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VIC: Sunday 9th March: Kingslake - Healesville.


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Hey Guys,

Finally back from the land of the Rising Sun. B)

Its been a very long... while since I've seen some decent TOCA VIC action :o :rolleyes:

Anyhow this planned route is fairly intensive but I'd like to extend this invitation to those interested.

The route that we'll take has a series of straight country sprints as well as some VERY FAST TIGHT twisties. :ph34r:

This route is a favourite for motorcycle riders, but still just as fun on four wheels. :toast:

Rough plans are: :unsure:

Sunday 9th March.

Meeting EARLY in the morning prob in the Northern side of town.

We'll make our way to Kingslake, Then from there to Healesville and then Healesville back to Melbourne.

If you'd like to come...pm me for further details :)

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I'll be coming and cruising leisurely at the back of the pack :P

Nick: Bring the stivo down anyways ;) ...one last time

Yes Yes bring the stivo...a fairwell drive...plus good knowledge practise for the new beast ;)

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Ok Guys Great Response as the numbers of attendees is perfect! :spiteful:

Its gonna be a beautiful day this coming sunday!! :yahoo:

The weather will be just perfect for our early morning run and don't worry bout the heat cause it'll make waking up easier and we won't be in it for too long either.

Rough details:

- Meetin real early for a fresh start: 8am :lol:

- Depart

- Drive den quick break at Kings

- Kings to Healesville

- Break.

- Healesville den...possibly through Black Spur

- Back to Healesville

- Lunch

- Healesville - CBD Bound.

Be sure to check your forum inboxes for details soon! :D

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Could i ask where is Kings Lake?

Pretty close to the end of Plenty Road way...on the way to Mt Buller-ish.

how long does it take to get to Kings lake from the east side ?

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yO ... I'll be there! Someone call me in the morning though. I live 2 mins away.

Hope everyone can make it. Great to catch up and see some new faces.

I think i might try to make it along also, i live close by (greensborough) and my car is being lowered and new rear exhaust setup put on sat arvo so sounds good.....might be a perfect weekend....car done, cruise sunday (ill be slow at the back i think....takin it easy :) ) off to the carshow with mates in the arvo..hopefully can make it looks ok at the moment.


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i might come, can someone please message me the meeting point. Also ill be coming from westy so any convoys? :whistling:

i know how rare for me to come.

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Okz pplz!! :yahoo:

The details: B)


Good Guys Car Park on Dalton Road Exit of Metro Ring Road Fwy. (McDonalds is next door for brekky)

(City OUT-Bound drivers exit fwy and turn RIGHT onto Dalton Road; City In-Bound drivers exit LEFT onto Dalton Road)

Melways Reference: Page 9, B10

TIME: 8:00am...for 8:30am SHARP DEPARTURE (There will be no waiting)


- Full Tank of Petrol

- Camera

- Fluids (To keep urself Hydrated)

- CB Radio (Walkie Talkie)

- Alertness, Rested, Sensible and disciplined but Energetic and a FUN love of Driving attitude!! B)

- Map And Street Guides will be handed out on the day in the morning at the meet point with a brief run down.

The Full Round Trip will bring everyone back to the meeting point by 3 pm.

N e Qs guys PM me.


People wishing to cruise down from the Eastern Suburbs with Myself, Meet at Glenny Multideck Top Level Car Park by 7am SHARP and we'll cruise to the meeting point together. (Drop us a PM to let me know ur coming and I'll give u my Mob No)

C ya Sunday Peepz!! :D

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i might come, can someone please message me the meeting point. Also ill be coming from westy so any convoys? :whistling:

i know how rare for me to come.


I just posted the details, PM KazeStiVo to get him to come down with ya, but n e how, just name a location and time u want everyone to meet u by on the west and just depart, by ur named time sharp. :)

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