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Hey guys

some ppl know that i got a auto 05 rolla and just recently ... maybe 2 days after i took my car for dyno ive had electrical problems ><

like my car on sunday arvo i wasd driving home from rockdale n all of a sudden my car cuts off power >< !!! while im still in motion >< so i had to pull aside n restart my engine >< WTF !! HELP

can n e 1 suggest what happened ? n how to resolve this problem ? some ppl say that its the factory ECU is like over loading and therefore it goes into a limbo status >< .. hence this, i immediately called toyota to see if my ecu was covered by warranty and whether they would change it for me.. n yes they will :D

buh yeh has n e 1 had this problem b4 ? can n e 1 suggest what happenED n how to resolve this problem ?

thanks guys n gallz !!


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could be a couple of things. If your CAI has an oiled filter it could contaminate the MAF element, or if the CAI pipe was hot in the engine bay and heated up the MAF housing itself the silicon used to insulate the hotwire element up inside the MAF could melt and drip down also contaminating the MAF. You're best to install your stock intake before going back to toyota to make a warranty claim...

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hmm but the funny thing is that ... ive driven in other hot days n that dis has neva happened to me b 4 i dont know why its happening now ?

i woulda fort it could have been the dyno i just recently had... although sunday was pretty hot :P n yeh maybe

ah welpz

i will have it checked out

thanks guys !!

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cant remember, probably a couple of hundred new. Subaru charge ~$800 for the denso maf which is similar.

Could expect to pay ~$50-100 for one second hand.

So what sort of filter do you use?

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ok... take some advice from someone that has been battling the maf sensor problem for months..... replace it!

I have been putting up with the car just stopping randomly for months, and finally the other day it stopped and wouldnt go again... so its time for a new sensor.... luckily my other half is a mechanic and can get an after market one for about $250.00 so that is going into the car today.

Be aware that its from the oil on the pod getting on the sensor and the oil heating up and "cooking" the sensor. I have been cleaning my sensor with electrical contact cleaner every time it plays up and it usually is good for another couple of months.... but the sensor is dead now and the car will only run with the sensor unplugged.... ( i only have to drive 3km's to work) :)

i was beginning to think that my car was cursed and the random stopping thing was just the universe messing with me


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The only question I have to ask you is

Does the problem happen very frequently at all??

I've had my sportivo shut down on me on the way home before, while still in motion. Just started back up and off I went.

Problem never occurred again, so don't worry too much.

Now if its a problem that happens frequently then thats different.

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