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My 2003 Corolla Ascent


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Hey everyone,

Finally got around to doing a memebers ride thread. Just been flat out lately.

My name is WIll and I recently purchased myself a 2003 Corolla Ascent, reason for it was because I had a few problems with the Cappuccino and it was off the road for about 3 months and me needing a car for work. It killed me financial, so while looking for a daily i needed something reliable, looks representable and cheapish to run. Hope on carsales and saw this one and bought it. I am the 2nd owner with log book for service every 10,000ks it did have 122,000 when i bought but it looked well maintained. Also had 17inch lenso and lowered springs. Which is what i probably would of done anyway.

Future plans is to keep the way it is...was probably a mistake to come on here but hey it seems like a good community. Also it will be more then likely at Wakefield for the Circuit Club day since my mate couldn't so I will lend him the rolla for the day. Secretly i wouldnt mind seeing what she does.

This is the only photo i have for now. My mate took some photos the other week i just need to get them off him.


Okay The little beast/weekender

My weekend car is a Suzuki Cappuccino (i know its not a Toyota but i thought a few of you may be interested) So its 660cc 3 Cylinder Turbo and rear wheel drive. Performance wise its on par with the 1ZZE Corolla and it only weighs 700kg, i got it dynoed last year at about 48.7rwkw. This was actually my very first car, i did think about selling and buying myself a diry Nissan but i thought i would continue with it and do something unique. Last time i took it to Wakefield with just the mechanical diff and worn suspenion i did a 1:23.4 with the car surging at the fish hook. On Saturday im hoping to do a 1:17s.

Mods Include

Suzuki Sport Coilovers

Suzuki Sport Strut Brace

I do have a HKS EVC 5 but it isnt hooked up yet.

Cusco 1 way LSD

Future Mods

Install the XR6 Turbo Cooler i have

Aftermart ECU

Some more suspenion parts

Here are a couple of pics




Looking Forward to Saturday to my first TOCAU meet. See you Sydney Siders then.

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Thanks for the comments! The Corolla will be hitting Wakefield Park this Saturday. My mates ute isnt ready in time so he will be driving the Corolla and of course i will take it at and see how i go. With the king springs and 17s handles pretty well. Couple of weeks ago went up the coast and took the Old Pac, handle very well and i was quite impressed.

Well definetly be posting over the week and let you know how it went, providing nothing breaks. :lol:

Rolla Boy - its not to often you see a zuki go sideways! Consider besides the carry van the cappuccino is the only rear wheel drive car.

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And it starts :lol:

Thanks to Rolla Boy i now have a TRD gear knob, the standard toyota one really annoyed the crap out of me.

Also Thanks to Mark (sorry mate now sure of your username) for the Sportivo Wheels, i was going to put new tyres on the 17s but i thought i would just get sportivo wheels with decent amount of tread. As i also wanted to get some RE001s for the Cappuccino.

now for the pics




I actually prefer the look of the sportivo wheels it doesnt seem as cheap and nasty as the rip of lensos.

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