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  1. Fuel consumption

    In NZ and have only ever used 91RON. Averaging 7.2 on the open road and 9.2 on the around town work run. Good enough for me.
  2. New key in NZ

    Thanks for that. In Taranaki but no drama. Have sent email so watch this space
  3. New key in NZ

    Hi team. Anyone in NZ purchased a new transponder key from Toyota? Wondering as to price with it coded in. Lots on the net about doing the prgramming yourself but half the websites say you can’t and the other half say you can with the door open/shut, brake on/off method. Anyone had any success with DIY? This is for the model with transponder key not the push button start/stop smart entry model.
  4. Great car

    Thanks PengNZ. Yes over 10 years old (March this year) and I did know about the problem with this model when I bought it so was rolling the dice and hoping I had a good one. Have a dash mat coming which will hide the issue and if I hate the problem enough I will look to source a secondhand dash next year.
  5. Great car

    Thanks for all the replies. Aside from the spare wheel query the bloody dash is sticky now after one day in the blazing sun. Obviously spoke too soon! Nevermind. Still a great car.
  6. Great car

    Just picked up my first Aurion today and drove it 500km home. Wow what a wonderful car. 2007 Touring with 212,000k. Smooth, quiet, powerful, no sticky dash, no smoke, no noisy startup. Couldn’t be happier and what an awesome transmission. Hardly feel it changing gear at all and kicks down smoothly. Bought it at auction with no service history so was taking a bit of a risk but open the glovebox when I pick it up and it has the owners manual, purchase docs and full service docs from 5000km right up to current from the original Toyota dealer. Bonus! One tiny thing. It has a full size spare but its a plain steel wheel rather than one of the factory mags. Is that normal?
  7. My Woodgrain Trim

    Looks great man. Are you considering doing the silver by the gear shifter as well or leave as is?