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  2. Hello, Has anyone found a head unit replacement for a 2019 Grande that has Android Auto / Apple Car Play and keeps all the cameras ? Reverse/360 etc.
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  4. I've received some emails in regard to this topic, and I thought I would help anyone out in the same position. I was able to find the files online, here is the link to them: files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1n6QR7JRQjOYa9v2dxi3ZmP7pNiON7svw?usp=sharing. I actually ended up actually not needing them, so I am unsure if they 100% work. But, I'm pretty sure these are the files that are required for the media player - as I've done this to my Prius before. Please let me know if they work!
  5. Normally leather doesn't come away like that without some form of human intervention, but you are fortunate in that there is a solution. Have a look online and you'll find a multitude of leather repair tutorials, videos and repair kits. Take your pick.
  6. Another thing comes to mind just thinking a bit more. Is it possible your transmission could be short of fluid perhaps and slipping. I'd look into when and if the trasnmission has ever been serviced too. Could be bad fluid or low on fluid. This aside, the 2GR does have quite substantial torque so breaking traction is pretty easy to do, especially it being a front wheel drive car.
  7. Plenty enough I reckon too. The CQuartz is like the icing on the cake. Keeping it clean is so much easier when it has a decent sealant on it. That's good to know for the generic range because it can be a crap shoot from the junk that comes from China. Some people are reporting various issues with software, functionality and even radio reception. How frustrating that would have to be and the people who make these junkers could care less. If I had the time, inclination and money, I'd invest in a name brand for total peace of mind. Kenwood, Alpine, Pioneer are the pick of the bunch. I purchased the Techstream system from an ebay seller and got stiffed. He turned out to be a crook. Paid for it, sent me a fake tracking number and never heard from him after a few messages and never saw the item. That was around 6 months ago or more now. He's a guy who operates out of Israel, ships from China and went by the name of 'feldman'. Got the old lip service for a short time then poooft, then he took the vow of silence.The dirty dog has most likely started a new user account as I can't find him under that name anymore. Ah the joy of Ebay.
  8. Has anyone remapped a 2AZFE edu? I'm having trouble....been told it can't be done!? Need someone who can have the solution to tuning a 2AZFE auto transmission! Been told there may be CAN BUS issues?
  9. Hi, I have a 2008 Camry and my mate has a 1994 Camry with a factory tow bar that he is scrapping. Is it possible to swap the tow bar from the '94 onto the '08, will it fit? Cheers.
  10. Thanks for the advice Ashley, I will pursue the feedback mate....legend, have a great day!
  11. I'd be asking well north of 30k, with 4500km this is an extremely rare example and worth holding out for the right buyer.
  12. Probably just a sticker added to the complete engine/transmission assembly before it gets installed in to a chassis. Nothing different about the engine itself, let alone the valve cover. Just like how there won't be a different bonnet for every variation of the emissions system sticker
  13. Last week
  14. My thoughts exactly Tony! Where I was, we were getting anything from about 20 cent sized to around golf ball size consistently. It was a huge relief not having major damage and having to go through insurance. Another bonus was that my parents house wasn't damaged as well considering the last major hail storm we had back in 2015 caused all sorts of issues.
  15. It's possible you've shorted a fuse somewhere whilst you were in there. Did you have the power on when you were wiring it up ? Check all the fuses in your car. Not sure which fuse would be responsible for the issue at hand, but I'm sure you've popped something.
  16. Unfortunately there is no option to fix the screens. Once it's damaged, that's it and you'll just have to replace the whole head unit. As Robert mentioned, I'd chase a replacement unit from the used market.
  17. A good run is what it needed. Good to see the detergents going to work. Colour is fine.
  18. Hi Martijn- did you end up finding a good mechanic for your hiace? I have a similar van, and am looking for a good local mechanic (I’m based in Newtown). cheers Dave
  19. Hi all, I have a 2007 Corolla hatch 5 speed manual. The engine light started to come on but would turn back off from time to time. Recently car just started to loose power and would kind of misfire on accelerating but would even out once revs were over 2500 - 3000.The engine light now flashes if you drive which indicates the issue has become worse. I’ve changed spark plugs, fuel sensor and O2 sensor this far, my only hope is it’s not Catalytic converter, is there any other suggestions from those who may have experienced this before
  20. Hi Tony, My local Toyota dealer has supplied us a courtesy vehicle while our Kluger Hybrid is off the road. I can't fault their service in this regard, it has been first rate. I have also been informed that the replacement cooling fan should now be arriving from Japan much sooner than originally anticipated. Regards Jeff
  21. LOL those beads on mine will have to wait till the cyclonic winds we have had here go away, hopefully tomorrow as my wife and I finally get to have anniversary date. Today was bloody horrible and mini cyclonic winds came out of nowhere for a few hours. Now if I had bead porn on the car and watch those sexy beads of water fly away LOL KAA
  22. Good evening everyone, I decided that even though my old tyres (RE003) had a bit of life left in them, that I would replace them early. After looking at an online comparison (link below), I decided to try these out. These have a healthy about of RIM protection (in my size), So far this is only day 2 (and yet to be driven today, but I will very soon), but compared to the previous RE003 I have noticed improved levels of grip (mostly dry driving, nothing I would call a wet road), A different feel through the steering wheel, and maybe lower fuel use (checking the cars fuel use on my usual route). The different feel is that the RE003 seemed to want to remain going straight (in a good way), and required an amount of force to change direction. To me this wasn't bad, it felt nice and stable especially on the highway (I haven't tried out the Potenza Sport on the highway yet). So far I haven't felt any slip, so I may need to drive harder.... 😉 In my tyre size which is 225/45 R18 these cost $285 each (now on Jax website for $279) Considering that in the review the 2 other UUHP tyres were the Pilot Sport 4S (not available in my size, but is available in 225/40R18), and the Goodyear F1 Supersport $389, My choice was pretty simple, though I was honestly waiting on the RE004 to come out. I decided against the Pilot Sport 4 because they seem a bit hit and miss, in that from the reviews I've read there is a ST or Silent tune version of the tyre that isn't as good as the other version, so the prices were either $279 or $309 or $335. I will try to update this over time :-)
  23. Pretty bold styling. Not sure why they placed a gutter right in the middel of the bonnet though. Looks very odd. A bonnet buldge would've looked much better. I imagine it drove really nice. No more V8 eh ? Are they V6 now ?
  24. It makes me laugh too mate ! 😄
  25. Turbo diesel ? If so, has the turbo been checked ? Could have an intermittent leaky oil seal perhaps ??
  26. It's possible the transmission could be on the way out or the rear diff. I'd also check the uni joints while in there too. When was the last time you did an auto trans service or diff ?? You could try driving down a stretch of road then put it neutral and see if the car slows dramatically and possibly be able to narrow down the source of the whine.
  27. I had a heater hose on back order from Japan and Toyota told me that it wouldn't arrive until January next year. That was last month and I said, no wories, as I didn't need it straight away. Two weeks later a Toyota package arrived at my doorstep and inside it was the heater hose. So, I'd take that time frame with a grain of salt and see if it doesn't arrive earlier than stated. They must say this to cover themselves for any worst case scenario. In your eyes, they will look like heroes when the part arrives quicker than expected.
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