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TRD - All that's missing is U

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I was talking with a couple of the lads at work the other day and we were going over the various names people have for cars and I thought surely the good people on the forum could come up with a few more. Here are some of the ones I could remember

TRD - All that's missing is U (think about it .............TURD)

MrsBitchy for Mitsubishi

Commonwhore for Commodore

Hold on for Holden

Wrecks for overly riced WRX's

and for a bit of old skool (in the early 90's we were struggling students and had cars from the 70's)

Found On Rubbish Dump - FORD (prior to the mid 70's Fords had FORD spelt out on the bonnet and boot and occasionally the words were written in with Artlines)

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Ford - F..ked On Race Day

Ford - Fix Or Repair Daily

Fiat - Fix It Again Tony

Hyundai - Here's Y U'll Never Drive Another Import

Holden - Holes, Oil Leaks, Dings & Engine Noises

Im sure there are heaps more . . . . .

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Mitsubishi sounds like bits-are-missin...

SUBARU backwords is U-R-A-BUS... no wonder they are so slow, lol, (jokes :P )

haha subaru's are fast as :P was trying to keep up with a friend the other day.. stood no chance.

everyone has forgotten about the classic one..

BMW = Black Man's Willy :P

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