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  2. I want to remove the centre dome console to replace the door activated courtesy light which I believe to be dislodged behind the unit. I have removed 2 screws at the front of the unit but it still does not come free. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thankyou. Kevin
  3. The centre dome console. How do I remove the console. I have removed 2 screws at the front of the console but it will not come free. The door activated courtesy light is missing presumed behind the unit. I want to replace it in its correct location. Thankyou for any assistance. Kevin
  4. P0171 tried replacing sensors filters. Loses Power and stutters when driving.
  5. O2 sensor car chugging and loses power.
  6. Hey Everyone, Toyota recently gave me a Rav4 Edge to review and I thought as owners/enthusiasts you guys would enjoy it most 🙂 Link here: I'm more than happy to answer any questions you might about the car and my experiences with it! Cheers - Matt
  7. My other half has RE003 which I like, and they have lasted fairly well on it. They are stock 215/60/16. The price was great in that size, $130 each.
  8. Last week
  9. Not sure if anyone can help but the RAV4 (2020 hybrid model) screen kept asking to ‘update’ the suite. Tried to do this without success and now the map has disappeared and the ‘navigation’ icon is no longer illuminated and can’t be selected. Can’t see how to troubleshoot this problem in the manual.
  10. Good to know I'm on the right track, thanks for your opinions and advice. I'm useing Ryco oil filters too, by the way. Also, Some of the gents on this forum recommend cleaning the MAF sensor, to perhaps improve the fuel usage.. I'll get my mechanic to do that, as I have no experience in mechanics,
  11. Hi all, Just had the same experience on my way back from WA. Load siren sound above 1500rpm. Had the Hilux flat towed to Penong (400ks) and $2500. Fitted a new Toyota turbo for $3000 at a great mechanical workshop there.Lux only done 190000ks. so was a bit shocked. My thoughts?? not worth risking the front of the turbo going and then one is up for a new engine.So bit the bullet and got home, all going like a train again.
  12. hi redracer I've got a new remote for my 96 camry and I'm having a problem reprogramming it is it the same as putting in the slot in the glovebox or no please help
  13. Wow ! Expensive owning a Patrol. For the Aurion you would have to buy another 10 litre to make it work, but it gets expensive if it's not on special. Holden and Ford owners would have to buy bulk too.
  14. I've never really used any fuel additives and would be interested to see if the claims stand up Ash. My thinking is that the fuel delivered to the injectors is already filtered and the need for injector cleaner would be counterintuitive. Not sure really.
  15. I'd say there wouldn't be all that much demand for stickers on that model vehicle. If it were a Landcruiser there are many options. Perhaps you could go to a Toyota dealership and see if they have anything in their archives. This is all I can think of unless you can approach someone with the same model vehicle and ask to grab a photo of theirs. I know it's frustrating but I wish you well in this search.
  16. Yep. Sign up and then get bombarded with unsolicited emails and phone calls. No thanks.
  17. EGR is a really bad design plus you blokes now have dpf as well between the both motors suck so much crap that should be strait out of the exhaust
  18. Could proberly buy a complete tub check dealers , tray manafactures , gumtree ect
  19. Hey all I was wondering if anyone here has upgraded their headlights to the LED type and if so, is it an easy change? I purchased some on ebay and they look to be the right size so was hoping it was a straight swap, plug and play?? Anyone got any advice?? Its for a 2003 Hilux with the sealed beam headlights. cheers Don
  20. Yes Ashley, very important and something that can be done relatively quickly while you have it apart. I applied the bendix grease if you recall a while back when I did my fronts. That reminds me, I have to inspect my front pads again soon as they are getting close to the end. FYI
  21. I have a 2008 toyota camry altise .Can anyone please share a good place to service my brakes and normal service on north melbourne. Thanks Jude
  22. Hey, I bought the nighteye H7 Led kit.(LINK: ). The led connects and works fine but it doesnt secure to the porjector. Is there an adapter or something so I can get the leds securely fit? I have taken the silver clip off and tried to put the led through it but the hole is small. here are some pictures. the third pictures is where the light is meant to clip in.
  23. I was looking at the tyres this morning after driving on wet roads to a car park. I noticed that the Front tyres [newer Dunlop] looked shinier than the rear tyres [older Pirelli] even though they were both tyre shined at the same time. Just thinking that the different tyre compounds can make a difference.
  24. Maybe it is not the oil impacting acceleration. In my case, I finally discovered how to properly check and clean the mass airflow sensor MAFS. Acceleration has improved and the fuel economy has improved significantly. I currently have 5W-40 in the engine mainly because I did not have 5W-30 immediately to hand at the time.
  25. hey guys, i gave this job a go since my bulbs were also flickering and going out. decided to remove the bumper following JIN's write up. bumper resting on some stools so i didn't have to disconnect anything. heres the old bulb, hid capsule inside melted itself into a slow death got a high end set of bulbs since this job was a real pita. Osram Cool Blue Intense D4S 6000k. $160 a pair from powerbulbs. notice that the capsule is isn't bulging like the old one. got myself matching led fog lights and led parking lights. easy to change since bumper and headlights were already off. final result, could not be happier
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