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  2. I'm in the same boat. I have been thinking about the seats from the Sportivo.
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  4. Thank you hiro, for taking the time to reply, put my mind at ease re electronics, yes cleared the debri, all good, cheers mate
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  6. Welcome ! Currently still using the front strut bar from Ultra Racing as one of my first few mods in 2012, fairly straight forward to install as there are two bolts per side.
  7. Anyone know any other vehicle lift kits that will fit a 2002 Hilux kzn165r
  8. Hi, wanted urgently under trays for 92 SW20 and post 94 boot locking barrel.
  9. Some after market parts for the Supra
  10. Ultra racing rear sway bar, cheap and makes a big improvement
  11. The timimg changes a lot as you drive, computer controls it. I doubt that you can alter it.
  12. You have an Old School external Regulator and inside that regulator box is points, ( open it and have a sqiz ) They are either burnt, pitted, or in need of a nice clean up using 240 grit or similar emery paper, then adjust the gaps, or go to the wreckers and find a new one, ( off similar year Toyota Corona etc, Just make sure the connecting plug is the same , Many moons ago I replaced one off a similar year with a sealed electronic unit never had any dramas since
  13. Paejae


    Giday all. I have just driven from Victoria to WA and nearly to the end of my trip I can heard my turbo of my 2009 hilux (D4D) winding right up from first gear without any serious load all the way through the gears, plus when I start to get to the top gears my motor starts to sound like a lawn mower with a loss of accelerating power. Any ideas as I have it sitting in allied Diesel and turbo specialist for the last 3 days and they are still telling me they don’t know what the problem is.... anyone had a similar problem with their car?
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  15. I've spoken to Toyota, ARB and Ironman4x4. Toyota can't help. ARB has quoted close enough to $4k for a new bar, recovery point (central) and bash plates. Ironman4x4 has quoted $2200 for new bar and there option for recovery points. To confuse matters, I went to another IM4x4 store today who basically said they didn't have recovery points to fit due to the age of the Lux and I should fit a new bar with winch, negating the need for recovery points. Any suggestions?
  16. Thanks Hiro. Now that I remember it, that was the vague theory of the salesman too - that it was a personal car for a dealer's wife or kid. He didn't actually know though. That'll have to be good enough for me then... Possible scenario: it was demo that was hard to sell after the Yaris came out in '05. They tried to spec it up with bits left over from the failed TTR project, but no buyers were biting. Orphaned, it became a dealer's company car. For some reason, that dealer had to go between Dubbo and the Sunshine Coast. The dealer used the Echo for the 2000km round trip (maybe because it is super cheap to run on the highway), getting it serviced inhouse at either end as necessary. Between these long hauls, the car didn't do much - probably just sitting in the forecourt with a price chalked on the windscreen that was too high. Eventually, that price got lower and lower ... until I turned up. Sound plausible?
  17. KOBA_Guy


    Would need to check the octane rating for the E10. My understanding is it is the required 95 with some brands but unfortunately below that mark in others. The trick is to find a brand where the E10 is definitely 95. Manual does say you can use 91 in an emergency so I presume the (very) occasional tank "might" be OK. Bottom line, how desperate are you to take the risk? Lower octane increases the risk of "pinging" (pre-detonation) which can be very damaging to engines. Think of it this way.... If you had to fully fill the 50L tank and assuming a price difference of about 14cpL between E10 and 95, it's only about an extra $7 per refill (how often are you putting in 50 litres in one fill?). The car is quite economical so you don't live at the servo therefore I'd call the $7 an investment against costly repairs. You can bet that if you had a major engine incident, Toyota would be testing the fuel being used before agreeing to a warranty repair. Maybe I'm a little paranoid but my experience is the manufacturer will look for any out. Your "big savings to be had" might not be looking so great then IMHO.
  18. KOBA_Guy

    Voice alerts

    Thanks IdleLoop, I did burrow down (deep) and must have found the correct setting as it does announce announce school zones now. Thanks for that.
  19. GC_AUS

    Mrs N

    Try this Norma - Thanks to iH8Mud - JBHorne Land Cruiser Owner's Manual.pdf?dl=0 & here
  20. Nice question….! I'm thinkin you talking part No: 11401-80010 which is the block sub assy = 117.40Kg according to Amayama Exactly which sub assy you order would affect this etc
  21. I hope by now you've sorted it. I left my RAV4 with my daughter while I was overseas and she reported the same thing. She said it was happening at night with the alarm going off randomly. I never found out what the cause was as it has never happened to me. What RAV4 do you have? Cheers Talbit
  22. Hey guys and girls I'm new to the world of hilux and I'm after some advice and if possible pictures for wheel and tyre size. Its a 2015 hilux sr5 stock as a rock thanks in advance
  23. LuiT064

    Wheel Alignment

    I'm assuming negative toe means toeing out ? you will find it should be around 6 minutes in degrees or around 1 to 2 mm . you might want to replace to adjusting bolts depending on the age / kilometers of the van . If there is no adjusters , there might be something bent . Good Luck .
  24. I have a 2013 Rav4 with the 2AD-FTV diesel and was very active on this forum with regards the excessive oil consumption. I decided to let it go and live with the issue. It appears now that this engine has been proven to be a real lemon! It now appears to have a blown head gasket. The first sign is coolant being blown out of the reserve bottle under high pressure. I see there are no active posts on this subject but appears to have been noted in the UK. See Does anyone in Australia have this problem. I haven't approached Toyota for comment. My service mechanic (non Toyota) says trade it in. It's not worth the risk of trying to fix it. Talbit
  25. Have a read of Stress and Failure section in the following URL
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