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  2. Hi all! I have an odd situation - I have a 2018 camry XSE from America that I've imported into Europe. On the front bumper there is a backing plate for mounting the license plate onto, but it is shaped for US license plates. I need a backing plate for EU shaped license plates (or, as in this case, something closer to it). As I understand, the "sporty" front bumper for this generation isn't available in any trim levels in the EU (correct me if I'm wrong! Because then at least I'd know where to look). So, I searched around, and in Australia there are two trim levels with the sport styled bumper, and it also happens to come with a very wide almost EU shaped license plate backing plate. Now, if anyone could please advise as to the part number of this backing plate, or where to get one, or if there's a more European equivalent... anything! I just want to understand if it's even possible to find. Attached is a picture of the part on the american car, and what I'm looking to find that is present on the Australian version. here's a US XSE camry and the kind of backing plate I have now. Here is what I would like to get (I imagine it would very nearly fit EU sized plates)
  3. Been looking around for some cheap suspension for my 2005 Camry ACV36R came across these Ultima struts has anyone used them before? I also have never heard of OnlineAutoParts anything I should know about? Cheers, Keith.
  4. Hey guys, I’ve managed to get myself in a pickle. My aurion remote has fallen off the emergency door key at some point and I’ve managed to lose it. Has anyone had experience with purchasing one off eBay and getting it programmed by a local locksmith? I’ve had a locksmith quote me $900 bucks for the key and programming it! any help would be appreciated :) Thanks Dayne
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  6. I do that same as shown in the picture, my cruise control when i push on button once its just picked up Rpm and after that he left to rest position...
  7. Hi. Even with my fan turned to high the output is minimal. I replaced the cabin filter which was completely clogged but no improvement. Is there somewhere else I need to clean out or do Toyota's just have crappy airflow? My ford falcon fan output was awesome even on low.
  8. Hi, reviving this old thread. I need to adjust my low beam vertically and as per the photo, that plastic hole doesn't have anything in it. Can anyone help! Thanks
  9. PaulineT

    1994 Rav 4

    Hi all, i have a 1994 ser 10 rav and i am losing brakes. when i pump the brake pedal the revs go up. i have bleed all the lines. any idea what my problem could be please.
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  11. Bigpete

    Hilux Rims

    Got it all sorted
  12. Hi have just taken over a 2008 Toyota Grande with only 74,000 kms on the speedo and it has a carpet over the dash to stop sun strike. it also covers up a very sticky smelly substance love advice to either fix it or have it fixed. thanks appreciate any help regards john
  13. Misprint, I cannot edit for some reason. **AUD$30** Cash pick up only – located in Derrimut (3023) area, Melbourne, Victoria.
  14. Don't let this happen to you ! VVTi Controller failure from a 2ZZ-GE motor. The bolts work their way loose & rattle noise begins, the controller cover starts to rattle, then the bolts break & cause damage, potentially catastrophic, especially when chains are involved. Lucky for me the missing bolts sheared off in bits & landed away from the chain drive & didn't get stuck anywhere. It punched a hole in the rocker/cam cover & that's it ! This high revving engine had done approx 250K kms when the controller failed. ps: note how clean the engine is :))
  15. Most cars will warn of low fuel long before there is no fuel. There is a reason for this plus it also saves people from having to walk long distances... 🙂 The fuel gauge is only an indicator not a precise instrument.
  16. Hi Allan. My 2012 KXR is about to roll up 100,000 soon. With the 200,000+ k's on yours I would be making sure the cooling system is A1. How old is the coolant? is it the right type? has the water pump been replaced? all hoses in good condition? If a cooling system fails or is neglected it can mean serious damage to the motor and a lot of $$$s. Next would be using good oil & filter... change every 10,000km using full synthetic and either Ryco or Toyota oilfilter. Good luck with the new car. I still love driving mine after 7.5 years.
  17. Just bought a my13 Kluger awd kx-s very clean and drives like new with 221k on it, Hopefully will see me out as only do about 8k year
  18. Hiro

    Fuel Range

    This is how it has been with Toyota (and many other manufacturers) for 20+ years
  19. 1 x Brand new BLITZ Cabin Polin Filter to suit ZZE122/ZZE123: I bought this new in 2004 and never installed it, still in original box and plastic. Advertised elsewhere as well. HA104; 88568-52010; 88568-12020 . AUD$50 Cash pick up only – located in Derrimut (3023) area, Melbourne, Victoria. I tried to post picture, but couldn't attach, sorry.
  20. 1 x Used original 1st generation Grey TRD Front Strut Brace to suit ZZE122/ZZE123 (Discontinued years ago – rare): I bought this new in 2004. I also have the throttle cable protector tube/plastic. In excellent condition for age, minor cosmetic issues near bolts. I have the original box that was sent with it. Advertised elsewhere as well. 53607-ZE200. AUD$250 Cash pick up only NO OFFERS – located in Derrimut (3023) area, Melbourne, Victoria. NZE12#(G), ZZE12#(G)・(Except vehicle after 04.4): I tried to post picture, but couldn't attach, sorry.
  21. 1 x Used original 1st generation Blue TRD Rear Stabiliser / Sway Bar to suit ZZE122/ZZE123 (Discontinued years ago – rare): I bought this new in 2004. In excellent condition for age. 48812-ZE200. AUD$250 Cash pick up only NO OFFERS – located in Derrimut (3023) area, Melbourne, Victoria. Advertised elsewhere as well. ZE122(G)・123(G)・127・128NZE120・121(G)・127CE121(G)・(2WD model only) φ=23.0 Solid type 49% stiffer than OE (Compared to ZZE123): I tried to post picture, but couldn't attach, sorry.
  22. Hi all, Thought that you maybe interested in a article that will be published in the Australian; Silicon Chip magazine December.2019 issue. Which is due on sale in newsagents by Thursday November 28th 2019. You will also be able to purchase the article via silicon chip website: Title:" How it works: Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive". Regards, Toyota Camry Hybrid Driver.
  23. Hey guys new to the page , I’ve recently purchased a 2000 model rav4 upgraded shape 2.0l auto petrol the car has started to play up has a real “flat spot” when trying to accelerate really struggles to go anywhere put the boot into it and it eventually gets through that but struggles to change gear unless acceleration is very light , no engine codes are on been told Catalytic converter by some and told it’s something different by others ! dropped fuel and put some fresh stuff in didn’t really help , car has just been serviced before purchase and done 156,000km any help would be amazing thanks 😊 Dan
  24. Allan 25

    Fuel Range

    We had an Avalon 2004 from new and the fuel light would come on and the trip computer would count down and when it said zero km left in tank I could still do 170km, I worked it out that when the fuel light came on there was still 17 litres left in the tank it was a 70 litre tank so light came on when 53 litres used. I complained to Toyota about this as to me it was useless having a low fuel light when you still have 17 litres in the tank and they advertised the Avalon as having a huge 70 litre tank to cruise all over Australia. Their reply was it was acceptable and they didn't want people to run out of fuel, what rubbish. Anyway I just used the light as a guide that I still had 17 litres in the tank. I think the most I ever put in it was 64 Litres, I assume the Kluger is the same as the day I complained a gent with a Prado said his was the same.
  25. In case anyone else comes across this problem, 's four files in an SD card solved the problem for me.
  26. Absolutely fantastic mate. I have an 06 Camry with head unit 100003 and I had a new battery replaced and couldn't boot up the Screen because i had formatted the SD card not knowing it was important. I search for days online till i found your four files. I just put em in an SD card and the head unit booted up, everything works now, reverse cameras., bluetooth, radio... thanks.
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