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I installed an aftermarket stereo system - here is the result


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Hey guys,

I was really sick of everyones posts on here and most other sites about replacing the stereo on the Camry. Way too much bull#$%^

Same with everything else too really on these forums - u got to do it yourself to get the real answer not just peoples opinions on what they believe.

So anyway

I have a 2007 model Camry with a standard 6 stacker stereo. I wanted to keep the factory head unit but decided against it because too many installers told me the sound will be crap considering the equipment i wanted to run of the stock head unit. I took a $4000 stereo out of my commodore so i might as well put it to use.

I won't go into the install too much but after i was quoted $500 plus for the install i decided to do it myself. So here is the breakdown.

Front Speakers:

These are 6x9 as we all know

Just take of the door trims, one screw behind the door handle two behind the large door handle - just take of the silver cover. No other screws - u will need to make up a baffle that will fit into the 6x9 hole. The max depth between the door and the door panel is about 10" so since i had a 6.5" speaker i made a 3 inch baffle (6x9 size) and a 6" spacer (6")

Rear Speakers:

Pretty easy to get once u know how. Simply pull the bottom seat up and out - takes a bit of effort but no screws here. The back seat has two screws down the bottom on each side. Once they are out the backseat pulls up and out - again takes a bit of force but it will come out. It's held in by three clips. Now the rear shelf - this one also just clips out - pull up and away - pretty easy. The speaker is the same as front. I had another set of 6.5" inch speaker so i made the same baffle for the rear.

You will have a problem with mounting depth if u go for a 6x9 replacement speaker. The boot struts really wont allow any decent replacement speaker so u are better going for a 6.5" - mounting depth not a problem then. u will need to make a baffle and spacer just like at the front - the hole for the 6.5" needs to be close to the inside of the car so it doesn't touch the boot struts.

Tweeters at front:

Couldn't be easier - just put a screw driver under the grills on either side, push up gently and they will come out. unscrew the tweeters and ur done - u can place ur new tweeters in this position too if u are getting components which i believe is the only way to go.

The Factory Head Unit:

To get to it do these;

1. The air vents simply slide out - u wlll find two screws here unscrew.

2. Go to your centre console and pull up the front silver part (its clipped in) where your shift stick is located, you might need to unscrew the shifter.

3. Pull out the side vents either side of the console

4. Pull out the cigarette lighter ensemble - its a bit tight but if u pull the top part out first it will come out with a bit of force.

5. There are two more screws on the bottom that need to be undone.

6. Now the whole climate panel and stereo come out.


Get a replacement Fascia here for your new single din unit: fascia.com.au - click on the double din unit it will cost you $50 - (not $150 what all other audio places quoted me). Big profit for car audio guys considering its the only supplier in oz.

Here you also order your wiring loom for an extra $3. That allows you to hook your old unit into your new unit within a matter of minutes.


Your steering wheel buttons will not work - to get this fixed - Rockford Fosgate makes a unit for $250 which will work with most units that have a IR input. $50+ for the install. I didn't want to pay this much so I didn't do this.

BIG PROBLEM. Once you take out the factory unit you will not be able to use your "disp" button (the one that shows your fuel usage, distance calculators, temp etc etc) and those functions are forever gone even if u install the the rockford unit for your stereo.

To overcome this you need to do this: (i wont go into much detail because if u don't understand what i mean u won't understand it regardless how much i explain it)

Open up the factory stereo - take out the circuit board. Solder earth and power to the appropriate spot. Plug in the spare wiring loom (the one responsible to run the button) it's the large 4 cable loom.

Then just mount it somewhere safe behind your dash or near the transmission underneath one of your panels. Your display will now work. Please understand its not as easy as it sounds and if u don't understand what I mean then this is probably not for you. As far as i know no one else has ever gotten this to work besides me and there is not other solution you can buy. If there is let me know so i can do a decent install (its kind of dodgy my way)

All in all - there is a lot of panels to remove but no more then any other car and all up it took me 10 hours to install a competition grade system with proper baffles, custom designed fitments, sub box, amp wiring etc etc. Getting the baffles to fit behind the front doors was the biggest time waster and getting the wires through the rubber grom is a bitch. I'm also happy to say that if you run RCA's on the right and power on the left you shoudnt have any problems with engine noise. Please feel free to ask me any question you like.

This is a very rough guide but i think its pretty straight forward. If you don't know the basics you'll be better of getting someone in know to install it anyway. Sorry to be so blunt but thats how it is.

I got pictures but again, just go in and do it....

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Hi, no offence but its useless without pictures lol im keen on the tweeters and front speakers though, the rears are easy! just very time consuming.

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