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  2. Hi all, This is my first post but a bit of a long one I have owned my 2018 Camry SL Hybrid for about a year or so now. It is a great car but I have an issue which is really starting to annoy me now. The alarm keeps going off. It doesn’t do it all the time but it keeps going off randomly. It started back in January this year, before then it never did it. It happened again yesterday when my wife was in important meetings 3 times. The car has been back to my local dealer now three times but of course the alarm never goes off when it’s there. I have spoken with the auto electrician there but it shows no faults through their diagnostic equipment. They have no idea. Dash doesn’t show a door or boot, bonnet open which apparently will set it off ( I set up a go pro in the car to capture it going off). Display doesn’t show a door open when the alarm is going off. They thought it could have been a faulty door bonnet boot switch. The 12v battery appears to be fine which could be another reason if charge is low for the alarm to sound. This could be the next step to replace the 12v battery to see if this stops this issue. Don’t want to fork out $400 unless I have to. I actually disconnected the battery to reset the ECU and I thought I’d fixed it. It didn’t go off for around two weeks until yesterday. Has anybody else had a similar issue with their Camry or other Toyota and how did you fix it? I am stuck. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks Rich
  3. When I had to replace my front pads on my 2008 I had the same dilemma: DB1474 & DB2243 and without taking the caliper off I wouldn't have a clue. So I went to Repco, gave them the rego and they told me I need 2243. So I took advantage of a 30% discount and bought them from the shop, in case they were the wrong ones I was able to return them, which isn't always the case with the online purchases. Funny thing is, my wife's 2013 is using the same rotors & calipers 🙂 I can only second what the other posters replied: take a pad with you to the shop, or at least give them the plate number and see what they suggest.
  4. Craig, I think that you will find that because your 07 Aurion is more than 10 years old that Toyota Australia will not accept a claim to replace the dash. However, your situation may be treated differently particularly if this dash issue had previously been reported for your vehicle by previous owner/s.
  5. contact me on preston area
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  7. please radio code for fujitsu ten serial no debo500431..thnks
  8. Did you get an answer or fix for it cobber ? Got the same issue myself
  9. I have a 2010 GXL had it since new and just hit 350k now the lights come on. Locks in 4th and is a pain, typical speak to Toyota and they never heard of it before.
  10. Hey All Continuing on with the story when we got to Auckland yesterday he changed his mind and bought a 2008 Lexus LS460 with 25Ks on the clock but man those car salesman are tight with the petrol they had their young fella put 10 ltrs in the tank told my M8 yep that should get you the service station. Goes like a cut cat once we had fueled up. Car is a 4.6ltr V8 - 280KWs or 375HP 8 speed auto so @ 110kph its doing 1600 revs impressive. Road noise is quite loud but has very low profile tyres so goes no worries. What impressed me was the 8 speed auto as cruising reasonably 100 to 115kph the car was showing 11ks/L which for the cars weight of about 1900Kgs is damn good. We stayed at a M8s place last night & we got home a few hours ago so thought I would drop a line or 3 in here B4 bed time. Oh yeah we went to a car yard in Hamilton called 4 Guys they had a F150 high riser Shelby Cobra converted to RHD 750hp M8 said how much they replied $250,000 but you can have it with your car as a trade in for $239,000 hahahaha yeah right & you needed a ladder to climb into the cab was actually sold while we were in the yard unreal.
  11. Hi I've got the current shape automatic dualcab sr5 Hilux 4wd 2016 I want to swap out the tub for the j deck (Sr) tub , my question is will the camera that comes on the Sr tub be compatible to the sr5 , will I run into any problems? Will I have any wiring issues or will the harness of the Sr tub fit into my sr5 vehicle
  12. Love how we can all put our minds together and solve this one...
  13. Sounds like the camshaft timing is out, like the timing is retarded, its out by a tooth or two
  14. handles surprisingly well too, considering all the weight and it being even heavier in front than the standard 2.4 it was built from. have had the traction control kick in once only in 10 years, and it was accelerating while changing into the outside lane, already doing 80, up a hill during a downpour. can't touch your 11.8km/L. i tried resetting the counter in all different conditions, and best i got was 10.5 on a long road trip. even on highways here there's a lot of traffic and braking though which i guess explains it. once a single extra temporary traffic light on my daily commute dropped efficiency by 0.6km/L. very glad to hear i had a part in your decision, thanks! remembered an ongoing problem i've had with it is the driver alert system. it often (once every 2-3 months or so) beeps loudly when it detects a "dangerous" (really just a little close, part of regular driving) situation, which i found really distracting, and dangerous because this loud beep comes right when you're in the process of trying to avoid a situation. mine's a 2007 model so maybe they improved it in your model, maybe you'll never experience it (because you don't live in a country full of asian drivers!) or maybe you'll just eventually get used to it like i sort of have. went off just this morning actually, "shut up car of course i'm not going to hit the giant truck."
