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  2. Hey all, so my airbag module is fried and i have been quoted $700 for a new one. There are various second hand ones around for just over $100 but i have been told by a wrecker that all the used ones he sold havent worked in the customers cars. Wondering if anyone has had to change their airbag module & had any luck with a second hand one. Cheers
  3. Well it looks like this topic has gone dead! I spoke to the Toyota guy yesterday and he said the 2019 RAV4 will not have a a diesel version and that the last few productions didn't have a diesel version. The reason? They weren't popular. My reason? It was a lemon! Look for my recent post on a blown head gasket. Good luck to all !! Talbit
  4. I've looked, but cannot find... Would like to source pdf of the owners (not workshop) manual for a 2005 ZZE corolla, from Australia. The US Toyota site has it for download, the AU does not, presumably because it's too old. The US corolla is different it seems. Anyone have it?
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  6. I'm in the same boat. I have been thinking about the seats from the Sportivo.
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  8. Thank you hiro, for taking the time to reply, put my mind at ease re electronics, yes cleared the debri, all good, cheers mate
  9. Welcome ! Currently still using the front strut bar from Ultra Racing as one of my first few mods in 2012, fairly straight forward to install as there are two bolts per side.
  10. Anyone know any other vehicle lift kits that will fit a 2002 Hilux kzn165r
  11. I ran a Ultra Racing strut bar on my Honda Prelude I owned previously. Felt a nice improvement in rigidity on the front and it was relatively cheap when I got it at the time. I never ran into any issues with legality. I think their products are excellent and they do offer quite a wide range of bracing.
  12. Hi, wanted urgently under trays for 92 SW20 and post 94 boot locking barrel.
  13. Hey all. New 2011 Camry owner here. Wondering where the easiest ignition power source wire is to tap into to hard wire in a dashcam. How do I identify the correct wire (is there a harness wiring diagram somewhere?) Many thanks.
  14. Some after market parts for the Supra
  15. Check along the bottom of the door skin for drain holes, these are most likely clogged (just poke them out with an old coathanger). You'll always get water in the door as the window tracks cannot seat perfectly, but if it drains properly then you shouldn't have any problems (the electrics inside the door are either sealed or separated from the water by a plastic sheet/skin)
  16. Ultra racing rear sway bar, cheap and makes a big improvement
  17. The timimg changes a lot as you drive, computer controls it. I doubt that you can alter it.
  18. We have had some heavy rain this weekend, my workmate is 12 months old, today I could hear this swishing sound in the door, just checked it and sure enough there is water in the door, can anyone let me know how to release it, or give me a reason for it happening. Cheers john
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  20. You have an Old School external Regulator and inside that regulator box is points, ( open it and have a sqiz ) They are either burnt, pitted, or in need of a nice clean up using 240 grit or similar emery paper, then adjust the gaps, or go to the wreckers and find a new one, ( off similar year Toyota Corona etc, Just make sure the connecting plug is the same , Many moons ago I replaced one off a similar year with a sealed electronic unit never had any dramas since
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    Giday all. I have just driven from Victoria to WA and nearly to the end of my trip I can heard my turbo of my 2009 hilux (D4D) winding right up from first gear without any serious load all the way through the gears, plus when I start to get to the top gears my motor starts to sound like a lawn mower with a loss of accelerating power. Any ideas as I have it sitting in allied Diesel and turbo specialist for the last 3 days and they are still telling me they don’t know what the problem is.... anyone had a similar problem with their car?
  22. I hesitated to buy an alternator because of the big differences in charging rates which is something new for me. I just went for a drive and the four warning lights started flashing. I stopped and lifted the bonnet with the motor running and the regulator was making a loud banging noise and stank a bit. The noises coincided with the flashing lights. It was charging over 16 volts at idle. So the RACQ man was right and the sparkie half right - it was not the alternator. I need to ring around Rockhampton for a price of one in stock. Toyota is too much. There is a wholesaler there. Two others told me last week they would have to order it in. I have driven for 48 years and never replaced a regulator. It's good to learn things and hopefully someone reading this will recognise the same problem and save money. I am retired now and would like to attend Menzies College in Melbourne and do an auto electrical course. It is part time and takes a year. This would be helpful for breakdowns in remote places. On weekends I would like go gold fossicking in the Golden Triangle. I noticed a few days ago that the warning lights went off when the regulator connector was disconnected, ignition on and motor stopped..
  23. Thanks. I bought a new battery last Friday but the RACQ man said it was undercharging. He thought it was the regulator. Then a sparkie had a quick look and said it might be wiring. The four warning lights came on after checking the regulator. One is timing belt, (long before it is due for renewal), water in brake reservoir (none there), battery discharging (no) and fuel filter(replaced 6 months ago). Repco told me that recos. are not available in Rocky because electricians get paid $150 per hour!. He might have a good imagination. Surely a factory that reconditions alternators would have a process line and workers trained to check one part at a time who are not qualified electricians.
  24. Hi Kent, How do you know for certain they are false, When was the timing belt last replaced? because if that lets go Big $$$$$$ 15.5 volts will cook a battery, causing it to boil dry so to speak,, needs to be 14.3 volts to effectively charge. As you stated you go bush ( Cape York ), Why risk being stranded for the sake of a bloody new battery, and at least a reco alternator. As for chinese products , You've had a pretty good run so far stating you picked it up 3 years ago, real good run in fact
  25. I've spoken to Toyota, ARB and Ironman4x4. Toyota can't help. ARB has quoted close enough to $4k for a new bar, recovery point (central) and bash plates. Ironman4x4 has quoted $2200 for new bar and there option for recovery points. To confuse matters, I went to another IM4x4 store today who basically said they didn't have recovery points to fit due to the age of the Lux and I should fit a new bar with winch, negating the need for recovery points. Any suggestions?
  26. Hope to gain some info on upgrades. Wanting to add rated recovery points to the SR5 with factory bull bar. Has anyone been able to source and fit these?
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