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OBD # P0325 - Knock Sensor - Help?


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Per below - my 2000 Camry Conquest 4 cylinder had its engine light come on (solid) a few weeks back.

Mechanic checked it out, and said it was reading:

P0325 - Knock Sensor #1 Malfunction.

They reset it, and said the light had not come back on while they serviced the car.

However as soon as I got in to drive it home - light came back on.

Looking here:


it first points out that this warning could lead to series engine problems... but then also basically makes it sound like it's more likely to be a sensor failure...

Anyone have experience with this code? Suggestions?

The mechanic said if it came back on they could "investigate further", which just sounded expensive to me...


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Get it fixed. what happens is the car's computer registers the fault and stores it for extraction as per what the service people did and they would have reset it to detremine if it is intermittent or not. As it has come up again then the fault exists and will need to be rectified..They should be able to give you a good estimate of repair costs..It will most likely be a sensor failure..

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It would be best to fix it, but as long as you don't thrash the redline on a 40C day with crapola petrol you can still drive safely. Older cars do not have knock sensors at all. Put some premium in next time to be sure.

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I've bought some Wynns petrol treatment stuff to put in the petrol tank... (which cost $7 at Kmart, and the mechanic wanted to charge $25 for no doubt the same thing).

I've got quotes from the mechanic on getting the gearbox and other things flushed... I'm going to check them out with another place, and if they are actually good value, then I'll take it back and ask them to do their further investigations - assuming the light stays on after the Wynns.

The morning that we took the car to the mechanic the light actually went off... for 5 minutes. Then according to the mechanic after they reset it, it didn't come on again - til I got in it... And the day after I got it back, the light came on at first, then went off for - a minute - then came back again.

I'm guessing either the fault is becoming less severe, or the sensor is bad....

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Well, the light has become sporadic.

Actually before I put the additive into the tank, it went off again for a few minutes, then back.

Well after I put the additive in (next day), it stayed off for a day... then came back on again.

I'll wait til we've gotten through the tank of petrol... see if it starts staying off longer.

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Sounds like it's faulty... no way can an engine get a fault, then come good again... only bloody PCs and PABX systems do that, lol.


So, you're thinking it's a faulty sensor?

It's gone off again now.

If it was knocking - wouldn't it be a noticable sound (ie different to normal)? Though - that said - I guess I barely hear the engine in the Camry, as compared to my 30 yo Nissan Zed, that has leaky weather strips, leaky windscreen, and probably not much insulation left on its firewall...

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P0325 is "Knock Sensor Bank 1 on V6 models". It is located on the R/H side of the exhaust manifold when looking from the front of the car, can't miss it and is easy to get at. Just had a look at mine.

You will see the sensor with connector attached.

Possible faults are: Open or short cct in knock sensor cct, loose knock sensor or PCM malfunction.

There is another one which is really hard to get at but it has a different fault code, P0330 so you may have lucked out and maybe able to just replace the unit yourself and see what happens.

My experience has been that just replacing these things usually does the trick. Could also just be a dirty connector. Be careful when removing the connector, they are easily broken.

Of course you may just have a knock problem but my money is on the sensor, and I tend to agree, if there was a knock i would think you would definitely notice it.

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