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Noisy Sunvisors


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I've been complaining about noise from my sunvisors. My Prodigy was built July 07. The dealership originally thought it was from the clips and put some lube on them, however it is actually in the spring mechanism inside each visor. Most visors have quite a spring effect in the last 2 cm when you put them up. Mine do not have any spring tension to bring them back tight to the headlining. They are finally ordering two new sun visors! Anyone else had similar expeience?

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Na mate, not me.

My car is in at Toyota right now for a dodgy head unit (6 stacker - display is blurred when car is parked in the hot weather and back light doesn't always work), warped brakes, rattle under dash and centre console, asked for the speed limiter to be removed, (manual) air con doesn't really feel that cold. Also needs a wheel alignment after having the passenger side front strut bearing replaced with my last service.

Aside from that, the car is great... :whistling:

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Nope. But my Sunroof has been a wee bit noisy lately, But i blame the dust for that >.<.

Question, I have a Grande model *Which i guess is Prodigy in Aussie land*, And the Sunroof isn't automatic?!, My brothers Camry is automatic and not the Aurion?!. I'm having paranoid thoughts about it being a factory fault.

There are two Switches to control the Sunroof, One is supposed to open/close it completely. The other is supposed to make it go upwards and downwards right?. Well they both do the same goddamn thing!, The up/down Switch "Dunno what to call it!" Does the same exact function the other switch does. Is it just My Aurion?! >.<

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