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FL Hub - 2003 Corolla Sportivo


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hi, i drive a 2003 corolla sportivo,

my front left hub holding the wheel is extremely loose,

i was wondering if you could tighten it, is it possible to do it yourself? or do you have to replace the whole hub?

if so how much would this cost?



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21 point safety checks? never heard of it

nah even with the wheel on the whole tyre shakes left right up and down with the nuts tightened


you are obviously not able to diagnose and repair this yourself.

lol yeah i know my friends a mechanic and his going to come by and look at it

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ok found out the problem, some how the big nut in the middle came loose the one that holds the whole unit thing to the drive shaft, you know the big bolt in the middle of the stud pattern. not sure how it came loose but it did, tightened it and sounds gone thanks for all the help though

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that nut essentially holds the bearing/hub assembly together with the nut at one end and CV housing face at the other. the ZZE's use a staked nut, not a split-pin like the older toyota's. If it comes loose then the bearing wont seat correctly in the race and you will get premature wear on the rollers etc.

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And that driveshaft nut can come loose due to excessive wheel bearing play. In other words, if you or someone else has not taken that nut off and then not tightened properly, your wheel bearing is probably rooted.

An old trick for stuffed wheel bearings is to just rattle gun the hell out of that nut to sandwhich the bearing back together. ( But only when I have to. ie a cheap customer won't pay for it and i dont want the wheel to fall off)


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