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[WA] TOCAU Meet Up's


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hey does some one want to post the Rolla cruise (18th) in the acutal events bit (not just discussion thread) so we know all the details and its easy to find??

bondee x

Ill suss it out and post something up this weekend.

Yes please do. I'm interested in the cruise.

Oh and welcome to all WA newcomers..

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hey dont know how "up for it" you guys are but we used to with a few other clubs ive been involoved with...

having a fotnightly meet up.

this is more focused on the members than the cars... a social thing than a driving thing...

choose somehwere with good coffe/food/icecream or something... ie fast eddies/baskin robbins etc

we make a day... and all turn up there at a set time each fortnight! what do ya's recon?

its a good way for the members to get to know each other and a great way for new members to meet people as soon as they join rather than havign to wait for a cruise which can be a while!


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well if your doing friday id suggest monthly then only because convincing people to give up one friday night a month is easier than one a fortnight. people will end up only comeint to the occasional one etc and it'll die out very quickly!

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Ill be arriving in Perth on Tues 4th November but I dont think we will be able to do much - however I will head up some weekends for cruises/BBQ/Drinkies.

Is there any Albany members here??

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Guys I think what bondee was getting at is something separate to a cruise.

A cruise is great for the weekend ie Friday night/Sunday afternoon etc

But for something social say once a fortnight for an hour or two on say a Monday night (to help get thru Monday-itis too lol) we could organise a meet at say gelare for icecream & coffee, or a fast eddies meet or something along those lines.

Think the main objective would be to,

A. see if ppl are interested

B. where ppl live in perth so we can find a central/close by location meet for the ones interested!

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We used to do something similar, it was almost a fornightly affair, where we'd go to Nando's and have some eats, chat, laugh and point at things!

Dont know why it stopped. Uni i guess!???

let to it! but i vote Gelare as it has yummy ice cream! hehehe plus we can change locations north and south! from week to week!

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i dont come on for 5days and nothing happens!!! you guys need a chick to chick ya up the ***** dont ya's :P


whos in?!

Me! I'm in :) . Just gotta get past these damn exams <_<

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