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  2. Hi guys After giving my car an interior clean I’ve accidentally swiped off part of the storage door that sits above the ash tray in the centre console. The good news is everything is still in tact, but the spring loaded clip has come out and I’m not having much luck being able to reattach it into the tray door. Would anyone know how this spring clips back into place and connect back to the storage tray door? Photo attached for reference. Thanks
  3. virginia63

    Hydraulic Engine Mount for v6 Camry Touring sedan

    I will check it out and see if I can wrap my head around it lol. Cheers.
  4. joeallen

    97 Camry - Water Pump?

    Probably too late to reply. But that does not appear to be a water pump problem. The WP is buried deep down low in the motor on that side. There is a large amount of work in getting that part off. You may have a cracked part where the rust is. Hard to tell exactly from the pic.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Neal

    Timing belt change 1998 Rav

    Hi Guys, I thru a belt on the Rav on the way home from work the other night, thank goodness for racq towing ! I am going to strip it down in the next couple of weeks (no rush as have another car) is there a particular supplier for a kit that is better than another, I will be doing the belt idler pully tensioner etc, water pump main oil seal cam seal and oil pump seal, any thing I have missed?? Also will check valve clearance while I am at it, Motor has 385k on it, but has been well looked after, Does use bugger all oil, good compression, quiet, and runs well.
  7. terryo

    Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

    yes, of course its reliable if left largely standard, stock boost etc i have fitted several into MR2's it takes about 2 man days just to to strip and carefully reassemble and engine like this, then whatever time is need to re-machine, clean, modify etc If you want to buy parts, then PM me as i have most stuff in stock
  8. Blackie67

    C HR 2018 Manual desperately sought to test drive

    I am in Melbourne but willing to travel up to 70kms if needed. Cheers
  9. Last week
  10. MrMeToo

    GSV70 (2017+) Camry sound system upgrade

    Since its a new platform and most US sites mention a JBL option which Aussie delivered Camrys don't have, I thought I'd ask here. I know the Aurion platform pretty well (I've owned my prodigy for 6 years now) and know for a fact the speaker locations and driver sizes are different. So far I've been able to ascertain that rears are a 6" driver and the're a strong chance the fronts are a 6" split system. There's also provision for what looks like an 8" sub on the rear deck. Either way, I'll do a write up and provide ownership updates. There's not a lot of Aussie 70-series V6 Camry content 😞 Watch this space 🙂
  11. MrMeToo

    What made you buy a Camry?

    Cheap to own and maintain, reliable and the V6 is pretty decent for what it is!
  12. I've tested my iPhone X 256gb in a 2018 Camry SL, worked great!
  13. GC_AUS

    1gr-fe problems ;(

    Hey James, Not wanting to panic you here but it would be well worth your time to read up on warranty claims in Vic = here dealers are notorious for trying to escape at the cheapest way out - not surprising. You don’t want to end up with a lemon after all the grief so keep your finger on the button… have a good read of the "resolve your problem" link at the bottom of that page so you know how to go about sorting out issues etc. If at all possible get the problem on file through Consumer Vic so then you have them by your side if you need them. Most dealers will do the right thing as long as they know you mean business when they don’t play ball nicely. Be careful just how much you do with the car - IE: its their issue & legally they cannot sell you a car when they know it had faults & it must be rectified. Get another independent opinion / diagnosis from someone you trust to make sure the work is being done properly. Don’t be afraid to go through Consumers if you need them - that’s what they are for & normally they will be a good circuit breaker if you are getting nowhere with the parties involved. Patience…. Good luck mate! G.
  14. matt36415

    Where to get 12V?

    Thanks, that looks good
  15. campbeam

    LC200 1VD-FTV Lock Belt Tension Pulley

    Guess You will have to try whatever is going to fit and be strong enough to take the tension. Steel drill bit sounds like a good option.
  16. Hiro

    Hiro's AE102

    Oh, and I'm now rolling on 15" TOM's AE111 wheels, came up at a bargain price and I couldn't resist a piece of JDM dealer-option gold.
  17. Some more photo reveals of the 2019 Supra. Detroit Motor Show starts very soon so expect more photos in the next 24 hours.
  18. Current Tech

    Prius HV Battery - new or reconditioned?

