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[WA] TOCAU Meet Up's


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No worries man..

I am gonna try and make it.

Depends on bubs.

Silver TRD aurion with 20inch wheels on it and blue personalised plates if I make it. Baby seats in back lol..

And some oldish dude!

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its the unforgotten car club is it?? im not going to that one, from previous meets, it just gets too much attention from cops

going to the jdm one instead, last minute notice on locations, lil bit smaller group but less chances of cops aswell

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Where's the JDM one.

Man, I seen your car in Belmont/redcliffe area. Is that where you are. Pm me details of that one. It all comes down to the newborn and nappy supplies.

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which one did u rock up at?? the unforgotten car club or the jdm one???

the jdm one was soo huge we didnt hav enough parking spots so we had to move out right away.

the unforgotten club had cops all over apparently. defect stations and so on

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Unforgotten one..

Glad I was running late.

All I saw was Bogan and falcondores.

Guy in a ae86 and a few beemers went off on our own and enjoyed the note. I had my 12 ye old son with me and he enjoyed our little trip with the small number of cars. It was a tribute and by looking at what was on west coast hwy, it looked like the annual Bogan festival!

Don't get me wrong, some nice falcons etc but just the crowd and occupants..

The TRD got many comments so it was a good night had by us

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retro I was there. Yes mostly commmodores and falcons there. They were the ones who stuffed up the Hillarys first meet point and got busted. Only those who had asian company cars liek Toyota and Honda etc were relatively good and didn't hoon at all.

By then the unforgotten club organizers bailed out on us and didn't tell us where to go next. I decided to go elsewhere on my own.

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