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  2. Depending on which part of Melb, North: Toyrolla, Epping All Toyo Parts, Thomastown West: BIP Toyota (although theyre a rip usually) Ravenhall Toylex , Derrimut/Sunshine Not sure about the east side as i dont got there much. Try checking gumtree as well, just type in "wrecking camry sportivo"
  3. Seeing as you're new to the forum, it takes some time to search for things; so welcome. unit&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&page=2 ive typed in "head unit" and came up with a few searches: Have a read through see if you can find what you need
  4. Welcome back to Toyota and the forum Chris KAA
  5. Hi, i have a 09 4.0v6 4x4, at times it takes a while to crank over and when i give it some throttle it seems to be starving fuel and goes no where being a v6, been told its fuel pump, any thoughts are appreciated
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  7. vouch for vmax, i have them on right now, but i have aggressive pads (qfm a1rm). ive also used rda rotors and dba t3s . rda and vmax come from the same person. but i wouldnt get anything other than slotted/blank discs from these guys, (even the dimpled ones will turn or look like a blank disc after) if you're in the northern suburbs of melbourne, you can pick them up from there. From experience the bendix general pads are okay for day to day normal driving, but the moment you take it on a spirited run, or even some downhills with some braking. Your fluid will cook, and your pedal will loose brake feel. i found remsa pads ($50) to be a bit better and cheaper compared to the bendix generals ($75) i may try the 2243 pad in the near future, thanks for the info !
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  9. Have a look at this eBay listing for the part number. It is a time consuming task to replace the Aurion alternator so my recommendation is to buy a best quality new alternator.
  10. Check the front camera, it might only be a clear plastic protective sleeve on the camera eye used for protection whilst transporting and that black you see is probably the tab you pull on to remove it
  11. Welcome to Australia and the forum Scott I am sure you will love your Aurion..Looks a nice one too, Like Ashley I love the luxurious sweet comfort and the quiet and powerful experience of ours.. KAA
  12. Hi, wondering if anyone knows how to get the "home" screen to automatically load and be the first screen displayed when turning on the vehicle? I find it weird that it automatically loads with the navigation and you have to hit a button to get to the home screen
  13. G’day all I just bought a 2008 Yaris YR. Hoping to do a few upgrades in theft few months.
  14. Hey Guys, Couldn't really find any info after lots of digging around. As the Toyota Aurion were pretty much the Aussie equivalent of Camry V6's, does anyone know if we are able to fit Camry body kits onto the Aurion? Have a 2016 Aurion Sportivo and as it is impossible to find their body kits - was hoping that kits for 2015+ Camry's could be interchanged instead. More specifically, hoping to change up the stock rear bumper/diffuser for something less bland.
  15. Minor update. Finally got the chance to catch up with @Blacksheep not too long ago for a drive through Mccarrs Creek Road, not too far from Ku-Ring-Gai Chase. I had never driven on the road before but it was amazingly smooth and had plenty of twisties. Although it's short drive, it's still one of the nicest roads I've driven on in some time. I got the chance to take some quick pictures when we stopped off near Church Point. We also took turns with Go-Pros driving to get some shots and did some walk around shots with them too, well Blacksheep did of course. So this week I've got some preparation to do which I will cover in more detail in my next update for the event that I'll be entering. I definitely will be on of the slowest cars there but my mate and I entering are super keen to have a fun night out. Stay tuned!
  16. Hi there, I have a 2008 Aurion. The "melting dash" has been getting progressively bad over the years, but has now reached the point where the reflected glare from the sticky glue when driving at night is a serious distraction and the slightest touch will leave an indentation. It's a great fly trap, though! (problem is that you cant get the little critters off 🙂 Was there ever any resolution with Toyota. I would have thought this would have been a recall matter . . . .
  17. No, 'I' and 'O' are not allowed in Australia either (neither is 'Q'), it is just that some systems have the smarts to normalise them to 1/0 as needed when you type them.
  18. I see, I mostly see the clutch type ones going around for our gearboxes so never knew about that for TRD. A cheaper alternative is to use the MR-S LSD which usually can be found cheaper but, it will be used and can be hard to find also.
