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Remove dials from dash board


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Hi all,

I am planning to install a car pc in my new hatchback rola and am contemplating putting an LCD screen behind the steering wheel. This screen would display all the relevant data like speed, fuel, rpm, etc among other things. B)

My question is, has anyone removed their dials before? if anyone has photos, it would be very helpful. I know I'll have to fabricate some sort of enclosure to fit in the gap once i remove everything, but I'm not quite sure what is behind that area in teh dash and how much space there is etc. I'm still in the planning stages and putting together a list of all the gadgets that will be required.

MODS, i know there is a forum for carputers but i felt it is a generally corolla related question, not a specific carputer related one, also the carputer forum is not that active. :D

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