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G'day everyone~ Um I own a 2004 model cammy & I got news from my Toyota dealer saying that while servicing my car for 75,000klms they found a leak in the timing cover & the crank seal of the car. They say it is from normal "wear & tear" but I am still confused with this problem... Can anyone tell me what is a timing cover and crank seal is? & what does it do inside the engine? Is it a common problem with 2.4 4pot engines? I thought camrys were reliable cars ... but a problem with the engine is surprising to hear... The car is fairly new, only 4 years old. Should I get a second opinion from my local mechanic?? & one more thing, the toyota service quoted me $450 for repairs to the leak. Is this a reasonable price?


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The point of the leak is the Timing Chain Cover Plate 'T' Junction...

Common for this type of engine...

Price sounds reasonable as the whole front of the engine has to come up for the plate to be removed and re-sealed...

Feel free to call around other Toyota dealers and get prices tho, but keep in mind they will be rough quotes as you don't really know what you're gunna find until you strip it all down...

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I had the same thing with my 2003 camry sportivo at about the same klms. If my memory serves me right I think they told me the cost was approx $600. Luckily for me it was covered by my warranty tho.

Dont put the camrys down yet...lol...other than that one time, she's never let me down and I wouldnt be without her B) :D

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