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    Welcome to the forum Anthony KAA
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    Welcome to the forum Daniel KAA
  4. Latest News 2018 Camry New V6

    Still never get tired of jumping into our Presara, slide into the leather seats and push the go go button and go for a cruise.. Yes a new baby is a pleasure.. but I love the fact some workers here in OZ put our baby together..It is a pleasure to pilot it about the central coast KAA
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    Wanting to wish all on here a wonderful Christmas and a safe and memory filled 2018 Keep safe if on the black stuff KAA
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    Welcome to the forum Steve..My wife and I had a 86 Tarago and LOVED it.. KAA
  14. 2007 Camry, no Aux/USB in

    Yes a load of treads about head units and what others inc me have done..usually it is remove and replace with what you wish...but some have tinkered and done upgrades happy reading KAA