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Maguire Scratch X


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Just wondering if anyone used it on their car..

Feedback? :)

I have. It's great for removing Tar and bug marks. The stuff buffs out with too much elbow grease. I can remove swirl marks aswell but takes alot of time. It's obviously slightly abrasive so use it sparingly. Use it too much and you could buff away your clear coat.

P.S make sure your car is washed before you use it. rubbing it into dirty paint will make the swirl marks alot worse.

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Here is how to remove a bird dropping etching or an isolated scratch.

1. Only work a small area at a time - about 6 inch by 6 inch area or smaller

2. You can apply using a combination of circular motions and straight-line motions

3. Work the product against the finish until it looks as you have almost run out of product.

4. Re-apply the product and repeat the above steps 2-3 more times

When I apply ScratchX like I have listed above, I am able to get out about 95% of a bird dropping etching or isolated random scratches.

The trick is to work the product in until it just begins to disappear and to apply more than one application. You see, the ScratchX, like all Meguiar's Paint Cleaners, contain a diminishing abrasive, as you work ScratchX in, the microscopic diminishing abrasives gently abrade the surface removing small particles of paint. But as you work it in, these diminishing abrasives breakdown. Thus, they quit abrading the finish and actually polish the finish to a clear, high gloss. This diminishing action turned polishing action is a benefit to you because it enable you to work out defects without leaving scratches behind.

Because the diminishing abrasive breakdown, you need to re-apply and repeat the process until the defects are removed.

Note: You can rarely remove a bird dropping etching, or a scratch, from a clear-coated finish with one application.

"A little technique goes a long way"

ScratchX works, if you work it. It takes a little practice to get the hang of removing defects out of modern clear coats with hi-tech products like ScratchX. It' not like the old days with a traditional lacquer or enamel paint job where you could apply some old-fashioned rubbing compound and in a few passes, the scratch would be gone, (and so would a lot of your paint).

High gloss clear coats are thin delicate surface coatings that are easily dulled and easily scratched. Once they are dulled down and/or scratched, it takes the right product, the right technique together with the human element of care and passion to massage them back to a glistening gemstone.

Have patience, and if at first you don't succeed, try try again.

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in addition, scratch x also works well with automated polishers. it works well especially with the meguiars g220 dual action polisher.

will admit that u need ALOT of elbow grease if youre going to use scratch x by hand, but professionals use it with machinery and it comes right off. the other reason why pros use it is because it doesnt hinder the surface any more than it already is

so UNLESS you have new scratches, using it over and over again on a level clear coat basis WILL NEVER end up with you removing the clear coat.

there are other more deep cutting materials out there that to that kind of 'removing clear coat' job, which are not found in normal retail shops.

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I have used it only once last weekend after washing and before polishing. For my first attempt as an experiment, I thought it was fantastic. My paint has alot of minor and bad abrasions and swirls from previous owner. It certainly cleared up alot of the minor issues. For $18 I think it is money well spent. After reading above posts, I am keen to get back into it.

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ah! cool cool! i got some scratch X today for round 14dollar ish... already "tested" some before i got it and it did what i wanted it to do! going to hunt down all the scratches and what not tomorrow after a wash!

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This may not be surprising for people that have used scratch x or does a lot of car detailing but this is my first time and i am certainly amazed :)

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wow hot damn Kenneth, well done with the application.

be sure when u apply it @ sections of the car that you clay first.

more pics of before and after.

before, clear coat red metalic


after, gone


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  • 2 months later...

Surface is heavily oxidized and neglected.

This is my mums 96 camry






All this from the wonders of Meguiars Paint Cleaner, Clay Kit, Scratch X and then a 1 stage polish and wax compound called Cleaner Wax.

Will be posting up the steps and processes later on in the month.

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quite amazed so I went out and bought the stuff

I am using it on a BUNCH of scratches made by a scourer sponge

(scourer sponge to remove black dots, not sure what was I thinking at the time)

car is white 99-series 02 Camry and scratches are white

but from a mirror reflection angle it looks like blurred areas of a mirror

used QUICK Clay Kit to make it all smooth before using Scratch X

(first time at clay and quite amazed, so smooth its like waxing...and got rid of the black dots)

I tried twice and its not working yet

(and I don't know when to stop)

can I expect it to gloss the surface and restore the reflection? is it safe to just keep going until then?

or does it not work because its not a line of scratch but a bunch of scratches?

or do I have to follow it Wetlook Cleaner Wax to see if its working (with mirror reflection restored)?

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I tried twice and its not working yet

(and I don't know when to stop)

can I expect it to gloss the surface and restore the reflection? is it safe to just keep going until then?

Usually, if you read the above posts on this product, you need to work the product in2 the surface with love, and just that little bit of pressure on the application pad.

do you have a clear coat metallic white or just solid white? the reason it may not be working as well because your colour maybe solid white. with solid white coloured cars, they are the hardest pigment of paint on the market - thus, removal of scratches will be like feather on sandpaper.

i have solid white on my camry, and when i use scratch x i used it with an automated polisher, and even then its not 100%, primarily because scratch x is a GENTLE product. so having said that, you can use it up to 10times or 20times if you really wanted to, as scratch x will NEVER reduce the layer of paint, nor will it EVER do more harm than whats on the surface.

or does it not work because its not a line of scratch but a bunch of scratches?

scratch x works on all scratches, however, if you run your fingernail through a scratch and it is caught by your nail, it maybe too deep for scratch x to remove. please refer to the post of 'what it means to remove a scratch out of a car's surface'

deep scratches need heavy products, and sometimes scratch x removes all the cobwebs and spiderweb scratches but makes a deep scratch look suddenly very appellant. once you have used scratch x and the scratch is still there, it is a great indication that you should follow on and move up to a more abrasive product. however because your colour is white, you should preferably seek advice from a detailer (thats if you really really wanted to), or you can simply cover the scratch up with wax.

or do I have to follow it Wetlook Cleaner Wax to see if its working (with mirror reflection restored)?

ideally, after ever application or session of scratch x, you should use a sealant or a protector to prolong the surface condition. there are many waxes out there, and the cleaner wax is a 1 step polish and protect system. polishing will enhance the gloss of the product - nothing more, while wax will protect the surface.

another wax that does the same thing but has a newer formula is Meguiar's Gold Class Wax - as its also a cleaner wax.

Tech Wax 2.0 and carnuba wax from meguia'rs are simply cover ups, protectors and toppers. they so hide some mild swirls an imperfections.

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yep so I'll keep going at it since ScratchX is mild

I've read the previous post and have done the finger test, it doesn't really catch the finger nail but can feel them

I don't know if my car has clear coat, maybe I should ask in the Camry forum first

not sure if I described it popularly but bunch of scratch is like an area of parallel scratches (back and forth motion 5 times by scourer sponge)

so polish (eg. Wetlook Cleaner Wax) can only improve the gloss but not restore reflection yeah?

if to see if its working I should see reflection straight after ScratchX?

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