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Greddy Powered Corolla


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Ok fellas .... all im hearing is crickets out of the 2zz boys ...... more and more bits are available and we just aint seeing results fellas

Greddy Supercharged Corolla from the US - Mods: K & N Typhoon intake, Greddy SP2 Axle back, Hydra EMS lift at 5800, Autometer temp gauge,Tein H-Tech, Ultra racing 4 point front brace, Ultra Racing rear brace, Energy Suspension motor mount inserts, Perrin dual steering column gauge pod, 2nd gen Altis tails, Katzkin leather seats, TWM SS, TWM shift knob, Altis grill, Altis spoiler, Real silver carbon fiber dash kit, and 17" Matrix wheels.






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That's a hella-neat and hella-nice looking engine bay! I wonder SB if they hinted at how much a set up like that would set one back.

I just had to renew my insurance today, and discovered the financial disappointment of moving back into a city, even if it is Perth. I would hate to know what premium that setup would cost!

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I'd love to supercharge mine, but it went up to sydney yesterday on a tilt tray :(

Woah...dude... Did you either crash it, or is the ACT losing you?

It's heading To Kebab Performance the Sydney office of RBT Motorsport for a few enhancements. Rob make sure Bill uses a seat cover when he works on your car or you'll end up with homus and garlic sauce all over your seats :toast:

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