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Corolla insurance

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I pay little less than that on my 03 Levin, and thats with a 25% staff discount through RACQ. For market value, with tinting, lowered, sunroof, and rental car. No traffic offences, no criminal history and no insurances claims, or at fault accidents, me (30yrs old) as the ONLY driver... think I save 20/25% with discounts on my Ultra road side service and biulding annd contents insurance discounts too :) think I pay under $500 a year for the car all up after discounts. yay me.

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Yeah im getting slugged about $1300 on a 2005 corolla levin and im 24 years old. THe loweest quote i got was this.

Really sux to be honest if you ask me. I mean look at the price difference and theres only 4 years between us.

Btw, i have no traffic offences or accidents and im rating one.

Im really hoping for this to reduce when i turn 25 in december . . . . Fingers crossed.

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im 18y/o on my green p's, first car, cars registered in my name.. can you guess how much intially?

$1500? no

$2000? no

$2500? no

$3000 BINGO

Broker eventually got it down to $1700 so lets just say my insuarence is my bday gift for the next few years :rolleyes:

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The suburb the car is kept plays a major factor. Also cheap companies use second hand parts or take ages to assess the claim delaying the repair so its best to go with a big company! You may pay more but its less stressful come claim time!

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