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My ZR6 "Soloman"


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Well getting one of many things done to my car today. Looking at spending just under $5000

Here is a break down of it all


Sound system

Well the bass in the aurion seems to distort a little when its turned up.

So going to some guys who know there stuff im getting a Sub and amp installed as we speak. for a little under $600 inc 2 years warrenty

The amp and sub im getting are the Alpine Type S

Sub And Amp


I am also looking at upgrading all speakers in the car to the Type R

While this costs a little more i am holding back to see how the current setup goes with Stock speakers with the Alpine sub

(EDIT: After having the sub in with the stock speakers for about a month i love it. it sounds much better. A few mates of mine had a listen and they loved the sound out of it. Really got luckey with the items i picked.. perfect sound.)

Price $600


Underbody Neon's

Brought this from Ebay

Comes with



On/Off Switch

In-line fuse


Mounting brackets

Mounting Hardware





Price $130 Delivered. thought it was a good price

Door LED's

Getting some RED LEDS to replace the normal lights in Door Trim


Around $80

White LED's


Got two to replace my number plate lights. Here is where im planning to buy it from. Should be much brighter.


Boot Light

Still not 100% sure what i want to do here.. im thinking either just get some more of the white led lights as above and put in there or deck it out with something a little more pimp :P ill keep you updated.


Well there has been some talk about it on these forums.. What rims to get.. Searching high and low i found this set. I think crome will look too tacky on a Aurion. I decided on the Konig - Unkown 19 x 9.5 inches


I been given a quote of $2700 for these to be delivered to my door then another $80 to be fitted to my car (might do it myself)

*Delay on Rims.. Still waiting on a Backorder. :(

UPDATED: Just updated a few things.. Yes i will post some pics soon.. I will try and do a write up for as much as i can..

will post exact prices, Where i brought them from, hours it took and dificulity level in the next month when im finished.

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My mate ZR6 Aurion just got some 19x 9.0 from CC Tyres at Penrith for $1,600.00 trading in existing wheels and tyres and drive away at this price.

This way you do not have to sell your existing wheels and tyres, to someone.

BSA Wheels

He also added Presara front grill $260.00 and rear garnish panel $250.00.

Here some pictures.

Front Grill

Rear Garnish

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Yes the car, is lowered by Wholesale Suspension at:

Wholesale Suspension Penrith

129 Coreen Avenue Penrith,

NSW 2750


(02) 4721 2112

or Fax us on

(02) 4721 7977


Wholesale Suspension Blacktown

1/47 Third ave Blacktown,

NSW 2148


(02) 9831 8825

or Fax us on

(02) 9831 8824

Web site:http://www.wholesalesuspension.com.au/index.html

King Springs lower kit and wheel alignment for $395.00 done within 2 hours.

I had previous cars done by this company and are one of the best in Sydney for price.

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