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What are u guys up to tonight for NYE!!


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just wandering wat u fellas r doin for NYE tonight....yeah u guessed right im doin pretty much nothin....im at my GFs place coz we didnt organise nething with our mates so we got left behind....lol :angry: ...STUPID P plate laws....so here i am at her place waiting for my food....shes gonna suprise me....but i bet its Italian or Greek takeaway....hopefully after the midnight fireworks...i get my own lil fireworks...(if u guys know wat i mean ;) .......newyz post us ur night!!hope urs is more adventerous than mine!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

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i get my own lil fireworks...(if u guys know wat i mean ;)

I haven't been laid in 11 months. Thanks for reminding me you *****!

Oh yeah happy new year :ph34r:

sorry bud...damn 11months??? thts a long time...11 days itself is pretty long tooo....dw its the new year things will change for u :P...good luck and happy new year

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