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  1. I am planning upon replacing the front W5W parking light bulbs with LED bulbs. Possibly also the door light bulbs with upgraded halogen bulbs. It looks like I will have to remove the plastic inner wheel guard to gain easy access to the headlight connections. Is this so? I also want a whiter light so I have ordered on eBay both white light halogen bulbs and canbus error free LED bulbs with 10 5630 SMDs. Has anyone had experience with fitting this type of LED bulb?
  2. need more power please

    The Aurion is already a sleeper car; quite overlooked. If you want a faster Aurion upgrade to the 2018 model. Otherwise, look at the Lexus models with a turbocharged V6 or V8. Better still, be happy with what you have because having a family is not an inexpensive undertaking.
  3. Has anyone fitted Philips X-treme Vision 100% halogen headlight bulbs? For some time, I have had the upgraded Osram Night Breaker Unlimited series as a preferred choice or benchmark because of stated 110% more light on the road [than a standard OEM bulb], up to 35 metres extra projected beam distance for safer distance and lifetime. Recently, I decided to review headlight bulbs to confirm my preferred choice after noticing a few new bulbs had appeared on the PowerBulbs website. Attached document contains the URLs and extracts of various latest headlight bulb comparative tests. After a recent storm which knocked out the local street lighting and traffic lights, I have decided to immediately replace the existing halogen headlight bulbs rather than wait for them to expire. Unfortunately the Philips XtremeVision +130 bulbs are not currently available in the H11 fitting. Lifetime of 400 to 450 hrs is expected and Lumens =1500. I have purchased the top performing GE Megalight Ultra 130 which is currently available in the H11 fitting. Sourced them on the UK eBay website because was out of stock . Unfortunately, I found out later that the expected lifetime is only 250 hrs. Afterwards, I also discovered via eBay search that Philips XtremeVision 100% bulb is available in the H11 fitting. Lumens = 1350. Lifespan should be similar at 400 to 450 hrs. In hindsight, I may very well have purchased the Philips product for the longer lifetime. Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs to Buy.doc
  4. 2004 Toyota Camry 2.4, 4CYL Sportivo Loud Vibration

    Definitely do the auto transmission flush especially if the ATF has never been changed and done 160,000kms. Toyota Camry ATF Transmission Fluid Flush.docx Flush is the preferred option as it replaces all of the used ATF with new. If you are not comfortable about doing the flush, then drain and refill the transmission pan. Drive around the block and repeat the ATF drain and refill. Overall, you will need to do about four [4] ATF drain and refill of the transmission pans to replace most of the used ATF.
  5. Longer Lasting High Mileage Engine Oil

    Will reply as a Personal Message
  6. Longer Lasting High Mileage Engine Oil

    Following URL is quite relevant for directly answering your post. My thoughts are also aligned with this URL The 5S-FE engine in the family’s 1998 Camry is in original condition and has never had any oil leaks. Mineral based 15W-40 engine oil has been predominately used. I have recently bought [ Xmas discount special ] the Castrol GTX high mileage oil mainly for the extra anti-sludge formula.
  7. Cluster colour change

    As a speedo reading guide, 2000 RPM = 70kph in 4th gear.
  8. Cluster colour change

    I would expect that you are going to have to remove the instrument cluster again and try to put the needles back in their original position. Best to take some before and after photos to assist with getting the needles in the right position. Revs at idle should be reading in the 600-700 rpm range. Temperature should be reading just below the half way mark. Refill the petrol tank so the reading is showing Full. As for adjusting the speedo, you could try doing a speed reading comparison with the [corrected] rev reading in 3rd and/or 4th gears at 60kph, 80kph etc.
  9. I would expect the trend to be very much dependent upon the size of the market. In my opinion, still not enough demand and therefore only a limited number of suppliers. From what I have read in internet posts, it looks like going to wreckers for a used battery about 3-4 years old is a popular solution.
  10. AE112 Rattling Noise

    Most likely, your engine has been affected by oil starvation and has accelerated wear. Oil Starved Engine How lubrication works Oil Pressure
  11. AE112 Rattling Noise

    Unfortunately, the video is not available. The oil light flickering on is an indicator of low oil pressure. Have you checked the oil Level? If it is correct, then I would be suspecting that the oil pick up screen is partially blocked with oil sludge. I would be inclined to warm the engine then drain the engine oil. Replace with about 4 litres of diesel and let the engine idle [no revving] for about 5-10 minutes. Hopefully, the oil light will not flicker on while the diesel is cleaning up the engine. Drain diesel and replace with new engine oil and filter. If the oil light is still flickering on, you will need to drop the engine oil pan and clean the pickup screen on the oil pump. The rattling noise could potentially be worn engine bearings. You could try using the following product which I have used for a number of years as a preventative measure and I have bought from this eBay seller a few times.
  12. LED headlights

    Exactly why I have available night vision glasses to cut down the glare from these ultra white light headlights. There are high performance halogen light bulbs which are not road legal in the EU but are legal in Australia or are intended for off road/rallying use.
  13. Exhaust for 95 Toyota vienta

    I think that you will be better off going and having a talk with your local discount Exhaust Muffler shop.
  14. Camry 2014 Oil Change

    Any franchised network is highly dependent upon the quality of the operator and the staff. Word of mouth advertising is usually the best. As a general rule, look for an owner operator mechanical repair shop experienced in servicing your vehicle. Otherwise, go to the dealer if you are not DIY.
  15. towing

    I can highly recommend KING Springs which come with a lifetime warranty.