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ZR Automatic Light Sensitivity


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Hi Guys have any of you had problems with the auto light on settings. My ZR in bright sunlight every time you go under even a footbridge on the freeway the lights flash on and off and the people ahead think you are flashing them. The handbook says that there is a sensitivity adjustment that can be programmed by the dealer. When I took the car in for its complimentary 1000k service first I was told that they couldn't do anything about it and all the cars with auto lights exhibited the same problem. I then pointed out to them what the handbook said and they told me that would have to charge me for any adjustment because as far as they were concerned it wasn't a fault. What the point of having the feature if you have to turn it off because its too sensitive? :angry:

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thats quite annoying ey.... go underground and your light just goes on straight....

but the annoying thing is , when people thinks that u flashed ur light to them! thats bad! coz if u get some aggro drivers....

can end up not a very nice way.... T_T

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Yeah it is quite annoying but so far I've just been taking it off auto for a while now... Just doing it all manually. Although I guess its more annoying than having it flash on and off on ya.

Not much we can do eh? :) Just try keep em off under bridges then flick it back to auto quickly so it doesnt flash too much lol.

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OK the dealer reprogrammed the sensitivity and now the lights do not go on every time I go under a bridge. However it now has to get considerably darker before the headlights come on by themselves. I noticed that the side lights come on first and when it gets darker the headlights come on. Because of the sensitivity setting prior to the reprogram it always went straight to headlights.

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Did they end up charging you for the adjustment?


No and the rep was as nice as pie didn't even mention charging

how do you know the lights are coming on automatically if you're driving the car? i just bought a ZR and wanna see if my sensitivity is too high when I pick up the car.

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