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1982 Corolla Overheating

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I Bought my wife a 1982 Corolla, which now only has about 80,000 km on the clock. An nice old lady owned it before and use to use it to go to the supermarket in Fullerton. I don't think it has been out of the suburb, it even had tires on that have not been around for about 15 years according to the tire man! :toast:

Anyway it has an overheating problem. :help:

If you drive it around with the heater on full the gauge stays around the half way mark, but if you drive at 90-100 km h or when going up a reasonable hill it gets almost to the red marker - this is without the thermostat installed.

Have put new water pump in, and the radiator appears to be in good condition.

I installed a new thermostat but had to take it out for now, the temp gauge runs at 3/4 all the time with it in, and gets into the red zone if you go above 60.

I guess it could be the radiator, but want to be a bit more certain before I shell out $250!

Any ideas as to what the problem is would be much appreciated.


Michael Spence

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Yeah the radiator is blocked!

You can hold your hand on the right side of the radiator, but not the left - ouch! :blink:

Next question:

It will cost me $100.00 to get it back flushed, and $250.00 for a new radiator.

Will a back flush work or should I just get a new radiator and be done with it?

Thanks :help:

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