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When did Ascents Get Fitted with all discs and ABS?


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Gday fella's did a search but could find no particular thread that addressed this. I was just wondering what year did the Corolla Ascents get discs on all wheels and ABS as standard pieces of kit?

Same with Power windows?

Cheers guys!

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reading from a 2005 brochure I have it says abs with break assist Electronic brake force Distrubution were standard on Ultima ,Levin and Sportivo and available as optional extra on other models. My 2005 ascent did not come standard with power windows front or rear only conquest and levin upwards.Brakes front Power assisted ventilated discs rear solid discs

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Series 1 Facelift Ascent/Ascent Sport = 4 Disc Breaks - No ABS (~4k option)

Series 2 Facelift Ascent/Ascent Sport = As above + Front Power Windows.

Series 1 Facelift = 2005 - Early 06

Series 2 Facelift = 06 - 07 ( This is when the sportivo front lip was passed on to the levin)

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Must of got it confused then

The ascent sport had front power windows then.

And the Ascent Sport is the Conquest with a spoiler...

Didn't the later model Conquests come with all 4 electric windows? My 02 model only has front which suits me fine!

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