensive? Thanks guys... RK
  3. Hi everyone... Just bought a 2005 Corolla Hatch for the missus second hand, and I got to say I want to keep it for myself! Looking forward to learning a lot about it discussing with you guys... All the best, Roger
  4. Active Suspension System developed by Bose and recently sold to ClearMotion now headed for production.
  5. Noise when starting ignition

    Its done 140000
  6. Front End Suspension rattle

    Try one thing at a time, go for decent test drive & see if it worked so you can pinpoint exactly what caused the noise. I wonder if it could also be the strut top mount/bearing isn't properly torqued/seated ?
  7. Dash wiring loom

    Hi all. After some info for a 2013 SR Hilux.. Is there a plug for the 12v power out socket in the dash wiring loom.. so i can just plug in to it... Or doing I need to run new wiring Thanks
  8. 2016 Camry Fuel Tank Capacity

    You'll never fully empty a tank in real-world driving, the pump will starve and cut the engine out whilst there is still a few litres sloshing around in the bottom of the tank. When you fill up at a servo, the bowser pump cuts out when it senses pressure returning up the vent line, which is caused by the tank reaching it's presribed fill volume and compressing the air left in the top of the tank. There should always be a small volume of air left in the top of the tank (this is called ullage). If you try and top-off the tank at the bowser by continually pulling the handle after the first few clicks (depending on how fast you are filling the sloshing fuel can sometimes cut-off the bowser too soon), or in your case going home and gravity-filling with a jerry can, you are forcing extra fluid in to this ullage space which can then cause dramas such as liquid petrol being forced up the vapour recovery system and saturating the charcoal canister (bad)
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  10. Hi everyone, I've been given a towbar for a 2004 corolla wagon, and need the bolts & mounting plates etc. I've tried to purchase these from one of their stockists, but was told that Hayman Reece will not sell replacement parts. :o| Does anyone have any ideas or advice please, e.g. alternative parts, contacts, or should i take the bar to an installer and see if they have parts to fit it? Advice and suggestions are appreciated, thank you!
  11. 2014 7th Gen daytime running lights

    Check out what TJM, ARB, IRONMAN has on offer when it comes to after market DRL,s
  12. Corolla Head Unit

    I had a Prius c from 2012 until mid 2016 when I bought a Corolla Hybrid, both with SatNav & can confirm that Toyota maps are way behind in updating. Even buying a new card when it is released (for an exorbitant sum) means you are at least 6-12 months behind actual new roads. This is usually only a problem when talking about new subdivisions or new bypasses or the like which aren't that frequent but of course matter if that is where you need to go. The biggest downgrade from Prius c maps to Corolla was the loss of the Speed Limit display, plus the Voice Recognition in the Corolla is basically only good for use with the phone whereas in the Prius I could also use it to enter navigation commands. "Go Home" voice in the Corolla is pretty much useless as it keeps taking me to the phone, no matter how I try to pronounce "Home". I do use the SatNav quite a lot & learnt to live with its limitations but it is really disappointing that a company the size of Toyota would supply what must be one of the worst OEM systems out there (my brother has a Ford & his SatNav & Voice seems to be much better, although his screen is tiny). Dropping ToyotaLink from the Internet to only the phone app was also a backward step. So much for after sales customer satisfaction. I must say that the two Dealers I have had contact with have both been positive experiences.
  13. I bought it on ebay. it was $220. There were also cheaper aftermarket ones. Toyota wanted $380 for the sensor and $700 installed.
  14. Last week
  15. Hi, Just purchased a Prius 2006 (used) and need to replace the passenger side HID bulb. Managed to remove the capsule but the bulb is still stuck in capsule. How does the actual bulb get removed ? Urgent help required please !!
  16. '95 Camry external mirrors vibrating

    Without breaking the glass, press firmly in the centre of the mirrors and perhaps also on the four corners of the mirror to try and reseat the mirror into the plastic retaining clips of the housing behind the mirror. If that does not work, plan upon a visit to your local wreckers.
  17. Problem with headlights

    check switch gear & wiring ?
  18. 2007 Tarago brake problem

    My Tarago has a random brake problem which I can't understand. When it is used for the first time each day, the brake pedal goes almost to the floor after the first couple of times using the brakes. Then it is fine all day, with the pedal hard as normal. When the pedal goes to the floor, the brakes still work, it is just a bit scary if you are not prepared for it. I have bled the brakes and flushed new fluid right through them and replaced the rear pads which were a bit low. I was thinking it could be the master cylinder, but it holds good foot pressure when the fading problem isn't there. It is a bit of a funny problem, and I have been reluctant to put it in to a service centre as the problem is not always there and would be hard to diagnose if the brakes were working well. Hoping someone might have some ideas, or has had this problem.
  19. Hi, just wondering if anyone knows where I can get a 16inch alloy rim to match the wheels on my 2004 Estima. It has a space saver spare and I want yo replace it with a full size spare. Pic of style attached. Cheers Kev
  20. Stout Owners

    1966 WA
  21. Gave up on this in the end, am installing aftermarket stereo instead. [shrugs]
  22. How to Decode Engine Numbers

    Do you have a picture of it?
  23. Hey all, so i was installing side leds that go behind the mirror when you indicate, got them all in but when I went to wire tap the drivers side mirror it seems I've shorted something or blown a fuse. Only the drivers side mirror indicator doesn't work.. every other indicator does. I've checked the wiring and it seems the ground is ok on the multimeter but the power isn't receiving power. Any ideas what I may have done? Thanks
  24. Noise when blipping throttle

    It happens sometimes I guess where the mechanic ( or should I say Technician...) wasn't paying attention during service and may have not put something back right. I'd contact the service department as the work should have warranty. Only deal is you have to waste more of your time...
  25. What made you buy a Camry?

    That accident is a reason why I prefer a sedan over a hatchback. You have the whole boot section to protect you ,whereas a hatch does not. This Camry stood up really well,I’m proud of the way it protected its driver.
  26. I had a clunking noise in the rear of my Honda Prelude [now sold]. Spent a lot of time trying to track down this issue. Particularly checked the rear struts which I had swapped over from a parts car looking for loose retaining nuts. Gave up then months later it became very obvious; broken rear sway bar. I am guessing that the bar partially cracked and flexed enough to make a clunking noise before finally cracking all the way through.
  27. Fuel consumption

    My TRD sits at around 14.7L/100km when driving around town. Ouch.
  28. Headlight problems

    I would be checking bulbs as well.
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