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Gas Conversion

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Hi All ,

Has anyone heard of or have some knowledge of O2 sensors burning out with a LPG conversion. My Aurion has had 4 O2 sensors burnt out ( P00031) in one go. The car has 12 months to go on the new car warranty and Toyota says as I have had LPG installed my warranty is not valid. They are blaming the LPG for burning out th3 4 O2 sensors. The car has done 30000 klms and has only travelled 9000 klms under gas. All the LPG installers I have rung claim that this sensor burnout is unlikely. Does anyone have any ideas on this subject. Any comments appreceated.


LPG does burn much hotter than petrol typically. To give you an idea the Kluger already runs at stoichiometric mixtures on petrol and this means the EGT (exhaust gas temperature) will be quite high (in the order of 900deg C) the only way LPG will run at this temperature is for it to be run chemically rich (more fuel over the ideal economical amount) and this is not the way to set it up as your km's you can get to a tank will be low.

I would say given all of this that the likely hood of your 02 sensors being overheated are very real (as indicated by you going through 3 of them thus far!) and its a high probability in my experience of measuring the EGT of many vehicles and tuning them as well (although not tuning the Kluger) < but this can and will need to be addressed to stop the sensor failures.

The scientific way would be to drill into the exhaust manifold near the sensor and put in a thermocouple and measure the gas temperature for both fuels, I think you will find that the LPG will be over 1000deg C and the petrol below 900deg C.

Hi guys, just thought you'd like to know that our 07 KX-S will in the next week have the 2 of the air fuel sensors, 2 oxygen sensors and 2 catalytic converters replaced under warranty. The VSC light has come on for the second time in 12 months and Toyota couldn't work out why.NO LPG on my car.. Evidently they're willing to replace all those parts yet when questioned about the rubber oil supply hose everyone is talking about my dealer shrugged it off and said what do expect transmission cooling hoses are rubber and they don't get replaced.... What a bunch of ****ers!!!!!!

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What symptoms do the air fuel sensors, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters show when they are faulty?

Hey, there are no symptoms as such...the VSC light, engine light & traction control light are on. Its also displayed on the centre screen. When it codes like this subsequently you lose all stability control and abs. WTF???? How unsafe is that? And we were told that its completely safe and drivable. Not overly comfortable with my wife and kids being in the car with none of those safety features that we've come to expect and bloody pay for..

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Hi I have a Kluger and also a BA XR6T that is running a LPG injection system that pulls nicely around 320 KW and has done for around half a million kms now with absolutely no problems. In fact I believe the Ford 4 liter turbo will go a lot further as LPG injection will keep the engine/oil clean from carbon deposits, provide better lubrication at the absolute cylinder wall as any unburnt gas will not attack the cylinder lubrication oil film like petrol. Another big advantage of LPG with a turbo is that it burns hotter to spool up better, is 110 plus octane that is great for extra boost reliability without knocking and will act as a secondary inter-cooler upon injection as the gas cools the inlet charge. This has worked really well as the Ford 6 was fully factory designed to run on LPG from the factory with Stellite exhaust valves/seats setup for the extra heat but that is a big question for the Kluger and needs to be ascertained first as mentioned in other post.

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