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Recomendations for Engine Oil to promote a quieter engine... Help Help...


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Hi guys, as you guys know i just bought my corolla yesterday, anyway gonna have it serviced like this weekend and would be getting the oil and filter changed.

i personally switched from a bigger car so i feel the corolla is noisy. From what i heard changing the oil to something that engine oil like the Valvoline XLD Engine Armour

SAE: 15W-40 would promote a quieter engine, while a 10w-30 would promote a more fuel efficient engine. 10W-40 would be fuel efficient while giving it a good protection.

I bought a 05 with Low mileage 40Ks on the clock... But it doesnt feel like a "new car" the engine is noisy and the car vibrates abit when i put the auto to drive.


1. I got 2 spare engine oil , Valvoline XLD Armour(15W-40) and Mobil Syn 2000(10W-40) Which one should i use?

2. Should i go Repco or Supercheapauto to get my oil filter or go original is there a huge price difference and what you guys paid for?

3. Spark Plugs, Should i go back to toyota to get them or supercheap/repco?? are they cheap?

Basically i want it to drive new... I cant believe a car especially a toyota runs 40ks and feels old already... But it seems to be normal cause got a mate with a corolla and it felt the same but to an extend cause his was a manual it felt better cause his car wasnt in drive all the time... =(

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Royal Purple 10w/40 engine oil

NGK Platinum Plugs

All Ryco Filters

Do a gearbox refresh and put some good transmission fluid in it (not sure on type, I've only ever had a manual).

If you service the car yourself, you can afford to use better products as you'll save so much on labour.

Genuine Denso Platinum plugs are cheaper from toyota than you will buy NGK platinum's in the shops. The toyota filters are also good, I used them or purolators instead of Ryco.

I only use Ryco if I intend to dump the oil in 500km time.

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