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  2. TurboGauge IV not working on 04 Camry

    To expand on Trent's comment, OBD2 was only mandated in Australia in 2006 (but was a lot earlier overseas, especially in the US which was 1996 so a lot of things you see online aren't applicable for Australian models) but prior to that Toyota used a proprietary diagnostics system that used very similar plugs (or identical ones) to OBD2 but with their own software/protocols.
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  4. Longer Lasting High Mileage Engine Oil

    Ah right I see. Actually it was the cam cover gasket seal that was replaced. Thanks for the info! :)
  5. need more power please

    As someone who asked the same question as you ... many years ago in a galaxy far away..... I learnt this, flick through forums and research first then buy a car that has lots of aftermarket kit. Then I knew what I could do and roughly for how much. Going the other way around might be ok but it relies on being lucky.
  6. New Hilux owner from Melbourne

    Welcome to the forum Anthony KAA
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  8. Given the nature of the CVT transmission of this vehicle is there any way to engage lower gearing without the need to pump the breaks going down hills? Thanks
  9. Hi, If don't want to cancel destinations how do I turn off a destination which otherwise keeps repeating itself. I can't see how in the manual. My standalone Tom Tom, on the other hand, only activates a selected destination once.
  10. Compatible parts?

    I'd also like to know, I'm looking at buying a 06 Kluger CVX and think that some things are dated - e.g. the headlights. I've found some 3rd party sellers on eBay (try searching for Highlander instead of Kluger) but wonder if there are other halo variants from other cars that would also fit in potentially mine. Cheers!
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  12. Glass shattering on Toyota factory fitted canopy

    If your car is still in Warranty I'd take it back to Toyota and present your receipt. If you fitted it yourself it'll be hard to get your money back. Tell them what happened honestly and they may help you out. Otherwise there is not much else you can do about it.
  13. Hilux workmate 2017 tgn 121

    A workmate does not have NAV but you can option it. They do come with reverse camera. GPS does not display with Bluetooth either. Hope this helps
  14. Ln167r horn not working

    There's a little contact on a spring that wears out. Just add some soldier to the contact and it should be good for ages. Also clean and lubricate the contact point on the back of the steering wheel too. I'd recommend a tiny bit of Vaseline on the contact surface of the steering wheel
  15. Water pump replacement on 2006 sr5 3ltr

    You don't need to remove the rocker cover when doing a water pump or belt. Just the plastic cover on the front of the engine. There is a special tool to hold the cam gear but I've used the old belt to redo the bolt up ok. Make sure you turn the crank over twice and recheck timing marks after you fit the belt. These are interference engines and will mash valves if out. Hit me a pm if you need any more help.
  16. Hi from NW Tassie

    G'day from a first time Toyota owner. Just bought a 2013 Corolla for a replacement for SWMBO diesel Focus that's currently off the road in a long drawn out insurance saga. Lets hope the Corolla lives up to its reputation. Cheers.
  17. Hi Guys, I have a 2000 echo with an airconditioner problem, the aircon only works in the cooler parts of the day. 2 aircon mechanics told me it was the compresser. (replaced that) not the problem . then told it was the pressure switch ( replaced that ) not the problem. salvaged a computer but cannot add the old key to the computer to start the car to test if that is the problem. Any ideas ??
  18. Hi All, Can anyone tell me the real time fuel economy for a currant 70 series Landcruiser not towing and towing a camper approx 1600kg
  19. Hi From a Newbie

  20. Has anyone fitted Philips X-treme Vision 100% halogen headlight bulbs? For some time, I have had the upgraded Osram Night Breaker Unlimited series as a preferred choice or benchmark because of stated 110% more light on the road [than a standard OEM bulb], up to 35 metres extra projected beam distance for safer distance and lifetime. Recently, I decided to review headlight bulbs to confirm my preferred choice after noticing a few new bulbs had appeared on the PowerBulbs website. Attached document contains the URLs and extracts of various latest headlight bulb comparative tests. After a recent storm which knocked out the local street lighting and traffic lights, I have decided to immediately replace the existing halogen headlight bulbs rather than wait for them to expire. Unfortunately the Philips XtremeVision +130 bulbs are not currently available in the H11 fitting. Lifetime of 400 to 450 hrs is expected and Lumens =1500. I have purchased the top performing GE Megalight Ultra 130 which is currently available in the H11 fitting. Sourced them on the UK eBay website because was out of stock . Unfortunately, I found out later that the expected lifetime is only 250 hrs. Afterwards, I also discovered via eBay search that Philips XtremeVision 100% bulb is available in the H11 fitting. Lumens = 1350. Lifespan should be similar at 400 to 450 hrs. In hindsight, I may very well have purchased the Philips product for the longer lifetime. Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs to Buy.doc
  21. 2004 Toyota Camry 2.4, 4CYL Sportivo Loud Vibration

    Definitely do the auto transmission flush especially if the ATF has never been changed and done 160,000kms. Toyota Camry ATF Transmission Fluid Flush.docx Flush is the preferred option as it replaces all of the used ATF with new. If you are not comfortable about doing the flush, then drain and refill the transmission pan. Drive around the block and repeat the ATF drain and refill. Overall, you will need to do about four [4] ATF drain and refill of the transmission pans to replace most of the used ATF.
  22. ACV36R Air Location Selector not working

    Fuse - just guessing. I changed the globes on my dads recently & it's pretty much plugs to the back of the board, unless the pot which is soldered to the board has become loose ? I would re-inspect the board/pot switch if the fuse is OK.
  23. Heya Adam, It's been a long time since i did this mod to my dash.... i remember just putting all the needles back to the "zero" / start positions.... as you have already noticed, they wont reset by themselves.
  24. My 84 Celica

    You definitely don't want a big clutch/flywheel failure...
  25. Fuse position in fuse block.

    Check the globes. I'd be very surprised if they weren't all on the same circuit, given that is what's common.
  26. ECU

    Now looking for a 3S G A241E ECU to fit my 91 Celica Convertible with 3S-G 2 ltr ?? If anyone could possibly help, would be greatly appreciated Thanks Paul
  27. LED headlights

    The police don’t bother pulling people over with illegal bulbs. What’s scarier is those who buy cheap ultra florescent looking LEDs that are blinding to look at but have hardly any road output. Doubly dangerous. I’m using Philips WhiteVision and Osram Cool Blue for exterior lights which are road legal. Still yellowish but a good compromise between white clarity and light output. Truthfully most people will benefit from a headlight reliagnment more than a stock bulb change.
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