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Please give me some advise! thanks


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i gonna buy a Camry, and i gonna spend around 16k dollars, the first one is a 2003 model camry spotiva V6 with factory accessories, 17" wheel, exhaust tip, dealer fit sunroof, and only done 39000 km. the asking price is 16999, it is private seller, i test drive the car and car feels like new. another one is 2005 model camry azura v6, all the azura standard features, and done 90000 km, the asking price is 19500, it is government auction sale. i am really prefer the first one with low mileage. can you give me some advise, which one i should choose?

B.T.W what is different between 2003 and 2005 models? are there any big changes or improvement in the new model? before i buy the camry, are there any thing i need to worry about?

Also, about dealer fitted sunroof, is it as good as factory sunroof? are there have been any reported problem about the sunroof yet? thanks

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The main changes between the two models (gen5/gen5.5) are ,headlights,tail lights, gauge cluster, I think the front bar may be slightly different as well and more misc trims ect.

They are the same car but the 05 model has been face lifted and on the most part has a cleaner more attractive look about it because of these minor changes.

The Sportivo you're looking at is one of the more sporty models of the Camry and has upgraded sport suspension (stiffer,strut bar ect), sports trim (seats) sports headlights ,body kit ect.

The Azura is more of a luxury model (more expensive higher grade) that has leather trim,smoother suspension, sat nav,woodgrain interior, climate control (bonus has the same Sportivo body kit) ect.

Both are really nice top of the line Camry's but it really depends on what you look for in a car to which you should buy.

I like Azura's personally because it combines both sport and luxury in the same package and anything missing from a comparative Sportivo model can easily be transfered over to an Azura, but that's just me :)

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like relish has said there is not much difference between the two, but you definately have to weigh up the two. First of all, the azura is a 2005 model with 90000km on the clock and was a government car and asking price is 19500, bit rich is u ask me, when a car comes from the government, it has usually been thrashed and so forth and you may find you'll encounter problems with it as well.

The 2003 sportivo on the other hand is 2 years older then the azura and has done less kms. Im guessing its an older couple that are selling it? you can probably bring the price down to 16,000ono if your bargining skills are in tune.

In my opinion id go for the 2003 sportivo. but uve really gotta go with your gut instinct

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