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runs rough as soon as throttle opens


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it doesnt feel like a misfire

it just goes slightly rough

not sure what it is hey?

anybody had this before?

or know what it is

like i rev it then throttle off

goes rough for a second then goes back to normal?

and when im driving as it gets to abit higher revs theres a slight vibration

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Do you know how to write in paragraphs?

Anyways Im assuming this is for your GT4? What have you fiddle with lately coz that would help...

It could be just your idle fluctuation like its rising back to idle. Also does your car shake if so on a scale on 1-10, how bad?

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its an st184....

well i just changed my engine mount, front one cause i got told at the pits it was on its way out

so i thought that was it

changed it

its still there but not as bad

it was about 7, like it wanted to jump off the road

now its about a 2 or 3

but if i put it into neutral theres nothing so its not wheels or anything

just as it gets to higher revs.. like 3000

plus the engine sounds like... dont know how to explain..

smooth engine is nice and smooth like --------

mine at the moment compared to normal is like -_-_-_-_-_-_-

like it doesnt sound smooth

as if its missing?

but its not a major miss?

i dont know...

it doesnt seem to lose any power

but its fine at idol

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You said it sounds normal running but is there any new noises that wern't there before. like a hissing or whooshing noise? If so get you O rings checked they are only a $10 part but it will cost you $100 to have someone else put them in for ya :lol:

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na no noises no nothing


its engine mount

i replaced my front one

but its my side one

so doing that monday

getting it from over east


and no vaccum leaks or anything

just exhaust leak from my flange gasket


gotta take it off and put a new one on

gonna pain my exhaust to =]

and it happened after the pits hey?


so i dont know

going tomorow so they can check the other parts

and yer see what happens from there =]

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85% sure i know what it is

my engine mount is STUFFEDDD

the conrod that goes through the rubber has like completely disconnected from the rubber

new one comes this morning =]

also had an exhaust leak

getting new gaskets today and painted the extractors =]

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Hey had any luck with it mate? I hope its running better for you. I had a thought that it could be your TVIS or something along those lines. might be worth checking out B)

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