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PHOBIA. 86' Toyota Corona RT142.


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Just thought I would introduce myself. My name is Nathan or Nath as most call me, and this is PHOBIA, my 1986 Toyota Corona.

The Corona has been in the family since new. I actually purchased this exact car of my Nan in 1996 with no intentions of building it into what you see here today. Things just got a little carried away, as they do..... :rolleyes:

Anyway, here are a few recent pics of PHOBIA, the current specs sheet and a link to the full build up pages on the Toymods board. There is also a link to some more pics from the HOT4's photo shoot for the feature in issue number 152, June 2007.

Anyway, fire away with any questions you have, and make sure you come say geday if you see me out and about. Enjoy.

"HOT4's Photo Shoot"


Nathan Aird


1986 Toyota Corona RT-142

Engine Hardware

22R-E 2.4L Custom Turbo

Engine Accessories

Ceramic coated Garret 700hp GT35/40R turbo, Tial 38mm external wastegate, HKS SSQ blow-off valve, GReddy oil catch can, custom front-mount intercooler, Blitz DSBC electronic boost controller, Motec turbo timer, custom ceramic coated turbo manifold, custom duel fuel rails, four Group A secondary injectors and four 22R-E injectors, Altronics injector driver, Bosch 044 Fuel pump, 75mm custom throttle body, Earls braided lines, Delco programmable engine management, Delco ignition, ported and polished head, machined receiver groove, 2mm copper head gasket, O-ringed block, custom dished forged pistons, re-grounds 272deg cam, adjustable cam gear, oversized valve springs, re-drilled water jackets, custom water pump housing and pump, custom alloy radiator, 16” thermo fan, custom 3” ceramic coated dump pipe, 3” Hi-tech Exhaust.

Driveline hardware

Supra W58 five-speed manual, four-puck brass button clutch with HD pressure plate, machined flywheel, MA61 LSD in an F-series IRS diff.


White base coat with House of Kolor Green Ice Fleck, full side vinyl graphics, custom front and rear bars, moulded matching side skirts, custom bonnet, shaved aerial, window washers and wipers, de-badged, side mouldings removed, colour coded everything, laser cut polished stainless steel wheel trimmings.

Brakes and Suspension

Four-wheel disc brakes, bendix high-temp pads, high-pressure race fluid, custom four-way independent airbag adjustable suspension with Koni dampeners and custom strut tops.

Rolling Stock

18x8.5in NK07 Trilogy S2 wheels with 20mm offset spacers, 215/35 Falken GRB FK451 tyres.

Interior gadgetry

MY99 WRX front seats, full beige leather re-trim, custom door pods and pleated leather inserts, custom A pillar tweeter pods with in-built Carbon Series Auto Meter boost and volts gauges, Auto Meter Carbon Series Tacho and Temp gauges, glovebox-mounted switches and gauges for the airbags plus external switch box, boot-mounted floating air tanks, dash-mounted boost controller and turbo timer, carbon-fibre pedals, alloy gearknob, colour-coded leather wheel, colour-coded centre console and punched aluminium floor mats.

Stereo Components

Kenward KDC PS911R motorised head deck, Boston Acoustics 6.5in front splits, and 6.5in three-way rear, alpine V12 four-channel amp, two Soundstream SPL 12in subs in a custom sealed enclosure, Soundstream Reference 500 two-channel amp, Optima D34 Yellow Top battery, all Jaycar heavy duty cabling and gold plated terminals.









Edited by PHOBIA
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i like i like. Yeh ur car has been around the showscene for yonks but is always a great site to see. A classic i should say.

Saw it cruising down Lane Cove Road for that massive cruise a few sundays ago, looks awsome, nice work and welcome to the club. Except ull just be bombarded with Corollas.

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Thanks for the kind words guys. I’ve owned the corona for over 12 years now, so yeah, I guess it's been around for a while. B)

Yeah Benny, im going to be at Newcastle AS this year. I've missed the last 2 years for one reason or another and I am really looking forward to getting back into my local event. You bring the Rolla along?

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Might have to come along this year then, normally I don't bother with Autosalon but two cars which I both know is a decent incentive

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Yeah man... Havn't shown it for like 2 years now so gunna get it back into the circuit...

Been meaning to do some changes but been too busy working on my new cars ;) haha...

Hiro, come along for sure mate, some new decent cars in the show this year so far, will be good to see what Newcastle has to offer...

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There 18 x 8.5 with 215/35 series tires. I haven't even rolled the guards and I can tuck rim on both the front and back. B)

Offset is your friend. If your wheels are rubbing, I would have to say you need to correct the offset on your rims, either through spaces or machining, depending on which way you need to go!

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Iv seen your car at coastal smash cause my mate ryan works there. Its really good to see something different for a change. Kudos to you mate :)

That you would have mate. Me and my cars have spent alot of time at Coastal Smash over the years. Mark, the owner is a good freind of mine. ;)

Thanks for your support.

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Mate, is was actually made for me about 9 years ago by NewStyle Motorsport in Sydney.

The job they did was, well, OK considering what they had to work with. Mark from Coastal Smash performed the magic through, to smooth out the ripples and make it fit right.

I have seen the same style of kit getting around on a few later model corolla's, so I guess someone still has the mold for it. ;)

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Wow, that would be stretching the memory...... :P

I think, with the bonnet, it would have been around the $3000 mark unpainted.

So about $2000 for a custom kit. Front and rear bars and the side skirts.

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You got any photos you can send of the bonnet?

$2000 sounds pretty cheap for a custom kit.

How did you come up with it all? Like what was the process?

Did you see a kit for another car and ask it to be made for the corona?

Yeah, I knew sort of what I wanted. I had been searching through magazines and the like for months. I took my car and my dodgy pictures to a few places, before finding a shop with the will, skills and equipment to make it happen. The car was in their shop for over 2 weeks and after many seasons fitting and re-fitting they made it all work.

What most people don’t understand about the kit and making it fit, was that this car doesn’t come with front and rear bars, we have bumpers like most older cars. We had to make mounting locations and frames, all hidden under the fiberglass that you can all see. Then to make it all fit around the shape of the front and rear guards was another mission in itself. :o

Yeah the fit isn't as perfect as an off the shelf kit for a late model car, but with what we had to work with, it’s sensational. <_<

Here is the bonnet. It was custom cut out of the original bonnet with some handy fiberglass work to finish it off. It was inspired by the Cyber Civic from some 10 years ago.... B)


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