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  1. Need help finding this part

    Wreckers or one of the classifieds sites will be your best options.
  2. Normal Rust?

    This is owner caused. No metal can resist sea salt for long without signs of corrosion. You will not be covered under any warranty in regards to this. Repaint it and coat with lanolin or fish oil prior to use near salt.
  3. TurboGauge IV not working on 04 Camry

    The 30 series Camrys in Australia are not OBDII
  4. need more power please

    No such thing exists for the Aurion, that will actually make power.
  5. need more power please

    This is not a thing.
  6. need more power please

    It has been done once. The guy reverted the car back to stock and sold it from what I have been told.
  7. Ln167r horn not working

    You can pull the wheel off and have a look. Be sure to mark the wheel position in relation to the shaft.
  8. Hi From a Newbie

  9. Water pump replacement on 2006 sr5 3ltr

    Injector lines need to be undone at the top end and loosened at the bottom, if you need to remove the rocker cover.
  10. My 84 Celica

    You definitely don't want a big clutch/flywheel failure...
  11. Fuse position in fuse block.

    Check the globes. I'd be very surprised if they weren't all on the same circuit, given that is what's common.
  12. 2004 Toyota Camry 2.4, 4CYL Sportivo Loud Vibration

    I would service the auto, giving it a good flush.
  13. Need Help Please 1FZ-FE Cylinder Head

    Will be fine to block off. It is just for the follower from a mechanical pump to run off the camshaft.