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  2. 2018 Camry

    Welcome to the forum Anthony..Congrat's on the new TOY..keep us updated as to what you think of it KAA
  3. Aftermarket Multimedia unit

    I put alpine Navi in , love it , can split the screen have maps and media, full HD, and alpine have a fascia piece that looks it came from the factory , u would think it came with it INE-W957A 7″ DVD/USB/HDMI/Bluetooth Advanced Navi Station
  4. Interested to hear from other members any tricks or tips for removing spark plugs. One useful tip from a YouTube video was to use a length of rubber tubing to grip the spark plug which makes it easier to remove from a deep recess in the cylinder head. My main issue was trying to remove a long life iridium plug which has probably been fitted for about 5 years. I was only able to turn the plug about a 1/4 turn before it became stuck or very hard to turn. I used similar to WD-40 spray as a penetrating lubricant. After waiting a minute or so, I then tightened and loosened the spark plug but it was still hard to turn. Obviously not wanting to strip the thread in the alloy cylinder head, I then warmed the engine for a few minutes and checked YouTube for some hints. After turning off the engine, I gave the spark plug another good spray and waited a short time. Spark plug then turned a lot easier and was able to be removed.
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  6. Toyota. Did not do a thorough job the first time.
  7. Changing the Avalon sound system ...

    Well aware of this being a very old thread, but is there any chance anyone knows the wiring for 2000 avalon, am hoping to upgrade the stereo to a cheap nasty single din head unit, but all the diagrams i see online are american, and i don't believe I want to just hack away tapping into wires without knowing which is which, ive got the door trim off driver side door to source the color of the wires, given it had stock stereo in it, the wires appear to be all over the place, speaker wires mixed into one plug which also has ground etc, being 2 plugs or harnesses, one is 10 pin, the other 6, am unable to determine the correct wiring, for instance on the car harness, from diagrams ive seen pin one supposedly is meant to be a speaker wire, but this is not the case, its a heavier guage would anyone be able to help a bloke out, and shed some kind of light on this issue? i've uploaded photos of the back of the stock stereo, and the iso in the car. the stock stereo, as possibly aware already, is a Toyota 34243 cd unit ontop cassette deck on the bottom.
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  9. 2005 estima L remote key entry

    Too late to reply but the charges Mr minit locksmith offered for program a key was too high.
  10. 2011 kxr awd major service missed - low kms

    Have a read of this thread about the timimg chain for the 2GR-FE engine. Certainly agree on Importance to have regular oil changes. Good idea [for your consideration] to check the timing belt tensioner at your next major service just for peace of mind that all is ok. More food for thought about the lifespan of the timing chain for the 2GR-FE engine.
  11. Best H/T tyres for SR5

    Thanks GC
  12. 98 3.0 diesel Hilux wont run

    Hi everyone. I have a 98 4x4 3.0 diesel (5l) hilux. Engine was a low on compression and had a heap of oil leaks so I have recently gave it a basic freshen up. I replaced rings, bearings, gave it a light hone, full gasket kit, full timing belt kit, diesel pump front seal, glow plugs, valve regrind and head planed. Engine was reassembled correctly and to proper specs everything is correctly timed all marks line up dead on. Engine turns over fine now has plenty of compression turns over freely without any odd noises or anything out of the ordinary. Have also bled the system, is glowing up properly, is getting fuel into injectors. My knowledge with diesels is somewhat limited as this is my only one I've had although I have plenty of experience with petrol engines and have reassembled those before with no problems. Everything's plugged in, all lines are on properly, its all timed properly all marks line up, its glowing up getting fuel but will not go. I sprayed a little bit of aerostart into it today and it sounded like it wanted to go but other than that just winds over. Just wanting to know anything else I can check or other potential issues something I may have done wrong or something I don't know before I have to send it to the mechanics as patience and time are running low. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
  13. 70 Series SX Red Leather.

    Yes odd none to show, but I have had to travel 4 hours to Melbourne to purchase my 2 current SL's. it is a reasonable sized dealership full of corollas, many of the commercial range and suv's. They say there will be a new Camry here 1st of March to peek at. It would be great to select packages ect. to customise our own personal vehicle.
  14. Need help finding this part

    Wreckers or one of the classifieds sites will be your best options.
  15. Normal Rust?

    This is owner caused. No metal can resist sea salt for long without signs of corrosion. You will not be covered under any warranty in regards to this. Repaint it and coat with lanolin or fish oil prior to use near salt.
  16. Removing Dash Trim

    Yep! I removed all my trims not too long ago and all the door trims have screws holding them on, so the door panels need to be removed.
  17. Power w/o forced induction on sportivo?

    Or look up Neil Trama Engineering on Facebook. Neil
  18. Rattle on engine start

    Good indication that the battery may not last much longer although I have read some internet posts of car batteries lasting up to 10 years. I have bought a multi-stage battery charger to help rejuvenate batteries. I also have bought the larger size Century Battery 75D23L MF instead of the 55D23L MF for my Aurion but have not noticed any difference for engine starting between 620 CCA and 540 CCA.
  19. Hey guys, Was wondering if I could drop a question about the C-One Motorsport rear wing tips / garnishes that are discontinued, and whether they still pop up on ebay or such. I'm from the UK and am looking to do a Runx (zze123) rear end conversion, and finding a pair of wing tips to go with the spoiler would be great. Cheers, Sam (resonanceuk)
  20. AE102 window winder slider broken

    If anyone is interested I fixed it. Works better than the original now!
  21. C-HR to get the Lexus treatment

    Unveiling next month!
  22. NEVER ! Replace a TIRE AGAIN !!!

    So say this product does what it claims. What about grip? Surely the gain in longevity would come at the price of losing grip? You could be turning your tyres into roller skates, particularly in the rain. No thanks
  23. I am planning upon replacing the front W5W parking light bulbs with LED bulbs. Possibly also the door light bulbs with upgraded halogen bulbs. It looks like I will have to remove the plastic inner wheel guard to gain easy access to the headlight connections. Is this so? I also want a whiter light so I have ordered on eBay both white light halogen bulbs and canbus error free LED bulbs with 10 5630 SMDs. Has anyone had experience with fitting this type of LED bulb?
  24. hi i need to change my seats in my toyota2005 echo 3 door hatch and i am look for a more comfy seat to sit in dose anyone know wht will fit in
  25. My Woodgrain Trim

    I have been thinking of doing the same thing with my ATX Aurion, except with carbon fibre instead. It's great to see that something like this is actually possible and that someone else has done it already. Also where did you order the vinyl wrap from?
  26. TurboGauge IV not working on 04 Camry

    To expand on Trent's comment, OBD2 was only mandated in Australia in 2006 (but was a lot earlier overseas, especially in the US which was 1996 so a lot of things you see online aren't applicable for Australian models) but prior to that Toyota used a proprietary diagnostics system that used very similar plugs (or identical ones) to OBD2 but with their own software/protocols.
  27. Longer Lasting High Mileage Engine Oil

    Ah right I see. Actually it was the cam cover gasket seal that was replaced. Thanks for the info! :)
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