  19. This just gave way on my 2006 Aurion Sportivo at 396000 k's. Can someone tell me where i can order this online?
  20. The external of the rear sliding door did not work. I can pull it out but it did not open the door. it looked like disconnected to the cable what pulling the latch to unlock the door. The internal handle still works. I tried to open the door trim to have a look behind the external handle but I could not go further because of the rotated (spinning) handle what brings the window up or down. Could any one can show me how to take the rotated handle off then how to fix the external handle please? Thank you very much.
  21. Gday Dean, I just spotted your post and you seem to have the same problem in your 2002 model as I’m having in my 2003, high beam. If you have a read of my few posts you’ll get a bit of the progression with how mine went from working as normal, beginning to flicker off and on a few times before I went back to low beam before high beam went off all together while I was driving. Now after flicking off and on even more,..they have now stopped working completely and even the high beam wont even kick in so as to not work,..(if that makes any sense). If I hit high beam before it would go to high beam before immediately going off,..back on,.. off again,..etc, etc before staying off and in darkness. Now it wont even do that,..the low beam stays on the whole time despite my several attempts at still trying to flick to high beam, where nothing happens I'm now 99% sure, having checked everything else, including replacing the headlight relay, that the fault is almost certainly in the dipper unit on the column. Either a ‘dirty’ contact or a ‘broken’ contact inside the dipper itself. I would LOVE to get a dipper switch fitted to the floor above my left foot, just as we used to have but I don’t know how difficult that would be. All I need to do now is find out how to get in to the column and get the existing dipper unit out so I can test it and/or replace it. Hope that helps,.....Cheers. Lance.
  22. I have an ex mining stock hilux 2011 3.0 litre turbo diesel. How much can I increase the boost and what is easiest/cheapest way? Cheers
  23. Qfm A1rm + Hankook Rs-4 235/45/17 Exe Double Sprint Day: [Sunday] Times as per natsoft: 2:15.1840 1:55.2640 1:53.3110 1:49.5610 1:49.3680 1:51.1620 2:01.7330 1:57.9140 1:54.8270 10 1:49.3160 1:48.7730 1:51.1190 1:48.7820 2:05.6930 1:56.1370 1:53.5520 1:51.7210 1:52.9960 20 1:51.1410 1:59.8480 1:51.4680 1:50.5040 1:51.3660 1:49.3500 1:53.3650 1:48.5780 30 1:48.7760 1:49.4580 1:51.6250 1:54.6520 Not a bad day, although i wanted abit more sun as it was cloudy. 25°C felt a lot colder. Got off track on the sweeper of first session right off the pits 😅, broke a little bit of my confidence which lead to being a bit more cautious the whole day. Didnt know what tyre pressure were initially set at but this time it only went up to 30psi (previous track day was 5-6psi more) for me i felt like it didnt warm up enough. I also took out the strut bar halfway through the day as i felt the car was too stiff and twitchy (21 clicks and front strut), and went back to 7 clicks on the fronts. Car felt better swinging into the sweeper and the boob. Either way, still had fun 😄 and extra seat time and experience is good too, now looking at getting an lsd to help through the "boob" sections (turns 6-9) as my forearms started to hurt after the day 😛 Thanks for looking !
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  25. I recently related the periodic problem with my Avalon high beam constantly cutting off and back on again. Ive checked every possible related connection and even replaced the headlight relay in the hope of sorting it out and while I initially thought that the new relay had ‘fixed’ my problem, it later turned out that this was not the case and not only did it go back to again my constantly losing my high beam, now does not turn the high beam on at all. Unfortunately there seems to be virtually all but no-one in this forum who is able to advise me on cause possibilities and possibly how to fix the problem. It has only ever been the high beam itself that has been affected,....low beam and every other light and piece of electrical bits and pieces are totally UNaffected, with all other lights working exactly as they should. For this reason, I have come to the conclusion that the only logical cause now appears that it MUST be the headlight / dipper switch column assembly as the culprit. Nothing else comes to mind as making any sense. I’ve looked on youtube, hoping to find instructions on how to remove, check and refit / replace the Australian 2003 Avalon headlight/dipper switch but no actual instructions seem to be there. I've never done one of these before so does anyone know and can give me the basic instructions or do I regrettably need to go to an auto electrician, at around $135 an hour to test and do it all for me,...IF of course the dipper switch IS the cause of the problem. Cheers, Lance.
