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  1. Sticky Dashboard?

    Moment of truth, I have an 07 Aurion, have just brought it in to have the dash inspected, will see how it goes. Not surprised that the rep I spoke to initially quickly mentioned it wasn't a Toyota issue and it will have to be paid for; so had no knowledge about the issue.
  2. Hi sportivo2007Which cable do you have? Is it the GTA Car Kit for Toyota Camry 2007-2011
  3. Question on Aurions with SAT NAV Just wondering if members can give some feedback on which one of two are better for the Aurion with SAT NAV 1. GTA Car Kit for Toyota Camry 2007-2011 - This has AUX only with no USB 2. Yatour Car Digital Music Changer with USB SD MP3 + Bluetooth (optional) for 2005-2011Toyota and LEXUS series This comes with USB/SD Card - so very tempting Will be grateful for feedback from users on the above two Cheers
  4. Xenon low beams - Presara

    Hi there Thank you for all the information - extremely helpful, I was going to purchase the bulbs from the link you gave but then came across what Kombi17 has posted below: - Which seems to be the same brand but OEM standard 4300k rather than the 6000k and less expensive due to this at $160.00 Will try this out and see how it goes.
  5. Xenon low beams - Presara

    Hi Mallabullaergo/Abacab Are you able to advice where you bought the bulbs from - I have the same issue with my 2007 Presara and need to buy the bulbs to give it to the car dealer to replace. Toyotas quote is $480.00 each for the bulbs. Thanks
  6. Hi all This is great stuff you have here. I bought my 07 Aurion Presara (55k ODO) two months ago, it is doing 16-17L/100k according to the readings, use it for roughly 15km per day, inner city driving, very short stop and start due to traffic lights in Cairns. Looking at the figures above some thing is wrong with it. Have done some search on the forum and found that I need to check the tyre pressure urgently and bring it to 38psi (as opposed to 32, I had to check one of the tyres which seemed to have been low on pressure). I will take it for 60k servicing soon and will have it checked. Grateful for the info provided in this forum. Cheers
  7. Hi All I have bought a 2007 Aurion Presara and would like to carry out the above mod. Is there anyone in the Cairns area who can do this for a fee and if not could someone advice on the rough fee that should be charged by an auto tech to do this. Btw this is a great solution, tried the FM converter which sounds hopeless Cheers