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V-Power is back!

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Shell premium fuels back in NSW, ACT

Shell premium fuels are available again in NSW and the ACT after months of being out of production, the company says.

The company said a key piece of machinery at Shell's refinery in Clyde, western Sydney, broke down in January, disrupting production of premium fuels.


Since then, there has been a shortage of premium fuel on the market.

Supply of Shell V-Power, Shell Unleaded 95 and Shell Premium Unleaded fuels has now resumed, Shell Australia chairman Russell Caplan said.

The premium fuels will be available at most Coles Express and other Shell-branded service stations from Monday.

Tanks and pump equipment at Coles Express sites were being checked and tested to make sure they were in working order.

Engineering work on the $150 million upgrade of Clyde refinery is continuing and is expected to be completed in June.

"The upgrade to the Clyde refinery will ensure Shell continues to supply Australian motorists with a choice of high-quality fuels well into the future," Mr Caplan said in a statement.

"We sincerely regret the inconvenience this supply disruption has caused, and we thank customers for their patience and continued support during this period."


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Man they should of done it earlier when I was getting my car on the dyno for tuning...

Just put in a couple of shots of vodka with the regular bottle of octane booster uleh. Dyno rollers will start melting then under the sound of how awesome your car runs.

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V-power racing seems more smooth in mine but maybe that is my mind trying to justify spending an extra 10c/L

I agree... i drive an ascent so 95 is the go for it. Recently I got some 'corrupted' :P fuel that made the car feel crap... so I've been using 98 to flush out the demons and it runs nice again.

I cant make my mind up as to whether its just because it felt crap in comparison before, or whether 98 actually does run smoother (even though I'm told the 1zz engine can't make use of octane levels above 95)

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