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Drivers seat for Vienta Touring

Steve Dench

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I bought a 1995 Toyota Vienta Touring Auto for my son to learn to drive in. My manual cruiser is too big and mums Camry is too new (expensive). The drivers seat was broken but I thought it would be easy to get a replacement from a wrecker. I have scoured high and wide without success. The rail mounting is different than the Camry seat. Does anyone have any idea where I might be able to buy one?

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Vienta Touring have electric seats yeah???

Whats actually wrong with it and what do you need to fix the seat???

The seats are manual. They wrap around, there are two adjustors on the right hand side and 1 for lumbar support on the left. The mounting rails are different and standard Camry or wide body seats do not fit.

The seat has been twisted and the back bent. It is permanently in a semi reclining position. We have tried to fix it but it is not possible. It is my mistake for not researching the seat prior to purchase. However, this doesn't help my son. I would welcome any advice. I have tried parts locator web sites and have rung wreckers in Qld, WA and Tasmania.

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I have the exact same car... and I had a CSi... I never noticed any difference :unsure:

May I suggest calling North Coast Corollas and Camrys? They're in Coolum, here on the Sunshine Coast. They have these cars comin in and out all the time.

North Coast Corolla & CamrysMarcoola U2/ 6 Runaway Drv 4564(07) 5448 8366 OR...(07) 5448 8306

Just a thought... you're best off googling Toyota Wreckers mate.

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