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'96 Seca

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First off, hey guys. This is a great forum and I am seriously jealous of the rides that I have seen so far.

Also I'm not sure where to put this so.. its here unless someone wants to move it.

I have a 1996 Corolla CSX Seca 1.8 liftback. It has done.. 270,000 k's (I know its alot), it is completely stock and the previous owner didnt take the best of care of it. Onto the problem, recently it started to make a terrible clunking noise that seemed to be coming from the front wheels mainly in first and second (but not limited to them) at low revs, I took it to a kmart service centre and they couldnt pinpoint the problem but assumed that seeing as my engine mounts were the most worn out, that is what they would replace. $400 and new rear mounts later the rattle stopped. Now, 2 months on, the noise is back and has been joined by the most terrible squeak I have ever heard that is there under braking and also when I turn right, though it is slowly progressing to the point that it is there nearly all the time.

The local BP service station has had a look at it but wont be able to do anything for a couple of days and they, again, cant actually pinpoint the exact problem. Now I am not mechanically minded and this is my first car so I was just wondering if any of you guys with a bit more experience or knowledge might be able to help me out. Just if any of you have had similar problems or if you have encountered anything like this before and may have an idea about what it could be that would be great. The squeak sounds as though it is coming from the front suspension, and the clunk sounds like it did before I had the mounts replaced so I can only assume that the clunk is the same issue.

Cheers for any help, If the car survives the ordeal I'll give you guys a peak.

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Might be wheel bearings too.

Jack the front of the car up, lock the steering (ie turn the key to LOCK and wiggle the steering wheel to lock it), put it into 4th (if it's manual), and grab one of the front wheels at 12 and 6 o'clock. Then, try and wiggle the wheel in and out. Then repeat with with your hands at 9 and 3 o'clock, and for the wheel on the other side. Faulty wheel bearings will make the wheel rock, if it's stiff and doesn't move then they're probably ok.

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Thanks for the advice guys. My local BP guys said that it is probably the wheel bearings too and i have checked (from your advice) myself and it would appear that that is the problem. So once I figure out how to get the money then that will be the first thing i get fixed. Cheers again, i'll let you guys know how it goes.

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also ask them to check your CV (Constant Velocity) joints. Or you can check them yourself....

Get in a car park... an empty one.... turn your steering wheel to full lock, and start doing circles gradually accelerating... as your putting pressure on the outside wheel you'll be able to hear if its clunking. turn the wheel to full opposite lock and listen to the other wheel.

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