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Camry Altezza Tail Lights


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Well I have found it seems Australia doenst seem to stock these anywhere but I can get them over from U.S. for round $130 AUD.

I havent really decided yet but I do have a question if anybody knows....does it matter if the turn signal is red not amber? Will that cause cop problems? <_<

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I don't think the colour of the lense itself should matter as long as you use green globes for the indicator.

Apparently green globes under red lenses have amber light output.

I guess to play it safe maybe contact the RTA just to make sure but it should be fine :)

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on a sydney based aftermarket parts suppliers website, i saw some cool tail lights. they were the same as the 04 upgrade tail lights, but instead of the bulb in the centre they had LEDs all around the circular bits. they were awesome, but i can't find them now.

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Thanks for that lateralus :D

Even tho i want them in black they still give me the view i wanted.

On the angle of that shot the right hand light looks like a bulging bug eye :lol: I still like the look tho. I'm definately getting them. :P

Love the scissor doors BUT that spoiler has got to go :lol: :P

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