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Computer Codes / Scanner


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Hi Folks,

I drive an AE112 Corolla Sportivo, factory turbo model and she's got a glitch at the moment that I'm trying to diagnose.

I know the easy option is take it to a workshop and let them play with her and call me with the bill, but I'd like to do what I can to have half an idea of what the problem is before I go down that path. In case its an easy fix.

The problem is:

At higher revs and full gas in 1st, 2nd and 3rd the car hesitates to make more power.

So if I'm driving on the highway and need to go around someone slower who's in front and I'm in 5th, I'll gear down to say 3rd (ensuring the revs are kept high before letting the clutch out) and the car will proceed as normal and rev up to about 5000rpm and then just start hesitating (thats about the best way I can describe it) and this then means, because I don't pick up the complete desired amount of speed by this time, I don't make it around said slow object (and lose the race :P - only kidding) and yeah, its driving me in sane. I wanna get the car on the track ASAP but its gonna be completely useless as it is now.

I know sometimes computers will throw out codes when a scanner in plugged into the ECU port and some diagnostics can be done from there.

I guess I'm wondering:

1. Is this right in the case of my car still...? (stock ECU)

2. Where would I get a list of codes...? (or would the scanner provide me with all the info I'd need)

PS - I have access to a 'scanner' like device through a family member (though I've never seen or used it - but he'd know how)

Any advise or direction on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys,


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Shouldn't need a scanner, A-series engines give you their codes via the Check Engine Light on the dash cluster, once you bridge the T and E1 terminals in the diagnostics port with the appropriate Special Service Tool (aka a paperclip). I've got the 7AFE engine codes in my Gregorys, not sure if they're the same as the 7AFTE ones though.

Hesitation at high rpm sounds like either fuel or ignition to me, could be low fuel pressure/blocked fuel filter. Those sorts of things won't show up on the CEL code though.

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I'm going to take a stab/make an assumption...

You mean by hesitating as in lots of go then suddenly got really sluggish?

Loose sparkie plug?

Filled up with crap fuel?

Boost leak?... well not at 5000rpms LOL

Turbo is out of puff...

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