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I want a Supra

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Goodday party people,

I would like to purchase a Toyota Supra. I want the non-turbo (cheapest :spiteful: ). The one with the round shapes build in +/- 1994. On ebay they all go for 15000, but i aint got that much :help: . Now I know they go away for a lower price because there are many dealers on Ebay. I do not yet live in Australia. So I would like to ask are there any other sites to purchase cars? Or does anybody know for how much they actually get sold? Excuse me for my bad choice of words but I do not live in Australia yet. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Joey

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i got my non turbo 94 supra about 5 years ago and i pay'd $22,000, 5 years ago they where going for about $25+ even over $30,000 just for a non turbo.

i sold my supra last christmas for $16,500, as is.

so i think that $15,000 is pretty reasonable, for a clean car, you may find other supra's for cheaper but you get what you pay for. so just be careful.

try theres always afew supra's there,

anyways, good luck mate and you can't go wrong with a nice clean supra. ;)


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