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CD Stuck in Changer


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Hi, hoping someone can help me.

I have a 2008 Grande (2 months old). Satnav with the CD changer behind the screen.

I put a CD into the changer, and it doesn't show up as being in there. I can't eject it. And I can't play anything anymore.

When I put the CD in, it made a lot of whirring noises, and then flashed a message that says "Check CD1"

I can put other discs in and eject them (but nothing plays anymore).

Just wondering if there's a simple way to get that disc out.

Toyota is ordering me a new unit, but it seems a bit radical to have to replace the whole satnav screen etc, just to get a disc out.

Also, when I bought it, I got Toyotat to put in an iPod connection (the one which you can control from the satnav screen). I'm worried that when they replace the changer etc, that this might not get reconnected properly.

Anyone know of any simple way to force the CD changer to eject everything that's in there?



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It should be ok replacing, the clip behind the panel is well made and should not have problem. The iPod connect can only go to one slot.

So don't worry if I were you.

I got the unit replaced today. Took a couple of hours. But all seems to work now. And they have reconnected the iPod adapter.

I think they're sending the unit back to Melbourne to be dissasembled so my CD can be taken out.

Seems like a lot of trouble just to get a CD out!

Anyway, didn't cost me anything.

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