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Best Engine oil?


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Just wondering which engine oil will be the best for my car. Its a conquest wagon. I drive to syd everyday for work and its got about 150xxx on the clock now. Should i be using a thicker oil to what i have been? Usally service it with magnatec.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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ok mate ..... before u get flamed ill point a few things out .....

@ the top of this section of the boards is the pinned thread where one is labelled "PREVIOUSLY COVERED TOPICS - HAVE A READ BEFORE POSTING AS IT MAY ALREADY HAVE BEEN COVERED" within it there is a series of posts regarding engine oil (included them below for u).

Have a read and see if ur question has been answered ...... i apologise in advance if u have read through it all and couldnt find the answer but its easier and more accepting to bump an older thread than to start new threads



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-Tranny oil for Toyota 6 speed

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