    Personally, if the vehicle condition is generally good then just replace the battery with a new battery from Toyota. I haven't seen reconditioned batteries provide much longevity personally but that's just my opinion. Read below:
  19. campbeam

    Current Oil Specials

    You may be interested in this latest 2 day special from SuperCheap Auto ends tomorrow, Tuesday 15.01.2019. Best to place an online order then pick up later. AU Monday Sale
  20. arks

    Digital Radio Unit SD Card Problem

    Hi Baj can you please share the file, thanks.
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  22. Wilywilly

    Horn location

    I've just taken delivery of a new 2018 GXL 2.0L A/T and I'm trying to locate the second horn to disconnect it. I'm wanting to install a new, different horn. The one behind the grille is easy, but I'm darned if I can locate it without dismantling half the car. Does anyone have any clues as to how to get to it? Thanks, Bill
  23. geoffchat

    new to the RAV4

    Greetings all My wife and I are both 70 plus and have just down graded from a 2005 Ford Territory to a 2018 petrol CVT RAV4 I am having shall we say problems coming to grips with this new fangle type transmission especially when it comes to hills on long down grades there seems to be a sense of vibration and to me an increase in noise.At the other end of things is the feeling one gets when going over the crest of a hill as there is a sense that there is some form of over run with both the motor and the transmission So is all this a matter of getting use to the CVT after the Territory's transmission, I know I am an old fart and just haven't kept up with technology Over to all you young folk Geoff
  24. You've almost certainly just replied to a spambot. The Tiago is not sold in the Australian market, so why would someone from WA be looking at one?
  25. Oh I definitely will be diligent i really liked how the falcon drove. Hopefully the test on Monday will be more conclusive.
  26. Greg Drower

    Tarago P1346 dtc problem

    The plot thickens as the P1346 error code continues even after replacing the Camshaft Position Sensor and also the Oil Control Valve, so this has me baffled as to why the car runs perfectly but I keep getting this eror along with random Low Oil Level light. Here are some clues if anyone out there can solve the mystery. When you first drive the car in the morning the check engine light is out and you can drive the car all day without the light coming on but as soon as you turn the car off say for example, to refuel....the second time it starts, within 5 - 10 minutes the Check Engine Light comes on and this pattern keeps repeating itself.....the first time it starts everytime you can drive as far as you like but as soon as it is turned off and restarted the second time, that's when the trouble starts. Even after the CEL comes on, just turn the car off and restart immediately and the light goes out but comes back within 5 - 10 minutes......any takers as to what could be causing this frustrating problem ? Next step if no one here can solve the mystery is take the car to Toyota and let them resolve the problem but the only other alternatives I can come up with are...1. Faulty wiring harness / sensor connector somewhere. 2. Faulty ECU. 3. Timing Chain / Camshaft damage even though there is no timing chain rattle or noises of any kind and engine runs faultlessly and if the Check Engine Light Bulb was removed ( which is how I bought the car ) no one would know there was a problem.
  27. campbeam

    CV boot replacement

    I did the inner CV boot replacement on a Nissan Pulsar a few years ago. No easy way except to remove the drive shaft then remove the retaining circlip so that the CV joint and boot can be removed off the shaft. Fortunately, the alternative solution is to use a split CV boot. Following eBay listing is for reference purposes only. You will have to check with your local Toyota dealer because I am sure that a split CV boot kit is available for a Landcruiser and it may be suitable. The only check I know of is whether there are clicking noises when rotating the driveshaft. As an interim measure, I have used a large capacity syringe [no needle required] to pump replacement grease into the CV boot then tape it up to seal the boot.

    New member with new question

    You will never know if you don't go. Put it to the dealership and see what you get ! Never be embarrassed to ask for what you believe is the right thing.
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