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  2. Thanks for the reply and the advice James. I'll do all that on the next service which is a major one. It's been a while since the radiator was flushed so that seems like a good place to start. Cheers mate.
  3. Receive a recall for for 2006 Aurion. Aurion vehicle with 2GR engine use an engine oil cooler assembly to maintain optimal engine oil temperature during all operating conditions. Toyota has received some reports that an engine oil leak or seep may develop from the oil hoses between the oil cooler and the engine. Should you experience a leak or seep from the engine oil cooler pipe, please contact your preferred Toyota dealership for diagnosis and repair. Toyota Dealer will replace the engine oil cooler pipe and hose assembly with an all metal oil cooler pipe, free of charge to you.
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  5. Glad the family is enjoying the new Rav. Hopefully the annoying rattle issue is resolved at service time. I like the concept / size ect, but still cannot come to grips with CVT gearboxes.
  6. Mr H

    C-HR Hybrid

    Hi all, are there any members considering getting the Hybrid C-HR when it comes to Australia at the end of the year, I am waiting to see if we get the bigger 8” Screen, as well as Digital radio this time around, I know it will be getting Apple Car Play and Android Auto as standard, maybe even a more up to date Navigation system as far as graphics go. I am also hoping there will be A/c vents to the rear seat area I am interested to see what the “Facelift” involves as well as if a Sunroof will be available Anyone have thoughts on this Model Cheers Eric
  7. Changing wheel diameter will have no affect on ride height, it is purely down to tyre size (well, technically changing wheel size will naturally change tyre size, but at the end of the day it is the outer radius of the tyre which needs to change and that can be done without changing wheel diameter)
  8. Odd, I would throw in 0.5-1L of Metho in tank say every 6 months. This will not only 'swallow' up all the water that might get accumulated in there but also give the fuel system a good clean. ps: get your fuel from another reputable station, preferably Premium 95, we're all heading towards it anyhow, might as well get used to it.
  9. I'm looking for a tow bar (new or used), or any other bicycle carrying device at a low cost. It seems tow bars are in excess of $500 which is well above my budget. I'm located in Brisbane. Any clues?
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  11. Robert at hillcrest


    Creek crossing of Rav 4 hybrid. Are there any problems?
  12. Thanks for that. Looks like this will work, is easy and reasonably priced!
  13. There is no 2002 3.5v6 Camry.
  14. I have stopped using E10 fuel. I did a few weeks trial with my Aurion ATX and fuel economy was worse by more than 10% with urban driving. I stick with 91 unleaded with the occassional tank of 95 octane.
  15. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find a P plater driving a black stock Tivo with am rims. Prick was staking out my car in Madeley last night till I spotted him and he took off. Then I went looking for him and he recognized me and floored it. Appears to be of Asian decent.. I wasn't in my Tivo, otherwise I would of got him. Message for you c$&t. I dare you to come back! Any help will be appreciated
  16. If you were in Adelaide the solution could be somewhat simple. There is a wreckers here that IS currently wrecking a gold 2003 Avalon Vxi Mark 3,..the identical same model as I have owned for the past seven faultless years and the seating in mine is about the most comfortable that I have ever sat in, if you CAN find one of the upper range Avalons being wrecked,..I would seriously look at the seating in one. If you can find a Grande being wrecked,...definitely take a look. Cheers
  17. Hi Johnny 3995, I have my dads original 1975 mk2 coupe , he has just passed ... he has had it from new and still has all original carpet and toyota mats ect .. he was a mechanic and the car was his best mate . How much would she be worth?
  18. Get the code prob going to be a p400 low egr gas flow just been through all this crap mine was clean enough not to throw codes ended up being a vac hose but if you are going to explore go to Forby4diesel check out cleaning the egr system got some good vids on there give you some good info and tips if you are going to have a crack yourself
  19. Got it welded today much better but would prefer to get a new bracket if anyone knows what would fit this model?
  20. This maybe helpful
  21. After weeks of procrastination, reassembly done yesterday morning and engine started, initially at 2000rpm. Running ok but idle was still a bit higher at 1000rpm which I put down to charging of an older battery which I have been reconditioning. Restarted the engine in the afternoon and later noticed a check engine light [CEL]. Error code P0505 had me thinking it was a vacum leak or the throttle body needed a thorough cleaning. After checking for vacum leaks, I replaced the battery and sprayed cleaner into the air intake. No CEL and idle is about 900rpm. Something to keep an eye on and further investigate if the idle does not settle down to a lower level.
  22. Hi, I've tried the search function but can't find any info. I'm wanting to know how to install an external sun visor over the front windscreen. Brackets don't have any holes. Do I drill into the pilar and screw brackets to the pillars? Thanks heaps. Trevor
  23. What is the diagnosis you did? Were there trouble codes? I had all the lights come on for different reasons
  24. Nope, mine are mounted just to the left of the rear view mirror, high up. The driver cannot see the camera from the drivers seat so no vision is obscured by the device.
  25. Mine has 250 000km, no repairs yet other than normal service parts
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