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Hi All - new to this site and am hoping to make use of the collective knowledge of members.

A long, long time ago I owned a HJ 47 Troopy. Had several years great use out of it. Bought it new so had no need to become familiar with repair problems, in the time I had it.

Having a "midlife crisis" ( fifteen years late LOL ) and currently looking at another one.

It is in excellent condition - panel wise - and the mechanicals are good for its age. What I would like to know is the following:

Parts availability - still relatively easy and best places for supply ??

After market Items - still well catered for ??

Diesel fuel sysytem repairers Bris/Syd/Melb and in between - who do you trust with your vehicle

2H Motor - how much of it is electric/electronic control.

( its a diesel - shouldn't need a battery to operate, apart from glow plugs in cold weather )

60 series power steering - Easy mod ??

Disc brake conversion - Is it worth it, being only hilux parts fitted to a much heavier vehicle ??

Any and all info appreciated - not expecting many immediate answers as I presume anyone still owning one of these will be out using it for Easter Hols.

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