  26. Another 2gr-fe Aurion owner here, currently 167.600k, the only engine specific issue I had was the water pump, started dripping & spitting around 125k, then after about 7000 kilometres more and fortnightly top ups decided to leave this world for a better one. AU$600 all up at the local mechanic for pump replacement & coolant. Other items to check are the spark plugs, the 3 at the back are a b!tch and the transmission, while generally reliable they don't like being neglected, especiall if they've done some towing. For a 4wd you may want to look at servicing the transfer case if necessary. At that mileage service history is essential. As Ashley said, these engines tend to sludge up if neglected.
  27. Hi Melanie. I to am quite new to this forum and pop in every few days to read whats up with others & time just flies while reading most of the stuff. This site helped me decide on the car we ended up buying so book marked it. We looked at a Kluger but they were far to big for us as we don't have the grand kids often enough also so were the Zio 2-2-2 & the Harrier but oh so nice.Have not seen any Kluger's here in NZ of that year think there is only 1 2015 on TradeMe and quite a few older models though. Got some friends they have a Holden Cruise & like our car as its so easy to get in & out of might trade the Cruise in for a Blade & if they do we will have a nice line up of Toyota's down our street for the next BBQ lol. Enjoy the reading some of its really good
  28. Well today was Sunday so as we have had a lot of rain lately the car which is BLACK lol needed a wash badly. Went to the local city yesterday & parked 3 cars down from another Blade Master also black and was also dirty as. Anyway bought a lot of products for washing the car etc plus some stuff the wife needed, feed our faces so felt much better & headed back out to the car. Now funny enough the people that owned the other Blade were also loading stuff into their car so we had a good chat and they were surprised at how much their Blade didn't have like half leather seats, cruise control with that radar thingy & electric seats. He said all he thought the difference was between the Blade & the Blade Master was the V6. He had a good look at ours and was blown away as its still only done 24600Ks so got to say in primo condition but dirty LOL, he had 93Ks on his. Told him I had done a bit of checking up as I have said before our Blade has the 2.4ltr Mags so only 205/55R/16 instead of the 225/45R/17. Now the dealer who had sold our car to the fella I bought it off said yep it had the 16's on it when he sold it so was not swapped came in from Japan with that setup. Told the guy at least he had the 17 inch mags which I feel is a huge bonus & we are looking at getting a set from the dealer fella shortly as he is having a big clean out. He asked why told him much to the wife's disgust on the way over to the city an XR6 Ford also black with those black covers on his lights so they look like a bug that needs to be squashed came up behind me. After some fast cornering I had to back off quite a bit as the power from our car was pushing me out of line on the corners hence why the 17 inch has more meat for the purpose of holding the road according to what I have read makes a lot of sense. So to carry on with the careful race he was about 4 car lengths behind me so a good driver like yours truly & I think he was enjoying himself as was I. We came to quite a big hill with passing lanes, I put my indicator on pulled out passed the 4 cars in front & I think he was a bit upset because he was right up my butt but the Blade pulled away from him very quickly (lighter car i think) so by the time we were 2/3rds of the way up the hill he caught up and blew me away. Turned out it was an XR6 Turbo, we gave each other a wave & I slowed down as it was over, heard my wife go nothings changed has it hahahahaha. I'm not a nut who drives like that often just like to have safe fun when or where possible. Car is still doing 10.3Ks/ltr but did get down to 7.9Ks/ltr around our town so the couple of small trips shows it bounces back very quickly economy wise. Yes the car did get a huge bath today so looking a million dollars & have to go back to the city tomorrow so hopefully it wont rain. If anyone reads this and is thinking of a buying a Toyota Blade or Blade Master I would 100% recommend them depending on the mileage & servicing. Oh yeah my M8 is loving his Lexus as well, told me the other day at the pub he is thinking of chipping it costing about $250 giving him another 40hp guess he is trying to get close to the Shelby Cobra he used to have but no way that car was lethal. Once again hope you enjoy my story.
  29. My filter is not a magenfine one, I will take a pic tomorrow but its the size of a Z9 oil filter- giant compared to the magnefine ones and mine has no magnet. Its a hydraulic fluid filter- its a spin on one just like the canister oil fliters on most other cars.
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