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  2. Excellent videos Ash. I am a huge fan of recycling. The E-waste coming off of all the battery powered devices should prompt the responsible handling of these valuable resources to be able to take the burden off mining as such. Mining will and have to exist obviously, but we should not be reckless about it either. We've had too much risky behaviour from the Nuclear sector in the past and we really cannot afford to add another one to the mix. I'm sure they'll come up with improved solutions as we go forward and it will be exciting to see how they will handle the ever growing demand for lith
  3. It's funny how far behind we are in terms of tech, but I think the gap is closing now. Back then it was shocking. I believe your Corolla and other Toyota variants of that era do have what looks like an OBD port but it's not OBD II compliant. I think it's a proprietary Toyota system and Toyota have the machines for these if I'm correct. It wasn't until 2006 when it was mandated across the board. Why did it take so long though ? The U.S had OBD II protocol in place in the mid 90s ! So I have no idea how you guys can read your codes unless you take it to the stealership. We had a similar que
  4. Hello, I wanted to know if someone can help me, I am looking for the repair manual of an a442f of a land cruicer 100. I bought a manual but it is from 1992 the valve body and overdrive is not the same as another manual, right? Thank you
  5. I'm wondering if the head gasket could be going bad. A compression test can confirm this. Also these below. Bad head gasket symptoms White smoke coming from the tailpipe. BUBBLING IN THE RADIATOR AND COOLANT RESERVOIR. unexplained coolant loss with no leaks. Milky white coloration in the oil. Engine overheating
  6. Hey everyone my brother has a 2004 3l diesel hilux (non turbo), model LN167R, engine 5L-E and needs to change the alternator, but i can't find any vids online for this combination, any suggestion please ?
  7. You're welcome Shazzy. I hope you have better luck getting it sorted. Let us know how you go. Cheers
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  9. When I am cleaning and being a bit OCD [i.e. putting in the extra effort for better results], I am thinking of Tony. She is a beast, engaged self-propel and she took off very smartly. It will be a brisk walk around the yard. Yes, they are cup holders between the handles. Doubt if they will get much use while mowing. Probably need the 2 cans while cleaning the car. 😄😄
  10. Ahh, you're too kind Robert. Thanks for your kind words too. I felt really bad letting it get to that stage and so it was necessary to spend the time to bring it back to a certain level. I can rest a bit easy now 😉 It's far from perfect but it's as good as it gets despite no paint correction as such. The next major detail will involve a 3 stage polish and a dedicated ceramic coating. There's really no point to apply a ceramic coating on paint that hasn't been polished to perfection. This will further enhance gloss levels. The main objective here was to remove all the stuck on contami
  11. Check that all pins in the connectors are making contact. After market parts tend to be a little wonky in the QA dept.
  12. I wondered this for ages until someone pointed out to me that it's the intake on these cars. They said it gets louder when you add a pod filter instead. Either that or you accidently bought a TRD with a smaller supercharger belt. hahaha. But check little things, are there non-toyota wheels on the back, that might be rubbing? (happened to me when I bought my Oreo. Last owner put some massive bogan wheels on, and they were so wide that when accelerating, the weight shift to the back caused them to rub and chafe inside the guard. When I eventually bought genuine Toyota Aurion ones it
  13. Last week
  14. Your welcome mate. I didn't need any either, but I did grab a couple for my Dad's Aurion as it's nearing it's 80k service. I decided to just keep using the Nulon for my car and use the Penrite for Dad's. There were also times just recently where I could have also used some brake cleaner instead of degreaser but I wasn't going to pay 7 bucks a can for the stuff so thankfully this came at the right time. The beauty about brake cleaner is that it has the magical ability to clean soiled or oily surfaces by evaporating the grime without the need to degrease then rinse and have water every
  15. Thanks Ashley, Thanks Tony. It's booked in for a transmission service tomorrow, and I'll change the rear diff and transfer case oil myself on the weekend. Fingers crossed, it will go away. Or hopefully not get any worse. I purchased it privately Tony.
  16. I have had these Primacy 4's for about 2 years now and they still feel new especially in the wet, don't do many Klms these days, but every now and then She Who Must Be Obeyed and I do a scenic drive along the Central Coast just to enjoy the beauty and time away from the 4 walls. I also would be interested in the Pilot Series so when any of you open up the wallets let me know your thoughts on them for next time I replace these. However by then they will probably be RE009's LOL KAA
  17. Welcome to the forum Michael, as Ashley and Tony have said ask away, many great minds here too assist KAA
  18. GT stripe sets for the new Toyota Rav4 are now available on ebay, these look fantastic, are very reasonably priced and are quite easy to install. the link for the listing is as follows: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/174696375456 Also Gt stripe sets for Toyota C-HR at: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/174754344504. Check these out.
  19. I would recommend that you email Toyota Australia Customer Service. Definitely keep a record/copy of the email reply. Always handy to have documentation.
  20. Sorry to drag up an old thread. But I finally did this mod today. The wheel is from a GSV50R ZR6 and has been installed into my GSV40R ZR6. I ended up making a adapter harness to convert the 50's connector over to a 40 (keeping the original clockspring). I have added the extra pins for the paddle shifters but I have not connected then as yet. Quite happy with the results. All the radio buttons trained into my Android head unit and the display button and backlights work.
  21. Have a look at this YouTube video. You lift up the rear seat cushion vertically and hopefully the retaining tab which looks like a metal U prong will pop up easily out of the plastic retaining clip. At the 3:37 time of the video, you will be able to see the top of the white plastic retaining clip. When I removed the rear seat cushion, I recall that 1 retaining tab popped out easily and I ended up using a long handle screwdriver as a lever beside the other retaining tab.
  22. I have done the preparation research and already have coolers and inline filters on hand but yet to fit to fit them. Definitely have to add extra ATF for the extra capacity. Almost an essential to know the procedure for checking the transmission fluid level. An interim workaround would be to fit and then fill the transmission cooler before fixing the return line to the transmission.
  23. i want to remap the 2017 prado for better fuel economy a little better overtaking power... im not interested in it being a race car. should i remap or not and if so where in Perth can i trust. prefer N.O.R
  24. yes I have some Picts, some are old but i can take new ones though not much has changed on it since my last addition pretty much gave her a new exhaust, rims, head unit, front speakers and put sound deadener in. I’ve had to change the clutch, lock actuator on passenger side door and starter motor but otherwise the rest of her is stock. i had her outside shell completely repainted in 2018 kept her white though. The two photos below are of her before she had her new paint job in 2018, ill get a more recent pict when i take her out today
  25. You can get this manual in PDF format from https://onlypdfmanuals.com/workshop/toyota/corolla#workshop-manual also.
  26. yes the venerable 18RG serial 12067 fitted to my 1974 GT corona wil be 47; years old and has 242000 km one set of rings, top overhaul and reco carbies.
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