  15. Alrighty another update. No long after my last update it was time for one of the first big cruises for the year, the Toymods Nasho/Kangaroo Valley cruise. Originally I wasn't able to go but when the date was change I was luckily able to attend. There was a nice turn out of cars ranging from KE70s all the way to Supras and turbo Corollas. Although I did get my mate and I lost at one point since I stupidly didn't use my GPS we made it to all the stops and the end at Kangaroo Valley. It was an awesome day out and I discovered a bunch of new roads I have never seen before, which is definitely good for some future cruises with mates. Surprisingly, the most common model of cars in attendance we Sportivos, an oddity at most of the monthly meets and some other cruises. On the way home, I decided to stop by and see Alec since I was out towards his area and went through some back roads I've been through before. Since it was quite deserted I thought it was definitely worth taking some quick pictures. The last is probably my one of my favourite pictures I've taken, seeing as I only really use my phone and don't get too many with proper cameras. Recently, I found some nice OBD readers that people had been using in various cars and one just happened to be a Sportivo. I inquired about them and a week later it was in my hands. It's nothing crazy but for the price I really can't complain and the unit is actually quite handy and has a lot of neat features that myself and some of my mates weren't expecting either. Here's how it sits currently, I hid away the wiring as best as I could behind panels and trim rubber. I currently have RPM, water temperature, ignition timing, volts and intake air temperature and I've also setup the shift light feature which begins around 6000 RPM and an additional light comes on every 500 RPM. I find the unit pretty responsive for an OBD reader after changing a few settings with the system so it's as responsive as possible. I'll be using it for easier driving and monitoring what's happening as I go along. I'll be doing some research also into the ignition timing that is run to see if future improvements can be made to my tune and for others in the near future. I do highly recommend the Lufi X1 as a nice budget OBD reader with a nice list of outputs shown for various models. Other than that, not too much else has happened in the last month. I do have an event I am entering next month which should be a good night out, even if I may be the slowest car entering. Stay tuned!
  16. Thanks Ashley. I did actually have a brand new alternator fitted almost a year ago and everything has still gone on working fine ever since then so I can rule that out as causing any conflict. The reality to me though is that because this problem,..intermittent as it is,...does not even remotely affect any other light or the other electrics in the entire car,..ONLY the high beam. whereas,..the interior lights (five of them),..the dash lights and parking lights, the radio, the GPS, anything plugged in to the lighter socket, the glove box light, door open lights at the bottom of the four doors,....ALL remain on and completely unaffected at the same time as tge high beam is doing its on /off flicker thing. As I said, it has ALL the earmarks of being a faulty or overloaded relay and yet, even though I have replaced that relay, the problem remains. Frustration still reigns within. 😟
  17. You'll find that all Sportivos begin with AHT as the VIN as they were made in South Africa I believe. The Levin and Ascent models were made in Japan and begin with a completely different set of letters.
  18. Thank U for the welcome Robert also glad to see you don't hold it against us for keeping the rugby trophy LOL. Even the Pavlova is ours as well. From what I have had time to read since finding this site there is some really interesting forums. Cheers Wayne
  19. I hey guys, I'm having this exact problem with my hi 60. i have found that when the car is running with no accessories on it runs great. As soon as I put my headlights on and/or fan that my voltage drops and EDIC motor starts working with the fuel control relay clicking away in the kick panel. Now I figured out that when I disconnect the fuel control relay that I can use all accessories and have no issue with Low voltage or the EDIC motor cutting off the fuel supply. my alternator and battery have just been replaced and voltage is perfect. Thoughts please on how to overcome this issue or test that the fuel control relay is the issue??
  20. I have a 1994 corolla seca AE101R HPRKA frame number: 54AEA1OD302807 VIN 6T154AEA1OD302807 There is no information at all when checking the above numbers. Does anyone have any clue ?
  21. Hi, to anyone passing by My Lux has an ally roo bar which doesn't appear to take a winch, have ordered a plate, hope it works What I want to ask other 1997 owners is recovery points front and rear, where have you placed them and where did you get them from? all a just in case, I won't be doing any serious off roading but am trying to make the rig safe when my Son and Son inlaw with our 10 yr old grand daughter go to the beaches etc in WA;s South West around Pemberton and Margaret River or down to White Hills, spine is kaput so want them to do what I no longer can. Have been looking everywhere to get someone to fit front auto lokker but no-one knows how. Just a basic Lux, nothing special, am slowly, very slowly lol, getting it ready, sidesteps, am looking to put a roof top cage on top of my Rhino racks, yet to be put on, same as a draw system so they can pack gear easily Cheers if anyone knows where and how to attach recovery points, would love an ARB winch bar, but way way way out of my pension could permit
  22. Hi all, just looking for answers and support for my LN167R Hilux dual cab got the 3.0 motor which is great as my old Hilux had the 2.2 and it was horrendous until I had it swapped for a Holden Red
  23. hi all my 80 series ends with the vin 8000006,just wondering if anybody knows if 1 to 5 are still out there
  24. Hi I mounted mine on the rear roll bar, routed the cable into the cabin by floor grommet located rear of front seats in the floor panel. Check Used a RFI mount with a short 3db aerial works a treat. Hope this helps.
  25. I cant find an accurate stereo wiring diagram for a 1990 toyota camry. I know the 12v constant is blue/yellow but the only diagrams I can find tell me that the 12v switched is grey and the ground is brown and I don't have either of those colours.can anyone help?
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    Hi,everybody. My dearly beloved son has left his 1992 mr2 sitting in my driveway. He bought a new Toyota 86 and has been promising to get rid of the MR2 for about 3 years!! It is 2 years since it was last started and he has let the rego lapse. Is this vehicle interesting to anyone? I am in WA and my email address is jagmansiii @ Max.
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