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  2. Hi All, back again after about a 6 year absence.Driving a new Camry now and loving it.
  3. Someone has backed into my sons car and the grill has a few slight cracks in it now. It was knocked off the lugs on one side but the lugs weren't broken. There are some cracks in the grill however and I'd like to replace it. Ebay has them for $200 (in Oz|parentrq%3A6e8b819516b0a9e42e43d513ffde35a1|iid%3A1) to ~$400 (from Taiwan). Can anyone vouch for the quality of these ebay grills please? The bodywork around the front end all looks ok, seemingly sprung back into its original position? Cheers
  4. The HiLux Rugged X, Rogue and Rugged. See what it takes to drive a Toyota HiLux.
  5. Don't know how old you are but some Toyota dealers give 10% discount to seniors. If not in that age bracket you might know someone who is. Just a thought, might help.
  6. I fitted a Blusteele Heavy Duty part no. BHD -799018 I use the car in hillclimbs as well as on the road, I recently had the engine out and it looked fine. You'll find them on the bay of e at reasonable money. It came with centre plate and tool to line it up. Let us know what you go for.
  7. Last week
  8. Toyota Gazoo Racing won the 87th Le Mans 24 Hours yesterday (Sunday) with a one-two finish for their cars in spite of a final hour drama that closed the 2018-2019 FIA World Endurance Championship season Sébastien Buemi, Kazuki Nakajima and Fernando Alonso defended their Le Mans title in the No8 Toyota TS050 Hybrid, securing them the drivers’ World Championship. They crossed the line with a 16.9-second advantage over their team-mates Mike Conway, Kamui Kobayashi and José María López, who had looked set for victory in the No7 car. On the 367th lap, López held a lead of more than two minutes, but had to pit when his car’s on-board sensors indicated a puncture. A sensor issue resulted in the wrong tyre being replaced and the car being sent back into the race still with a deflating tyre. A further slow lap back to the pits for another tyre change handed an unassailable lead to Nakajima. The No7 crew had controlled much of the race, including setting a new record Le Mans race lap with a time of 3 min 17.297sec. Other motorsport records were rewritten, too: Nakajima became Japan’s first circuit racing world champion and Alonso became only the second driver to win four-wheel world titles in two different disciplines, having previously been crowned Formula 1 World Champion. Kobayashi had put the No7 Toyota on pole position with the fastest qualifying lap, just ahead of the No8 car. That set the scene for an exciting and close battle between the two 1,000hp machines as the race progressed. After 12 hours the gap was still less than nine seconds, but during the night the No7 extended its advantage as its sister car encountered aerodynamic issues from bodywork damage. During the final hours the gap remained stable at around two minutes and the focus switched to bringing both cars home safely. All appeared to be going to plan until the final drama played out with less than an hour to run. Hisatake Murata, Team President, said: “We have an unusual feeling because we have won our second Le Mans but everyone in the team is sorry for Mike, Kamui and José and the No7 crew, who would have been deserving winners. Nevertheless, I am proud of the overall performance as well as the team spirit which we showed throughout the race, also in the difficult moments in the final hour. Congratulations to the new World Champions Sébastien, Kazuki and Fernando, also on their second Le Mans victory. This was a dramatic end to an incredible season for Toyota Gazoo Racing and we look forward to defending our titles next season.” FINAL CLASSIFICATION, LE MANS 24 HOURS 2019 1st No8 Toyota Gazoo Racing (Buemi/Nakajima/Alonso) 385 laps 2nd No7 Toyota Gazoo Racing (Conway/Kobayashi/ López) +16.972sec 3rd No11 SMP (Petrov/Aleshin/Vandoorne) +6 laps 4th No1 Rebellion (Jani/Lotterer/Senna) +9 laps 5th No3 Rebellion (Laurent/Berthon/Menezes) +15 laps 6th No36 Signatech Alpine (Lapierre/Negrao/Thiriet) +17 laps
  9. Hi again Folks It looks like I need to replace my '07 Camry Grande's head unit - don't get me wrong, it's awesome and has crystal clear audio during phone calls, which is tremendously important not only for my work, but when speaking to my mum who is (very) hearing impaired. FWIW it's far better than my wife's 2014 Hyundai ix35! BUT ... I need audio streaming for my work and I guess the model predates that capability, so it's time to consider options. Sadly, the amazing $1900 Pioneer unit that I fitted into my '03 Camry went with the car. Bummer. Anyway, I saw that there are aftermarket units that seamlessly fit into the Camry's opening so I wonder if anyone has fitted one of those here and how it performs. Alternatively, does anyone have one of those "FM" jiggers that plugs into the lighter socket and plays through the radio? Possibly that might be a fair alternative. Thoughts? Pics are of the two I have found online. Smaller one has disk capability. And one of the car in case people aren't familiar with the model.
  10. Thanks very much. Sadly it seems the Grande has a unique unit that doesn't allow an auxiliary input. P.I.T.A. but there you have it. I'm going to post again asking about people's experience with fitting one of the aftermarket units designed to fit the Camry. Appreciate the effort!
  11. I was wondering if it was possible to use the Forward Recognition Camera as a Dash Cam. No one has commercially built the mod at this point in time but it would be the perfect companion for my aftermarket Android head unit which has the capacity to run a dashcam in the background. For smart electro tech heads, I can give a link to the CHR wiring Diagrams if someone wants to build a plug and play connector cable. I have no interest in cutting cables and would expect the solution to use a piggyback connector or Y connectors.
  12. can you post the link to the supplier, please?
  13. I use 98... I never use anything less.
  14. Yeah, sounds like a bearing, removing the belt takes the pressure off the pulley.
  15. I previously watched some YouTube videos about repacking sealed bearings. . When I recently replaced the alternator, I took the opportunity to repack both of the idler pullrys. Interestly, it was the upper idler pulley underneath the thermostat housing that was in more need of having to be regreased. Instead of a pick, I used a precision screwdriver with the smallest flat blade plus some silicon spray to help the process. I also used Castrol LMM grease, pushing the grease in with my finger plus also grease on the inside of the seal which then helps to push more grease into the bearing.
  16. Hi Guys, I have a similar problem. My key fob wouldn’t work last Monday, so I couldn’t start the car. Than I tried a few things I saw on here and it’s been fine since (press the fob and it works). Today when I went to leave work, the fob wouldn’t work again and I have had to leave my car there. I have tried the fob in the slot of the glovebox, but I’m not sure how long I’m meant to leave it there (this is what I did last week and it just worked). Is there anyway with out the fob, I can completely disable the immobiliser? Like I do not want this connected to anything and I don’t want to carry a fob anymore if I can help it? Otherwise any help starting the car would be amazing. Thank you in advance. Kelly.
  17. Could be the tensioner pulley. Maybe take the belt off and give that pulley a wriggle and turn it a bit by hand, if there's play then it definitely needs to be replaced. Hopefully it's that and not a different bearing.
  18. Hi there, In my 2010 Aurion and after a day a rattle appeared from the engine under load at idle (ie in R or D sitting stationery or with A/C on). The Car have only 50,000.K I have changed the Blet and the Alternator. This noise is coming from the belt and pulley. If I remove the belt its ok. No Noise. Any Help? Thanks Engine hot or cold noise is still there when engine is under load. At Hi RPM there is no noise. Thanks
  19. Depending on which part of Melb, North: Toyrolla, Epping All Toyo Parts, Thomastown West: BIP Toyota (although theyre a rip usually) Ravenhall Toylex , Derrimut/Sunshine Not sure about the east side as i dont got there much. Try checking gumtree as well, just type in "wrecking camry sportivo"
  20. Seeing as you're new to the forum, it takes some time to search for things; so welcome. unit&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&page=2 ive typed in "head unit" and came up with a few searches: Have a read through see if you can find what you need
  21. Hi Muz Bar,

