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Corolla 2002 Acsent PARTS

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Hello, I am new to the forum and would like some help from my esteemed colleagues. Where can I buy the following parts and how much will they cost me:

Low springs (Which are best for the Corolla)


Front Grille. (I have seen several cars with the sports one, and the billet type - how much for both? Additionally, know where I can have it fitted and how much)

Debadging of the car

Clear tail lights

HID front lights

The front light lips.

Thanks guys

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1. for springs it depends on your budget and for what pruposes you want to use the car for. try giving places like suspension and rim places a call for starters. prices vary from as little as $300 to $1000's

2. our forum sponsor Nextmod can import them or you can go to places like shift performance or liverpool exhaust in sydney. there is literally 100's of threads on install guides so DO NOT START ANOTHER THREAD ASKING. you'll just have your head blown off by a million members. just some friendly advice.

3. search on ebay for cheapest prices. there really easy to install but you will most likely have to paint it.

4. for debadging just do a search using the search function on the top right side of the page. there are many DIY guides.

5. im not to sure about clear taighlights. try giving carmate a call. there located in villawood sydney.

6. for HID's you can search on ebay or go the more expensive rout of going to palces like autobahn.

7. the front light lip is called eyelids and they can also be sourced from ebay for very cheap. just need to be painted to the same color as the car and just using double sided tape to stick on the headlight

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