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Regarding Bosch HID kits

J e r e M y

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For the other ppl..we have all the parts already..but just short of 1 ballast..but its orite..u guys can have mine 1st..i`ll get him to send me 1..So yeah :) come get the parts


Hi guys..i just want to get things more organized here..with the mods helpin..hopefully can sort things out but we must get things organized 1st :)


1. J e r e M y (WA) (H7) (6000k) (confirmed) (PAID)

2. kenneth (WA) (H7) (6000k) (confirmed) (PAID)

3. Okka (WA) (non-toca member) (H3) (6000k) (confirmed) (PAID)

4. Meng (WA) (non-toca member) (9006/HB4) (6000k) (confirmed) (PAID)

5. Leng (WA) (non-toca member) (H7) (6000k) (confirmed) (PAID)

6. makmur (WA) (non-toca member) (H11) (6000k) (confirmed) (PAID)

7. ny4n (WA) (9006/HB4) (6000k) (confirmed) (PAID)

8. NDH (SYD) (9006/HB4) (6000k) (confirmed) (PAID)

9. sinan (SYD) (H7) (8000k) (confirmed)(PAID)

10. sinan (SYD) (H4) (8000k) (confirmed)(PAID)

11. Big Pete (NSW) (H4) (6000k) (confirmed) (PAID)

12. svk (MELB) (H7) (8000k) (confirmed)(PAID)

13. Vhao (SYD) (H7) (6000k) (confirmed)(PAID)

14. VuT3k (WA) (H7) (6000k) (confirmed)(PAID)

15. VuT3k (WA) (H11) (12000k) (confirmed)(PAID)

16. n1une (WA) (H4) (6000k) (confirmed) (PAID)

17. n1une's friend (WA) (H7) (6000k) (confirmed) (PAID)

18. andy (WA) (non-toca member) (9006/HB4) (6000k) (confirmed) (PAID)

19. XploShun (SYD) (H4) (8000k) (confirmed)(PAID)

20. d-86 (NSW) (H7) (6000k) (confirmed)(PAID)

can we just get a show of hands who hasnt received their kits and who has but their names hasnt been canceled out..

thanks guys

So its only down to svk and Big Pete who hasnt got the kit yet?

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i can be quite sure tht xploshun has his cause he is putting it up for sale already.. by the looks of it i might be a couple thats lost in transit or rather not sent by the seller (we shall find out)

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Hey peoples

Noob here

FYI regarding the 'Bosch' HID kits

these are not actually made by Robert Bosch GmbH, pretty sure its the chinese company BOSH.

obviously some copyright rules are being broken here by said company.

oh well, thought youd want to know.

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Hey mate

all good. 100% sure they aren't bosch

Been at bosch in victoria for 10 years and have never seen them. Could be wrong but ......

Oh well good price, good product. what else can i say.

Just thought the info should be shared in case anyone tried for warranty claims in australia.

oh well. old topic. just lettin you all know.

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One of the mods will be helpin me ask 1 of his fren in melb to find this guy n give him the list..

I`ve been contactin him on Skype..no replies..been calling ALL of his numbers in every 2 days..its always off..

The only thing i have is his address in melb..

Anyone of u in melb willing to help out? :(

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i am in melb, let me know how can i help you out.. burn his car? just let me know

burning his car sounds nice :) or alternatively ;) on a financially friendly way.. we can just strip his car down and sell parts :P

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talk on msn.. :spiteful:

we cant do bad things to ppl's property, so i will politely ask him wat he gonna do to solve this prob. :whistling:

jeremy, pm sent, please let me know wat is the situation and how can i help.

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Update : The things should be comin in around 2 weeks time..

Many thanks to dannywss..couldnt have got this done without him..

Dannywss...thank you so so so much

Here are some frenly shots danny took while visiting " our fren "




once again..thank you so much danny

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he(the seller) might be reading this.

So, basically 2 things to say

1. thing will be posted DHL to him on monday, giving him 2 days(sat and sun) to work out everything; reach melb in 2-4 days, then EXPRESS to all of u.

2. everything MUST done by 2 weeks. IT IS enough time.

Seller has a dog, not collar, not sure if registered. RSPCA will be called if problem not solved in 2 weeks time. (sorry if tat is your neighbour/friend's dog, coz i only see it coming out of seller's house)

i m soo proud of the friendly shot of pics, his gf only showing 40% face? coz this is only matter of him, not others. (hrm.. mb not his gf, his friend only hay?) buahahaha~~

p/s: 1 more thing, i insisted express post, coz then he wont hv excuse tat he already posted the item and they went lost. So, maybe Jeremy or someone has to pay tat little bit more expenses? like AUD4-5 each person? i think reasonable, coz this can make sure we fix everything in 2 weeks. (also a secret, i OWN the post office, then i profit... YEA~~)

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