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[VIC] - Melbourne 4th Monthly Cruise - 28th Sept - Sunday


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Having discussed with BKS over the weekend about the next up-coming cruise, we have decided to do the following. Looks great and as always anyone in any car is welcome to come along.

The following are the details and BKS will fill in any that I missed like times to meet and leave .....

Noojee Pub Cruise - 28th Sept 2008 - Sunday

Lilydale Lake to Noojee Pub

Lunch at the Pub .... then back to yarra Junction and then on to.... home on C424

roughly 200 ish Km's in total.

Might do some recon this week.

Current forecast has it wet over that weekend with super showers so its best to proceed with caution. Last cruise @ Korumbarra I went to was wet to begin with but turned out dry in the end. Who knows.

OK. Enough chit chatting and time to find out who's in?

1) BKS

2) Guni

3) kolourhero

4) Kenji

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The possibility of this cruise happening is based on the weather conditions for that day as this route can get pretty ***** when wet. Its mainly suitable for dry only.

Just a word of caution to those wanting to participate. BKS and myself have decided that should mama nature turn ugly, we will cancel. Anyone who is still willing to go can proceed but at their own risk and without BKS or myself.

:( Damn weather ...... sometimes I can't help but hate Melb's weather .... :P

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Meet Point : LilyDale Lake

Meet Time : 10:00

Depart time : 11:00

Bring your CB radios, and some cash for lunch $20 will get you there with a beer to wash it down!

my mobile is 0413482844 if you are running late let me know.

At this stage the forecast is for "Some Showers" so at this stage we are still running this cruise.

I will Update this thread on Saturday night after i have seen the forecast for Sunday. Alos will be checking the Radar Sunday morning.

This cruise has taken victims before... so please be advised hero's aren't welcome. Drive within your limits and more importantly... your car's limits.

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Looks like weather is sunny for most of tomorrow. Clouds are keeping away!


This cruise is a go. Please watch this space for more information.

Lilydale Lake for meet point. Anything ring BKS aka Ando. Should anyone not be sure where that is, I'll will be at K-Mart Burwood outside Nandos at about 9.15 - 9.30am and then we'll go together.

See yah there !!

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Hope cruise went well, couldnt make it due to sport tournament.

Now show us some photos! :D

No pics for this one as it was only a handful of us regulars. You should come next time. The experience is better than any pictures ;)

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sorry guys, i couldn't make it, as i have been in bed sick all weekend... think its something flu related, a bad version of... still got it..

sorry to hear the turn out wasnt good.

Ando - i just wanted to let you know that i hope that I speak for most of us here, that we appreciate all the effort that you have put into organising these cruises, you have done a fantastic job mate.

If alls well, i should be on the november one (if you guys are still keen to go ahead with it and we get numbers)

as for next month (october) i will be overseas.

please keep us informed.

take care guys,

thanks once again for all of your efforts in organising it all.

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ManuBoy : Sorry to hear you were sick mate... hope the flu version you have still mean t you could have squeezed in a beer or two for the footy final.

No idea whats happening in NOV for the cruise yet... I'll be giving it a rest next month... so if anyone else wants to step up... please do so.

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unfortunantly it did prevent me from having any beers at all, we had guests over and i was in bed just before half time...

good idea about the month break... hopefully it will give people a bit more inncentive to come on the next one then.

well be intouch soon,

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