    I just wanted to thank you for posting the step by step guide on how to fix a faulty digital clock on the Camry. I too had the issue and I was going to check with wreckers for 2nd hand clock to replace it and then just thought of looking at the Camry forum. I followed your steps and the 1st time no luck and then I re-touched those points as you've mentioned and it worked ! I had to buy the soldering iron and a hexagon screw driver (total came to about $30) and a bit of my time.

    Thank you again !



  22. Just wondering if anyone knows a wreckers in Melbourne that has a LOT of Camry stuff. I hope to find the following ... in black if possible: Sportivo lower rear valance (Aurion has dual pipes) Sportivo side skirts Sportivo front spoiler Camry lower grille (mine's missing) ... preferably NOT honeyocmb but I'll take it if I can't get anything else. Thanks!!!
  23. Welcome back to Toyota and the forum Chris KAA
  24. Hi Folks Just picked up a 2007 Camry Grande to replace my cherished 2003 Sportivo that got rear-ended when parked. I need to add: Bluetooth Streaming as a priority due to needing to listen to audiobooks (for work) via my iphone on my 80 minute trip to work and back each day. I have seen a couple of different units that claim to be a perfect replacement for the existing (which has touch screen based CD stacker, GPS, MP3/WMA capability ... just no BT streaming) Hope to add: Reversing camera if possible. Any help greatly appreciated. now, to dive into past posts to see if I can find any answers ... I did look earlier without success. BTW This is what I ran in my '03 - I custom made the shroud and sprayed it all to match. It worked great but doesn't suit the new chariot, so it has gone. The bluetooth on that thing was incredible.
  25. Hi, i have a 09 4.0v6 4x4, at times it takes a while to crank over and when i give it some throttle it seems to be starving fuel and goes no where being a v6, been told its fuel pump, any thoughts are appreciated
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