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    I spent a bit of time [ internet searching ] looking into brake pads and rotors for better braking performance. Ended up coming across a YouTube video by ChrisFix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZltSorr9W0 Good quality tyres make a big difference to shortening the braking distance. Only buy known quality brand tyres. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbMti7VQC1k Got my own personal experience with bargain Chinese brand tyres namely Talon and Goodride which has confirmed the above.
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    ok chaps thanks for the advice but i dont have a family and i would rather spend my money on my atx because at least it wont leave me, i have a little hilux as my daily driver an im thinking of going mental on the aurion
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    I think you'll find its not easy to get more power out of an Aurion, and what power you can get, is generally not worth the time/cost.
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    G'day from a first time Toyota owner. Just bought a 2013 Corolla for a replacement for SWMBO diesel Focus that's currently off the road in a long drawn out insurance saga. Lets hope the Corolla lives up to its reputation. Cheers.
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    Following URL is quite relevant for directly answering your post. https://www.yourmechanic.com/article/what-are-the-risks-of-switching-to-synthetic-oil-in-older-cars My thoughts are also aligned with this URL https://auto.howstuffworks.com/switch-to-synthetic-oil1.htm The 5S-FE engine in the family’s 1998 Camry is in original condition and has never had any oil leaks. Mineral based 15W-40 engine oil has been predominately used. I have recently bought [ Xmas discount special ] the Castrol GTX high mileage oil mainly for the extra anti-sludge formula.
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    I'd never buy "Brand New". it is prudent to wait a couple of years to take advantage of depreciation and snare a low Klm vehicle at practically half the original price. That's what I did. I got my Aurion Prodigy with 40K on the odo at half what the original buyer paid for it.
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    The Fairfax motoring writer must be diplomatic in the wording, or vehicle manufacturers will not supply any more vehicles for testing. From my reading of the Toyota literature, the SX has stiffer suspension than the SL and also 19 inch wheels on the SX versus 18's on the SL. Perhaps the SX may not exhibit the 'floating' characteristic.
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    This is a recent review. Interesting what was reported about the suspension tune for the V6. Still bemused about their rating for economy and resale. https://www.drive.com.au/new-car-reviews/2018-toyota-camry-sl-v6-quick-spin-review-116986.html?ffref=brisbanetimes&trackLink=SMH0
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    Recent posts about tyres in the Aurion Forum have mentioned the following: Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003 Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus Hankook Ventus V2 Concepts Michelin MX-V8 Energy Michelin Pilot Sport 4 Michelin Primacy 3 ST Michelin Primacy LC Yokohama C.drive2
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    Thanks for your advice ZZT86. I was reading up a bit about the 86. Rear Wheel Drive, very nice. That is certainly an excellent car. I am sure you must like getting out on a country road in your 86 for a cruise. Regards justJuzz
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    Pay particular attention to oil leaking either from under the crank pulley or in to the gearbox bellhousing - this would indicate that a crank seal has blown (which is a typical issue arising from overfilling oil). Also, if the oil got really aerated from being overfilled (when the crankshaft gets submersed in oil it basically acts like a blender) then there's a chance you'll have damaged the crank and/or rod main bearings, so listen for any noise that may indicate Rodney is knocking on your front door.
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    Looks very good as is. Comparatively, 17"tyres are going to cost more.
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    Going to disagree unless you are driving in peak hour bumper to bumper traffic. There is defensive driving and roadcraft. Driving defenisvely, you have enough braking distance and time to take your foot off the accelerator and be prepared to brake. Roadcraft is where you have enough time to assess the situation and able to action an appropriate option. I also drive with parking lights on. Something I have manually copied from Mr Volvo for many years.
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    Which is a repanelled V6 Camry from every other dealer market.
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    If you do a search on the forums re exhaust changes for the Aurion I think you will find that Toyota did a pretty good job with the standard exhaust. Trying to make it better/louder just results in a loss of performance and droaning. I would take it back to standard. Just my 2c worth.
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    The easiest worthwhile upgrade is the ST2 Piper camshafts. Neil
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    The absolute maximum I will go is 6 month/10,000km(which I never get close).
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    HI Norm, Thanks for the reply, yes my kit is fine and all the parts are there; I do have the instructions for the installations. The issue that I have is connecting the kit up to the existing wire loom in the vehicle. The connector inside the "A" Pillar is different to the diagram in the installation instructions. There are many wires into a 20 way plug, some colours duplicated. I was wondering if yourself or others had this issue and which colours to connect too during the installation. Thanks for your offer of help as I am a little bewildered. Jim