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  2. The glass may be loose in the holding channel because the holding rubber needs to be reseated. Nothing like a bit of silicone spray to help the reassembly process. If you end up needing some thin rubber, I would consider using a bicycle tube as a quick fix.
  3. Yes indeed Robert. I have to work this Saturday, so maybe Sunday. I haven't washed my Colorado for two weeks and although it's not that dirty, I will give it a hand wash with the ONR and see how it goes. Then try out these cool Glass cloths. In the beginning I would use a general microfibre cloth to do the glass, but then noticed the tiny bits of lint, not to mention the smearing when the sun shone over it. Next step was to get myself some proper glass cloths and whilst at SCA, I picked up a couple of different branded ones and none of them really performed well, despite the claims. They were ok to a point, I decided to use the worse cloth as the initial applicator/cleaner, then the better one for final wipe/buff. You must always wash them too after each use to keep them performing at their best. Once the tiny microfibres get loaded with matter they don't work as well.
  4. Here's a couple of videos you may find interesting. The first video is a random guy and the second is brought to you by The Rag Company with their special guest Yvan Lacroix from Optimum who explain all the benefits of having this product in your wash kit.
  5. Clock spring is working fine ? Fly by wire / electronic stepper motor throttle body ? No codes, weird, sounds like ecu.
  6. My opinion is that they're a fairly silent motor when up to normal temps, especially considering that it's chain driven.
  7. @A Indian Has a Sportivo if you purchased from a dealership then you should have gotten the statutory 3 month warranty with that. Get your car checked ASAP & if there's a problem, get them to pay for it. I would insist you find your own trusted/competent mechanic to do repairs if needed.
  8. I just changed the cruise control stalk in my 2008 Toyota Kluger and it’s still not working also it has been scanned and all the codes are clear so I’m just wondering if anyone else would have any ideas what could be wrong with it
  9. I just changed the cruise control stalk in my 2008 Toyota Kluger and it’s still not working also it has been scanned and all the codes are clear so I’m just wondering if anyone else would have any ideas what could be wrong with it
  10. Ok I agree to disagree..fuel like a lot of things relating to driving comes down to the driving style of the person pushing the pedal and holding the wheel..yes better fuels do help the performance of the car to some degree, i never use ethanol based fuel and use either 91 or 95 but then it comes down to prices and what you can afford..the main thing is how you use your car..if your a lead foot and throw the thing around naturally your economy will be rubbish..if you just cruise (as many on here are of the same mind as me) you are a careful driver and barely use the horses under the bonnet your economy will be excellent..the main thing to always do is maintain the beast well..use top quality oils and filters. KAA
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  12. Hi I just got my toyota blade yesterday and your deciphering skills have been very helpful. Does your blade have a navigstion/music screen? If so, have you also translated it?
  13. Hi and welcome to the forum!, I'm Carlos! [emoji869] Nice going with a only two years old Camry, how much did it set you back mate? [emoji848] [emoji389]
  14. I recently noticed this used cat back system on eBay with the description: "2-1/2 into 2-1/4 cat back system; 304 ss pipe and 409 ss mufflers; All custom made; Car has been sold without " I particularly noted that the last catalytic converter has been retained. More posted for information purposes for those possibly considering changing their exhaust system. Personally, I rather like the stock standard exhaust system and have just upgraded the last catalytic converter to a 2.5" high flow 200 cpsi one. If I was prepared to have the exhaust system modified and potentially louder, I would have considered a 3" higher flow cat with 100 cpsi. Most likely option would be move the joint between the resonator and front Y pipe forward then weld the cat to the existing OEM resonator. This should then increase the exhaust flow.
  15. For cross reference purposes, there is a photo on this thread showing how the front Y pipe has been changed differently. Looks like the flex joint has also been changed to a longer length one.
  16. Thank you for finding the time and effort to respond. Kind regards.
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  18. I have a 2010 KUN26R and i have put the Steering Wheel , Clock spring , and Cruise Control of a 2012 KUN26R on to it but the Cruise Control does not work ! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as i am told it should work. Thanks heaps Andrew
  19. Mine had 4 spots from memory, 2 either side front and back. Not sure if all the Evo Recaro's are the same in terms of mounting.
  20. Yeah the kit comes with an abrasive pad. I'll just try it a few more times, it's definitely improved/cleaner but etching still visible. Ceriglass looks like Jiff 😕
  21. G'day I own a 1989 Toyota Targo. I think I have blown a Head Gasket. I need advise fast. I am homeless right now my Targo is my home in N.S.W. Thank you.
  22. Hi Stuart, I know it's an old post but hoping your still around, where did you order tbat fujitsubo exhaust and muffler from, I'm looking to make my caldina quieter
  23. I'm glad to hear you're well considering everything going on at the moment. And to my suprise my usual dealer who has a former tech/mechanic as manager for servicing, wasn't in, rang a few others, none of which could help with my question 😂😂 I'll just find out from my 3rd party mechanic who'll tell me straight, but hopefully it is haha ! I swear most service people lack the knowledge they should have, but that's probably just me having high standards
  24. Update time So today marks that special day of the year where I've owned the car another year. I've owned the car for 5 years now and have honestly enjoyed every minute of the ownership, although I don't get to drive as much lately so the kms haven't really increased a lot this year compared to last year. I do get a bit of bored of it these days as I'm only doing short drives but I'm sure once I go for more spirited drives in the coming weeks I'll fall in love with it even more once again. Again, a massive thank you to all my mates that have helped me along the way, any contribution big or small has really helped me make the car what it is today and I couldn't be any happier. So last month was another quiet one. I haven't done all too much myself to the car and still have a heap of things to get installed before I can finally say it's done and enjoy the car for what it is. I however recently get my drivers side driveshaft replaced as the boot had split a few months ago so one less thing to worry about for the time being. With the temperature also getting warmer now, I can finally get around to re-doing the another set of black insert headlights and hopefully this time I do a much better job on the seal with what I have found learned since the first set. On another note, I sold my old stock wheels to a mate of mine as his partner needed a new set of wheels for her Yaris. I have to say, Sportivo wheels look good on anything that isn't a Sportivo. They're quite a nice touch to the Yaris and really suit it to be quite honest. I've been keeping the car fairly clean, probably cleaner than ever since I seem to wash it a lot more often compared to the last 2-3 or years. Here's a week or 2 back before when I got a wash in during the later afternoon. Before After I also gave it a nice long wash followed by and afterglow treatment last weekend only to have rain the very next day so the car looked fantastic for about 24 hours. It was actually blinding in the sun while trying to clean and dry everything once it was applied. At one stage I had to get sunglasses just to do certain panels. But other than that, there's still plenty more to come. Stay tuned.
  25. Has it ever been involved in an accident ? Symptoms you describe are usually result of poor repairs.
  26. Hmm advertising a Chemist on here what the heck is that about?????
  27. More the recommendation of the exhaust shop owner after measuring up the exhaust pipe on either side of the existing catalytic converter. 2.5" ended up being a neater fit. Both the 2.5" and 3" catalytic converter had the same size main body diameter i.e. 4". If there had been a notable difference then I would have been more insistent upon having the 3" version fitted. For insurance purposes, my rationale is that I have not modified the exhaust, I have upgraded an existing component. It is very much the same as replacing the existing mufflers with high flow versions. The main bottlenecks are the header catalytic converters and then the merge pipe of the front Y pipe. My thinking is that by increasing the exhaust flow of the last catalytic converter, this should be a viable alternative to modifying the front Y pipe and not impact the driveability of the vehicle. Certainly enjoying the differences and I have particularly noticed that the Aurion now coasts downhill faster.
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